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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Birthday entry.. tuition version haha..

I'm still mengade²ly unable to write my entry tetap (bak kate Nomi) for my birthday. Wanna 'collect' some pictures first.. but today I CAN update on a sorta birthday entry jugak hehe..

On Friday, was already 30 years old plus 1 day (Aik.. nape sy ngaku haha..) The 'high' I experienced the day before was still running around my veins but of course la sy kaver kan.. malu la nak tunjuk yg hati masih seronok haha..

Anyway, as always, when its my birthday, I'd bring some treats to my class for the whole week to celebrate my birthweek. Lagipun, its not like all my classes fall on my birthday and like tak aci if I only bring treats on my birthday.. thus, my birthweek.

This year, as opposed to buying them, I thought I'd make them myself ☺

So there I was on Friday, taking two boxes full of cupcakes for my form 5 class in Jawi. I didn't tell them but some of my old students knew of my tradition ☺

However, upon arriving, I was at first suprised when the shopkeeper at this shop I use to buy canned drinks before class said, "Semalam birthday cikgu yaa?" Uik, konpius teman.. mane pulak org kedai ni tau nih? I just smiled and said yes while they wish me a happy birthday..

Then as I went to my class, I noticed Helmi, switching off the lights then turning them on again. Knowing that the boys just like to tease the girls into screaming, I pretended to hit him and chase him into the class.

The class went on as usual and halfway through, I went to my car to get my cupcakes for my students. I love to see their faces during this time.. ilang segala 'I'm-an-adult' face and muncul all those innocent faces you just wanna cover with kisses (muntah la students sy klau tau!)

Then around half an hour before class ended, Helmi asked to go down to buy some Panadol. He'd been complaining of a headache since class started to I just let him. Then as I was teaching, someone suddenly turned off the lights..

..mule la nak marah! Usually they do this just to make the girls scream but a part of me a bit confused on why the girls weren't screaming. But still laa..

I scrambled to the door, wanting to scold whomever it was responsible for turning off the lights when Helmi came in bearing a cake with candles. (6 to be exact. whcih I told them represented 6teen haha..)

Huh? Alamak.. what is this?

Upenye they had tumpang'ed the cake at the shop. No wonder la tukang kedai tu tauuu..

A lump formed in my throat when my students sang a birthday song (Only instead of "Selamat hari jadi", they changed it to "Selamat hari tua" for their teacher yang selalu mengaku umur 16 tu kannnn)..

Aisehhh.. malu weihhh.. and my over-sensitive side punye la menahan diri from being revealed..

Huwaaaa.. sukenye! Hahahaha..

Though time balik tu, I was the receiving end (or rather PFK was) of being thrown eggs (suke betoi la diorg ni haha.. its like a tradition for them. I wouldn't know since I come from an all-girl school kan). Pandai pulak tu, since it was raining, diorg siap carikan payung la to MAKE SURE I got in the car ASAP hahah..

..still, I arrived home smiling like crazy! Lupe plak, my ex-student Hawa even dropped by to give me a birthday gift.. alahaii, camne la dia tau ye?

Anyway, these are pictures taken from my students FB :)

This is Helmi (on his birthday, I bullied him into serving everyone cakes.. nak balas dendam la pulak dia ye)

Me cutting my cake..

..and my cake! Heheh..

This pulak, I dunno why I like this blurred image since it makes me look like lapaq gila laa kann hehe.. but I like it (Don't ask why)

And to my students.. THANX! ♥ you guys!


Anonymous said...

owwhh!! sweet!!! what a way to celebrate your birthday, nak surprise student, student plak yang surprised you!! I'm smiling from ear to ear now ... heheheh


Anonymous said...

best la ckgu,..
rmai pminat,..
tp apa2 pun kmi stdnt ckgu suma syg sgt2 kt ckgu,... :)

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Kak Rina: Heheh.. kaaaann.. sgt sweet, didn't think I'd still get a suprise at the ripe age of 30 haha

Yus: Aikk, camne jumpe blog sy ni?