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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sabo je lahhh..

Ughh.. nape la dpt student 'baik ati' sgt?

To friends who follow my blog (like I said, sape yg follow je tau.. so dengan perasan cam org len ade bace blog ni, if you don't understand it, please bear with me huhu..), you might remember the 'real teacher' I was complaining about last year.

Jap nak cari ONE of the links (I'm sure mmg byk ngate this cikgu last year haha..)

Haaa, you can find it --> Here

Well, this year, I thought I was fortunate enough to not bump into him too much. Two Saturdays ago, he was teaching the class adjecent to mine and he glanced in my class while exclaiming, "Ramainye students.." Grrr..

1st: My class tak ramai pun, around 20 je. Nak ngate sy la tu kelas tak ramai student.. I LIKE SMALL CLASSES OKAY! Piss off!!!

2nd: Nape sibuk ngan my class?!?! Suke ati sy la nak ajar diorg camne ke ape ke.. diorg suke je! No complaints except, "Nape cikgu tak kawen lagi?" or "Nape cikgu pendek sangat?" which obviously takde kene ngene dengan care sy ngaja whaaaattt?

Then earlier on, he was teaching another class the same time as me, and mase balik I was telling my boss about the 'intruder' incident. I wanted to scream, "Mind your own business!" when he mencelah kate, "Takkan takde bodyguard nak escort kot.." with muke poyo cam bagus!


Three days ago, he was teaching another class and somehow, I always become defensive whenever I see him. Like on that particular day, I made sure my class was fun haha.. made sure HE KNEW EVEN IF I WASN'T A REAL TEACHER, MY STUDENTS LIKED ME.. even if they didn't haha.. but that day, I practically forced my students to have fun in class. And luckily, even I enjoyed the class that day. I didn't wanna hear him criticizing me again.

Then my favourite class just now. I walked around the class giving personal attention to those who needed them while the other's did their work I had assigned them. Then outta the blue, one student asked me, "Cikgu, klau tolong bina masjid, dapat pahala kan?"

Knowing that all of them are in the 'noticing the other sex' phase and assuming they wanted to matchmake one of their friends, I gave them my usual retort.. "Korg ni cukup umor pun blum, sibuk nak binakan masjid org.. belajar dulu!"

"Tapi elok kan cikgu? Kite tolong org?"

"Dah jawab soklan sy bg tu?"

"Cikgu jawab la dulu.."

..and bla bla bla.. sy malas nak layan!

Class resumed.. for about 10 minutes. Then the same boy asked me a question about what I had just taught so I explained it again to him, even though I was certain he had understood earlier. Then..

"Cikgu.. cikgu ni ajar same la cam Cikgu ***** ajar!"

Okay.. what is this? I just shrugged while trying to ignore the annoyance at hearing that teachers name. Then..

"Cikgu.. cikgu kenal kan Cikgu *****? Dia okay kannn.."

I was like.. duh!

"Alaaa, cikgu.. takkan tak kenal kot.. ke saje buat tak kenal?"

Luckily, I had mastered my 'I-dunno-what-you're-talking-about' look that could fool teenangers (for my friend, thats another story la kan.. but to budak², bleh la nak tipu!)

"Takpe cikgu, nanti kami kenal kan.."

What the hell?

Then, of all people, SE pun mencelah.. "Hang ni nak bina masjid pun, jgn la kat sini.."

S***! You mean THAT was what all this was about?


I could just strangle that boy!!

Sabo Ayu.. sabo!

Didn't have the heart to marah budak tu. Sebabnye, tetibe je bile tengok muke sy yg berlakon blur, dia ubah topik. Tau dia kate ape:

"Cikgu, skrg kan cikgu A**** (my AlMashoor friend) dah tak garang dah. Dia siap puji sy lagi. Dia kate, sejak sy tuition ni, dah makin rajin sy."

Padehal sbnrnye dia dah lame je tuition haha.. Then untuk kaver malu sbb dia suke kene puji kot, dia kate plak..

"Sy tau la sy pandai cikgu, tapi tak sangke cikgu A**** nak ckp camtu" <--In the gaye 'sy-tak-heran-pun-kene-puji' wpun muke dia nmpk happy giler.. "Ni cikgu la ni, tak pasai² orang kate sy rajin skrg sejak belajar ngan cikgu.."

He didn't look at me the whole while saying this, he was doing his work. But I'm glad for it coz I was smiling cam orang gile haha.. I really do wanna make a change in them. And if this is a step he took because of me, I'll be glad enough.. and I'll promise to help him all along the way.

..AND I'm gonna tell Ani, thanx! For making someone she told me was a hopeless case, happy! Really happy!

Alhamdulillah.. :)

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