Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday entry.. tuition version haha..

I'm still mengade²ly unable to write my entry tetap (bak kate Nomi) for my birthday. Wanna 'collect' some pictures first.. but today I CAN update on a sorta birthday entry jugak hehe..

On Friday, was already 30 years old plus 1 day (Aik.. nape sy ngaku haha..) The 'high' I experienced the day before was still running around my veins but of course la sy kaver kan.. malu la nak tunjuk yg hati masih seronok haha..

Anyway, as always, when its my birthday, I'd bring some treats to my class for the whole week to celebrate my birthweek. Lagipun, its not like all my classes fall on my birthday and like tak aci if I only bring treats on my birthday.. thus, my birthweek.

This year, as opposed to buying them, I thought I'd make them myself ☺

So there I was on Friday, taking two boxes full of cupcakes for my form 5 class in Jawi. I didn't tell them but some of my old students knew of my tradition ☺

However, upon arriving, I was at first suprised when the shopkeeper at this shop I use to buy canned drinks before class said, "Semalam birthday cikgu yaa?" Uik, konpius teman.. mane pulak org kedai ni tau nih? I just smiled and said yes while they wish me a happy birthday..

Then as I went to my class, I noticed Helmi, switching off the lights then turning them on again. Knowing that the boys just like to tease the girls into screaming, I pretended to hit him and chase him into the class.

The class went on as usual and halfway through, I went to my car to get my cupcakes for my students. I love to see their faces during this time.. ilang segala 'I'm-an-adult' face and muncul all those innocent faces you just wanna cover with kisses (muntah la students sy klau tau!)

Then around half an hour before class ended, Helmi asked to go down to buy some Panadol. He'd been complaining of a headache since class started to I just let him. Then as I was teaching, someone suddenly turned off the lights..

..mule la nak marah! Usually they do this just to make the girls scream but a part of me a bit confused on why the girls weren't screaming. But still laa..

I scrambled to the door, wanting to scold whomever it was responsible for turning off the lights when Helmi came in bearing a cake with candles. (6 to be exact. whcih I told them represented 6teen haha..)

Huh? Alamak.. what is this?

Upenye they had tumpang'ed the cake at the shop. No wonder la tukang kedai tu tauuu..

A lump formed in my throat when my students sang a birthday song (Only instead of "Selamat hari jadi", they changed it to "Selamat hari tua" for their teacher yang selalu mengaku umur 16 tu kannnn)..

Aisehhh.. malu weihhh.. and my over-sensitive side punye la menahan diri from being revealed..

Huwaaaa.. sukenye! Hahahaha..

Though time balik tu, I was the receiving end (or rather PFK was) of being thrown eggs (suke betoi la diorg ni haha.. its like a tradition for them. I wouldn't know since I come from an all-girl school kan). Pandai pulak tu, since it was raining, diorg siap carikan payung la to MAKE SURE I got in the car ASAP hahah..

..still, I arrived home smiling like crazy! Lupe plak, my ex-student Hawa even dropped by to give me a birthday gift.. alahaii, camne la dia tau ye?

Anyway, these are pictures taken from my students FB :)

This is Helmi (on his birthday, I bullied him into serving everyone cakes.. nak balas dendam la pulak dia ye)

Me cutting my cake..

..and my cake! Heheh..

This pulak, I dunno why I like this blurred image since it makes me look like lapaq gila laa kann hehe.. but I like it (Don't ask why)

And to my students.. THANX! ♥ you guys!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I wanna write about my birthday but..

..I'm still too excited and happy with yesterday that I can't sit still and write a decent birthday entry hahah..

Seriously, I was suprised at how much I enjoyed turning 30. Klau tau la camni, I wanna be 30 every month heheh..

THANX to all my loved ones.. family, neighbours (haha..), friends and even students who really made my day!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Once upon a time ago..

*I actually wasn't sure if I wanted to share this in my blog yang takde la sape bace pun kan, thankfully! It isn't something big pun, just a sweet memory that instead of making me cry now, made me smile the other day when it suddenly came back to me. Just thought of writing it down in case one day I forget that sweet things DO happen to me.. ni pun ntah² ade 2-3 fakta yg salah kan, kot la I remember it differently so I'll write it as I remember it now*

Exactly 10 years ago, it was the eve of my 20th birthday. To me, birthdays are big deals but since I was just a freshman in university and didn't have any real close friends then (Ye ke? Kecik ati diorg haha..), I felt a bit ashamed to tell everyone it was my 20th birthday.. a new milestone in my life. The start of the decade full of learning and full of hopes for the future.. I just kept quiet about it!

I wasn't using a mobile then, so I didn't expect birthday wishes from my family that night. But I knew that I'd have piles of cards from family and friends waiting at home for me and that was enough for me so I didn't mind that no one in the campus knew it was my birthday (Only Civil students were in the campus then. My roomate who knew about my birthday, even waited for it, pun dah balik time tu coz it was already the start of the semester break for other schools).

That night I was in Lin's room with a few friends. We were just passing time as we only had our Practical Training in the mornings and afternoons so we were free all night long.

I was silently counting the minutes to midnight while laughing with my friends. Just wanted to know the exact moment I turned from a teenager to a 20-year-old.

Then Lin's phone rang and I quickly turned away, wanting to give privacy to her and Hairi (her then boyfriend, now father of her three cute children.. I was her bridesmaid on her wedding ☺) After a few seconds, Lin nudged me and handed the phone to me.. to my suprise!

I mean, I didn't give her number to my parents ke ape ke so I was a bit confused on who was searching for me.

Turned out, it was a friend of mine and he asked me to come down to meet him..

..more confused than ever here!

He was at his aunts in Lumut, it was raining heavily and had came here to wish me a happy 20th birthday.


I ignored the card and just looked at him.. I guess, at that exact moment, I DID develop a small crush on him just because I didn't know that he knew my birthday. We'd been friends for more than a year then from KMK right to this campus but he never once asked me about my birthday, even playfully. And I never told him anyway since it didn't seem that important to me but I didn't know it was important to him.. well, sorta hahah..

(It was not until my final year did I know, he also knew my IC number and had checked my final year results online with that number.. citt!)

Hmm, yes! I did develop a crush on him. Just a small one that went away once the novelty of being 20 faded, I guess.. even if, from then to the year after we graduated I told everyone we had no feelings for each other, I KNOW at that first birthday he wished me, I did have a crush on him.

A sweet way to enter my 20s huh.. to me la at least. Thats what made me smile a few nights ago went I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to that memory..

He never forgot my consequent birthdays after that.. a few of them at least. Right until the time we stopped talking. (On the last birthday before we stopped talking, he even called at midnight to sing a birthday song but stopped mid-sentance coz he said he didn't have a good voice)

And now we don't talk at all..

..and yes, Baizurah, its IM!

No lah, I'm no sad. In fact, I'm happy.. to realize that though I always complain about my life, every now and then, something sweet DOES pop out.. and I thank Him for reminding me about it.
Actually I received a suprise card and present form Un the next day.. thanx Un! ☺ Sy still simpan scruncie awak bg kat sy tu.. kelabu with lace and beads. Sangat tak sange org macho cam Un leh kasi sy bende yg girly heheh.. ☺☻☺

Monday, March 22, 2010

Entry penggunaan oven maximum haha.. =p

Okay, enough of last weeks bad luck. I actually went out to buy a new mixer just a day or two after the mixer disaster hehe.. melayang la duit but I was thinking of Nurul and Farah at the time.

Anyway, just wanted to paste my not-so-good photos from my phone camera. First one up is the reason for the mixer disaster, my Japanese Cotton Cheesecake yg sgt sy rasekan tidak jadi and I'm blaming my beater that quit on me at the last hour. Yup, I'm NOT gonna say I'm not a good cook heheh.. aci?

Recipe given to me by my junior, Aimy Masturah.

Next one are peanut butter bars. Been wanting to try making them for a while now but tidak berkesempatan. So in order to try out my new mixer, this was what I did hehe.. This is the picture after spreading the topping of choc+cornflakes+more peanut butter..

..and this plak after cutting into bite-sizes!

Then comes the konvo cupcakes. The reason I REALLY wanted my beater to function properly. Still, I stayed up till morning (no sleep) to cook and clean the house since my cousin's family would be coming here for her graduation. I only managed to decorate my cupcakes at 5.00am, after cleaning up the house and done half the cooking required. Penaaaaatttt (my excuse for cupcakes yg tak cantik.. mcm la sblm ni buat cantik sgt pun kan) So, tadaaa..

Boley la kan.. huhuh.. (Tolong la kate boleh, pleaseeeee!)

Then as usual, bile ade lebey, mule la carik mangse so these I gave to the guards on duty hehe..

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sy rase lagu in sgt su-weet!

Used to try my best to dislike this guy. His last hit was about being in love with someones wife(?).. bengong! But you couldn't help liking 'Follow Me' kan? Hahaha.. but this song plak, first time I heard it tidak la menarik perhatian sgt.. until I listened to the lyrics!

Alamak! Sgt sweet!!

Bes kan klau ade org rase camni heheh.. <--gatal!

Smile~Uncle Cracker

You're better then the best
I'm lucky just to linger in your life
Cooler then the flip side of my pillow
..that's right

Completely unaware
Nothing can compare to where you send me
Lets me know that it's ok
..yeah it's ok
And the moments where my good times start to fade

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed
Sing like a bird
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh you make me smile

Even when you're gone
Somehow you come along
Just like a flower poking through the sidewalk crack
..and just like that
You steal away the rain
..and just like that

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed
Sing like bird
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh you make me smile

Don't know how I lived without you
Cuz everytime that I get around you
I see the best of me inside your eyes
You make me smile

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild

You make me smile like the sun
Fall out of bed
Sing like bird
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record
Crazy on a Sunday night

You make me dance like a fool
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Ohh you make me smile
Ohh you make me smile
Ohh you make me smile

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

..and kebengongan Ayu continues! But..

Yesterday morning: Realized I lost my IC

Last night: Washed my clothes with my SMART CARD in my trackbottom pocket.. siap berSoftlan bagai kad matrik ku itu..

*Nak nangis dah time niiii.. tp cepat² laugh at my stupidity so I won't be silly enough to cry*

This afternoon: My worthy beater pulled a stunt on me and jammed right in the middle of beating egg whites for a new recipe I got..

Dan² lah terbayang having to go report on the lost of my IC to the police. Then heading off to the Jabatan Pendaftaran for a new IC. Not to mention the RM100 penalty. THEN go to the Pendaftaran of the campus for a new smart card.. WITH a penalty of RM60. THEN go find a new beater if I wanna do something for Nurul and Farah for their convo on Saturday.. at least another RM80 there..

..and this month is supposed to be my birthday month. My I'm-30-this-year month. My milestone month. My I'm-gonna-treat-myself month. My luckiest month of the year!

:( :( :(

..and the pathetic me got to cry ALONE in my kitchen while clutching my 'retired' beater. This is JUST NOT MY DAY, WEEK, MONTH!

I just continued beating the mixture with sore hands while trying my best not to cry again and forgetting, at least for a while, of the missing/damaged cards. Then, after I popped the unsatisfactory mixture in the oven, I just curled up on the sofa and tried to pretend things were juts peachy.. and failing miserably.

But I forgot the power of small things.. and friends!

A friend wanting to share good news had to endure my whining (I didn't mean to blurt it out but couldn't help it) and outta the blue, a joke that I supposed to understood came out.. and I didn't get it at first (punye la selfish focusing on ME!)

But when repeated the second time and when I finally got it, I was suprised to find myself bursting out loud laughing.. and feeling ashamed of myself for being too focused on me!

Thanx! :)

Guess I'll leave my whining for another day then, huh? Hehehehe..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sy ilang IC.. *sedey mode*

This morning, I got ready to go to the bank to cash in my tuition check (Yeayy, kaye sekejap!), while mentaling deducting all 'deductables' from the total and wondering what I could by for my birthday heheh..

Outside, I was humming (sbb perasan cam bnyk je duit lebih bulan ni kunun) along to numerous songs yang dimix-up sesuke hati and almost shrieked when I noticed a large belalang kunyit on the side of my car.. giler terkejut! But I thought grasshoppers were meant to bring luck..

..throughout the journey to Bagan Serai (could only cash the cheque there.. cehh, nyusahkan je kene gi jauh²), I made up an entry about the grasshopper which was hanging on to his dear life as I sped towards Bagan Serai. Respect woo sama lu, Incik Belalang! He was still hanging on to my car when we arrived at Bagan Serai hehe..

I was in luck as the bank was almost empty and 3 counters were opened. Thus, when I took my number, it was immediately called. Suke!

Then I handed my cheque but realized something amiss..

Haaaaaa! Mane IC sy ni?!!?!?!

I felt the colour drain from my face as I searched around for my IC and the guy at the counter noticed my discomfort. Luckily, they accepted my driving license for the transaction but still..

Mane IC sy ni?!?!

I've been looking for it everywhere since and I've NEVER lost it. Sgt kecewe when I can't even remember when I last saw it..

Tonight I'm gonna turn the house upside down searching for it but if I still can't find it, alamat ke police station la esok pagi before going to the Jabatan Pendaftar for another IC..

Terbang RM100!! ~~~

Please.. pleaaaaseee let it be at home.. SOMEWHERE!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

In perasan mode haha..

A quick entry sementara the feeling is still there =p

This is an entry full of 'perasan'ness so if you think you won't be able to stand it, sile jgn bace hehe..

I was teaching my form 4 class just now and we were doing straight lines. One of the questions required the calculation of the midpoint for the straight line and since they supposedly just learnt it last year for their PMRs, I was suprised when they drew blank faces when I asked them to tell me the formula for it.

I repeated the question a second time and was 'rewarded' with more blank faces. Sighing, I wrote down the formula in front while membebeling on how nyanyuk they were. They argued its been months since they had to use it (and my form 5 student who took this class for revision purposes argued its been 2 years since she last used it) so I turned to them and told them, its been 15 years since I first learnt this, yet I still remember it!

..which I shouldn't have been suprised when they scrambled to find their calculators while a few were clearly doing some mental calculations!

"Cikgu tipuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!"

I was like, "Whaaaaat?!?!"

And to my pleasure, they accused me of exaggerating my age just so I could rub it in their faces on how teruk their memories were hahaha.. when asked how old did they actually think I was, I was awarded with a BEAUTIFUL 22 hahah..

Hey! I just told them my ACTUAL age okay.. well, give or take around 12 days la =p And they didn't believe me.. that was enough to make me kembang tak hengat! Especially when they kept speculating on my real age as they still didn't believe it


But of course started to kempis balik when the unavoidable next question came, "Cikgu tak kawen lagi ke?"


Friday, March 12, 2010

Lagu chumel ~ I wanna fall in love with you agaaaaiiinnnn!

(Image Googled)

Lagu in sangat chumel~~

Chumel like the eyes of the singer haha.. I remember watching American Idol 2 years ago and mmg noticed kan Jason Castro has these really long lashes! Then a few weeks ago, I noticed this song on the radio, mule tatau pun he sang it but sgt chumel k this song..

Lets Just Fall in Love Again ~ Jason Castro

Lets pretend baby
That you've just met me
And I've never seen you before
I'll tell all my friends
That I think you're starin'
And you'll say the same to yours

And oh, we'll dance around it all night
And then I'll follow you outside
And try to open up my mouth
And nothing comes out right

And I wanna fall in love with you again
I don't have to try
It's so easy
Who needs to pretend?
But because its so funny
Lets just think about it, honey
Lets just fall in love again

I'll call you in three days
Not too soon, not too late
And I'll ask your roommate if you're home
You call me on Thursday
And we'll hang out all day
Then fall asleep on the phone

And oh, I'll hold your hand when we drive
And we'll lose track of all the time
And we'll tell everyone
That we ain't never felt so alive

And I wanna fall in love with you again
I dont have to try
It's so easy
Who needs to pretend?
But because its so funny
Lets just think about it, honey
Lets just fall in love again

We'll fall disgustingly fast
And we'll stop hangin out with friends
And they'll be so offended

And I wanna fall in love with you again
I dont have to try
It's so easy
Who needs to pretend?
But because its so funny
Lets just think about it, honey
Lets just fall in love again
Lets just fall in love again
So, lets just fall in love again

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Indahnya bahasa kita ☺

(Gambar dari sumber: Google)

Demi menghormati apa yang bakal saya suratkan di dalam lembaran ini, saya akan mencuba sedaya upaya menghasilkan suatu tulisan yang 100% berbahasa Melayu dengan ejaan yang betul.

Sudah beberapa bulan sejak saya bercadang menghasilkan catatan ini tetapi belum berkesempatan dan saya hampir terlupa jika bukan kerana terpandang akan fail tentang pantun-pantun yang telah saya kumpulkan di 'musim demam FB dan YM' beberapa bulan terdahulu.

Bermula dengan suatu pantun mudah tapi cukup memikat hati saya hasil dari seorang sahabat, Dian, maka bermulalah jual-beli pantun di FB dan YM saya yang turut disertai beberapa rakan lain, antaranya Hasrul, Irnis dan beberapa rakan lain (beserta satu pantun dari rakan saudara Dian sendiri) yang tidak dapat saya nyatakan disini akibat kecuaian diri sendiri dalam mengingati mereka. Pantun-pantun ini ada yang menurut tema asal saudara Dian dan ada juga yang berbentuk sindiran kepada saya serta pujian kepada keindahan bahasa kita.

Berikut ingin saya kongsikan himpunan pantun-pantun yang sempat saya kumpulkan semasa 'demam pantun' tersebut dan saya berharap rakan-rakan dapat merasa terhibur dengan pantun-pantun ini serta menghayati kehalusan bahasa di dalam bentuk pantun oleh saya dan rakan-rakan yang sudah lama meninggalkan arena penulisan bahasa Melayu..

Saya mulakan dengan pantun saudara Dian yang memulakan 'demam' ini ☺ Maaf saya tidak dapat menyatakan siapa yang pemilik pantun-pantun seterusnya kerana semasa proses pengumpulan semula pantun-pantun ini, saya tidak merekodkan mereka-mereka ini.

Sirih ada, pinang ada
Saja saya tak bubuh di tepak
Kasih ada, sayang pun ada
Sajalah saya tak beri nampak

Buah pinang dibelah dua
Kapur dicalit, Sirih dialas
Kasih yang ada tak nampak di mata
Manakan sayang hendak terbalas

Daun palas diketam-ketam
Diletak disisi pinang dibelah
Kasih dibalas dalam diam
Hanya hati yang tahu mengolah

Tepak dihias seindah rupa
Ditambah anggerik penaik seri
Andai kasih didiamkan saja
Kelak hati membawa diri

Aneka buah hiasan si pria
Untuk menjadi hantaran diri
Jika diluah takut diluka
Membawa diri untuk menyendiri

Diamnya bukan kerna tak bererti
Kasihnya kian mekar di hati
Namun kisah silam menghantui
Tak betah rasanya dilalui lagi

Ini pula pantun sindiran untuk saya dari saudara Hasrul, seorang teman sekerja yang saya kenali sejak tahun 2002 yang memang gemar berseloroh (dan menyakitkan hati =p)

Pucuk digangsa beribu-ribuan
Kembang diuca balik beroleh
Kuntumnya kaca tangkainya embun
Dipandang sahaja diambil tak boleh

Kasih tercipta rindu terhenti,
Lagu sendiri pengubat duka,
Usia muda tiada lagi,
Bilakah diri menjadi dua?

Kalau berdua ketentuan sendiri
Pasti dilihat teman di sisi
Tapi semuanya kehendak Ilahi
Baik buruk, Dia Maha Mengetahui

Sinar pg cantik berseri
Mekar bunga kembang x jd
Jodoh pertemuan di tentu Ilahi
Agar bertemu jodoh sejati

Dan pantun-pantun berunsur penghayatan keindahan bahasa..

Nasi ulam sedap rasanya,
Berteman dengan air longan;
Pantun disulam seri bahasa,
Budaya lama dilupa jangan

Membanting padi keringat di dahi,
Burung tekukur bersiul manja;
Kenangan abadi di bawa mati,
Budi yang luhur dikenang jua.

Perajurit berjasa pada negara,
Untuk pertiwi dan juga bangsa;
Indah bahasa menyulam kata,
Dipalit memori hilangkan duka.


Friday, March 05, 2010

Pang kang!!

Adoi laaa.. pagi² dah rase 'panas'! I just like to say here, this is MY BLOG! Suke hati sy la nak cerite ape pun kat sini, its not as if I'm doing anything wrong.. or am I? Just please note, sometimes when I whine about things, I don't really write about the whole experience 100% in this blog. Maybe sbb sy tak cerita penuh, people think I over-react and I'd like to say that I don't care what people think, but I DO. And it upsets me when this happens..

Okay, enough of that!

Actually, ade bende nak share. Dah lame dah but I was a bit too bz then smlm jadik lagi so I can't help laughing (and loving) my students. This is just to remind me, and everyone else, I'M NOT A STUDENT-HATER!

Most of my students describe me as 'cikgu yg tak pernah marah' and believe me, I'm actually quite garang. Seriously! Mmg garang, ok.. I especially get annoyed when I teach every little step in front, then ade yg bersembang and when the time comes for their exercise, they claim, "Cikgu tak ajaq puuuuunnn" padehal contoh sy tak padam lagi kat white board tu. Mmg sy akan sgt garang time tu, marah and tinggi suare.. tu pun diorg ckp sy tak pernah marah? Sgt konpius hahah..

Anyway, this happened again last week and the same boy jugak yang buat hal. Sy mule la hot and mule la marah dia, showing the examples I had already done yg dia tak dgr coz he was busy bukak kedai kopi at the back. Then boleh pulak tu menjawab, cikgu ajar bdk perempuan je la ape laaa.. It happened without planned and I was shocked at myself at first. I had looked at him in the eye and said..

"Menjawab lagi.. pang kang!" (Muke very garang here okay, to emphasize the 'pang')

Okay, before I continue. You guys DO KNOW what I meant by PANG KANG, right? 'Pang' being the sound of a slap (usually said out loud accompanied by a flick of my hand).. and 'kang' shortened from the word 'karang' (later)..

At first, I was suprised I even said that to my form 2 student. I was ashamed and felt like apologizing to him until..

The class started laughing!


Upenye they thought the 'pang kang' as hilarious.. ceh! They didn't understand what I meant by it (Adoiii, sabo je le..) Sampai ke abis kelas la Ainina and Naziha dok berlakon sebut 'pang kang' sambil gelak².. ade jugak lakonan cubaan sebut 'pang kang' dgn garan by Ainina yg just akak buat Naziha tergelak tak berenti.. ciss!

Then yesterday mase kelas, sekali lagi the same boy dok bersembang and I started to reprimand him when Naziha and Ainina sebut simultaneously, "PANG KANG"

Cehh.. tak jadi sy nak marah hehe..

I actually told them that 'ayat pang kang tu korg patut gerun tau' which just made them laugh even harder.. adoi laaaa!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Quick cupcake update

Just a quick update.. more pictures than writings.

Last week, Mas asked me to make come cupcakes for Dr Fauziah, her dear 'mummy' in school here, kan Mas ☺ I don't really take orders since I'm still not confident but since I had time on my hands, plus I had the insomnia problem, I thought I'd give it a try.

Still, takkan nak buat balloon² or clown² kot kan utk Dr Fauziah kan? Dekat one hour jugak la nak pk what kinda design I should do (sib baik insomniac kan haha..) and in the end just decided to do simple rosettes..

..but I found out my rossette skills dah berkarat upenye haha! Mase awal² dulu I kept making rossettes sampai boring kan so dah lame tak buat. And since I didn't want it to turn sgt la tak nmpk like rose, I decided to alternate with a simple design I've been meaning to try.

So happy birthday to Dr Fauziah.. though I konpem tak berani nak tanye umor dia kan hehe..

Then on Thursday, my students contacted me via sms pun ade, FB pun ade informing of the birthday of one student the next day when we had class. At first I decided to just give him a birthday card sbb seryes rase tak sempat nak buat cakes. Then the next day I checked my 'inventory' and realized, I had all the stuff I needed so kelas kul 8.15pm but 4.30pm baru nak start buat hahah.. agak la kelab kabut but thank God I managed..

Also designs I've been meaning to try.. not designs la.. pernah je buat smiley ni but wanted to do colourful ones instead of the usual yellow ones so tadaa..

Agak la jugak mau gelak when Helmi termalu² bile presented with the cakes haha.. so to him jugak, Happy birthday yaaaa.. ☺

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sy takut, ok!

Now, most of you know I'm a tutor at a nearby tuiton centre. I'm guessing I'm the cutest shortest tutor there is there but that doesn't stop me from loving what I do.. though from time to time, I DO get a bit tired of these kids hehe.. biase la tu kan..

Anyway, being short has a lot of disadvantages.. especially when your students are mostly taller than you. Not being taken seriously is one of them and when I have groups of students (usually male) who think they own the world, it get a bit harder at times..

..still, these thing seldom happen so I'm quite glad for that.

But yesterday was a different story.

I came to class as usual and handed out the questions for the day. Then I went down to go get my register and noticed someone filling in a form near the table where they keep the registers. At first glance, I thought it was a young father filling in a form for a primary-school kid perhaps.. then I went back to my noisy, cheeky class.

After a while, there was a knock on the door and imagine my suprise when Mr Daddy was ushered into my class as MY NEW STUDENT! I was too suprised to realize he was a student, and not a parent while the other boys were just glad to have another guy in the class. Still, the guys in front (Yes, I do have a lot of male students who like to sit up front) were not convinced and whispered to me asking if it was, "Teacher punye lecturer yang dtg nak observe teacher mengajar.."


As we continued our lesson, I went to Mr Daddy to give him his set of questions and was immediately uncomfortable when he kept looking at me from head to toe. I told myself, I guess he just doesn't believe I'm not old enough to be a good teacher so I was set to prove him wrong.

But throughout the class, Mr Daddy just kept staring at me and I started to get worried. I mean, I was just wearing some t-shirts and jeans pun smlm, not a good first impression for a teacher kan?

Then I heard the boys at the back talking with him and laughing so I just ignored them since diorg ni memang suke main pun. As I was teaching some students in front, one boy from the back came to me whispering.

I told him to speak up since I couldn't hear what he was saying and the conversation went something like this..

Boy: Cikgu, cikgu kene baik² sikit tau dengan budak baru tu
Me: Kenape pulak?
Boy: Tadi dia bgtau kat budak² belakang tu, dia geram la tengok cikgu..
Me: Eh.. kenape dia marah sy pulak? Dia kan baru masuk arini, sy pun tak sempat nak garang² lagi ngan dia..

(That was my lame attempt at a joke)

Boy: Isyy, cikgu ni lembap la..
Me: Aik, ape ni ckp sy lembap?
Boy: Cikgu tak paham ke maksud sy ape?
Me: Ape?
Boy: Dia kate dia 'geram' tengok cikgu..

And when the meaning suddenly downed to me, I was afraid. Gile ape budak ni cakap camtu. And he was telling the boys at the back about 'how he was looking at me'..

Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. ape ni?

Yang budak² belakang tu pulak, you know la teenange boys, suke sgt la bile org cakap camtu. As for me, I was just wishing for 10.05pm to come ASAP.

The boys in front were worried (bless them) and told me not to go to the back that much. They even accompanied me down when it was time to go home.. sweet kan?

But this new student?!?! Tolong..

Worse thing is: He knows I'm afraid of him!

I am SO not looking forward to this class next week. Melampau tak klau I complain on him ek? I'm seriously terrified..