Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome home, Precious! ♥

..and finally: YOU'RE HOME!! ♥

Last Friday, I called the workshop regarding my car yang dah berminggu berjauhan dari diriku yang amat memerlukan ini <--Drama? I knowwww.. =p

I had actually called on Tuesday jugak and katenye sedang dlm bilik cat.. tp takkan la berhari nak dicatnye kan, thats why I called on Friday and was told that my car was ready. They only needed to do some testing to make sure they had done a thorough job..

..maka tersengih la sy full with anticipation that I'd get my car petang tu.

Alas.. itu hanye kate² manis Anuar si supervisor workshop itu coz sampai ke petang pun dia tak call suh amik kete.. kecewenye diriku, hanya Tuhan sahaje yang tahu.

The next day we had planned to go to Tepet's kenduri then head to Perlis so I didn't wanna call the workshop.. just in case they DEMAND I go and get my car jugak.. ye la, gatal sgt nak call kaaann heheh..

Ahad tu daku keboringan dirumah.. sambil kecewe tak dpt gi open house umah Hasrul jugek.

Thats why petang tadi I made my mind, nak call jugak².. and the receptionist told me she didn't know anything and could she call me back later..


But then, around 4.00pm, she called me and gave me the sweetest news I heard in a long time..


Ape lagi, terus ku call Rashid mintak dia anto kak Ayu dia ke workshop to finally get my car back.. suke tau! And tak benti senyum ☺ ☺ ☺

So.. wpun sgt lah ingin ku mengomplen bahwa kete ku sgt lah bising enginenye sekarang (Seryes bising.. rase cam satu taman leh dengar tau!), but I'm happy. PFK is back with me and I'm no longer alone ☺

Welcome home!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I wish..

I wish I could take a look into your heart..
..just to see who owns it

I wish I'd have a chance explore your mind..
..just to see who fills it

I wish I could take a peek into your soul..
..just to see who colours it

I wish I could take a stroll into your dreams..
..just to see who holds your hand through it

~ Ya Allah.. give me the strength to take care of my own heart ~

Friday, September 09, 2011

Sy bertuah sebab..

I'm a perasan human being who always considers herself to be independant and strong.

A few years ago when someone tried to molest me through my bedroom window (my bed was right beside the window panes) when I was asleep at 3am, I was terrified at that time. Managed to hide into the middle room of my rented house here while calling 911 (Ehh.. Malaysia bukan 911 kan? Hehe..) I was trembling the whole time, through the time the police arrived and way into the morning as I couldn' sleep after that.. but 2 weeks later, I was again going to school tgh² mlm buta (this means 1~2am la kuar umah) when it suited me klau sy nak buat keje.. but of course la I lebih mengamalkan ayat² Al Quran people gave me to shield me from harm (instead of sebelum tu tidak le ngamalkan sgt)

Before that, when I was still drying my clothes outside, someone had come into the house compound while I was away and stole my undergarments.. all of them! Now, some people believe that that is quite dangerous, especially since I'm a girl coz people could do unimaginable things to them. I'm quite skeptical, but bende² ghaib ni kan mmg ade.. Instead of being afraid, I was pissed.

Well, maybe I wasn't afraid coz they were new undergarments, I had washed them after buying them so mmg tak sempat nak pakai and they say the chances of doing 'anything' to me through those were slim.. but it was also the same reason I was pissed. Oiii, girls nye undergarments mahal ok.. giler makan ratus jugak sumer yg dicuri tu. Marah giler sy, tak leh ke curi bende yg murah skit.. and mine plak is the boring type, takde kaler² provocative ok (I know, coz sales girls pun selalu malas nak layan sy after I tell them, "Sy tanak yg kaler²!" Boring, I know hahah..) So sambil sy mengangkut tempat sidai baju tu masuk ke dalam (I hung my cloths inside since then.. seb baik tgh rumah ni mmg ade tmpt for sidai-ing kain pun), sy menyumpah² je la dlm hati.. tidak la jugak sy berase risau ke ape.

And once my grill buat hal, tak boleh bukak. I had come back letih from my classes and mcm sgt geram je bile the grill was jammed. Didn't know what to do so I called around to ask but it was Friday night maaaa.. sumer org pun kuar kan. Last² I godek² my car for a screwdriver and dismantled it all. Esok tu went to go buy a new knob for the grill and tukar la sy bende tu sensorg. Was told by Ajha, "Camne org nak ngorat kak Ayu klau sumer bende pun nak buat sendiri? Takde sape leh jadik Knight in Shining Armour".. which was also echoed by my Umi hahah..

However, these past few days have left me feeling quite pathetic and loser-like.. not to mention, SGT tak independant.

First was the accident nye incident that left me quite shaken and now terkurung dlm umah..

Second, for the first time ever, this house experienced its first blocked toilet drain pipe.. okay, sblm ni penah la kot tp ni first since I stayed here for the last *gulp* 6 years?!?! Biar btul dah 6 tahun sy duk sini?!? I tried doing what Abah would have done but not one of my efforts were rewarded. In the end, I had to call a plumber.. huwaaaa, klau tau kat Abah, buat malu je sbb sy tak leh buat sendiri padahal bkn tak pernah tolong dia when it happened at our home in Penang.

Thirdly, this morning there was a storm in the Pt Buntar/Nibong Tebal area and this house was flooded.. seriusly! Mcm boleh berenang kot <--Ok, tu nmpk sgt la tipu tp rumah sy mmg berair yang style mengalir dari bilik sy kat depan tu saaaaaaaaaampai la ke toilet yg belakang tu.. and I couldn't do anything about it..

..mcm seriuosly feeling sorry bout myself la kan.. BUT..

I'm actually very lucky bile duduk² balik and pk (sambil melihat air yg masih blum berenti mengalir itu) Why?

Sy bertuah sebab.. mase accident tu, wpun sy sorg² and serius panik tatau nak buat ape, there was this Indian uncle yg sgt la baik hati who saw through the 'machoness' I tried to put on in front of the guy yg dok menyumpah seranah me. He told me he couldn't stay with me sbb dia nak balik, but he was there beside me right until kemunculan kak Ros kat Shell tu. Uncle tu tak kenal sy pun but he was very kind to tell off the guy bile laki tu melampau sgt marah kat sy.

Sy bertuah sebab.. tetibe ade kak Ros yang sblm ni sy tak pernah jumpe kat luar wpun kitorg both teach at Arun. And though kak Ros had to send her mother back home, she helped to drop me off at the police station to file a report.. klau tak, jenuh jugak sy tatau camne nak gi balai polis tu. Terpk nak jalan kaki je dah time tu.. N balai polis tu is like from AlMashoor gi One Stop.

Sy bertuah sebab.. ade Mat yg sudi bantu wpun klau nak ikutkan dia tak payah pun sbb sy bukannye rapat sgt ngan dia. Yun, Arep and Rashid had already gone home and I was feeling so lonely and alone. Tatau nak mntk tolong kat sape coz I had no one here but then teringat kat dia. And when the process went a bit longer that I had anticipated, I had told him takpe la coz I could probably take a cab. Mase tu dah nak buke sgt dah tu and I was feeling like a burden pun ye.. but he still came to help send me home, and even offered to take me to the bazaar since sy mmg tak sempat nak beli makan pun. A few days ago pun, dlm demam² tu still he called nak tanyekan if he could help with anything dan sy rase sgt malu ngan dia sbb dia tak penah pun mntk tolong kat sy.. thanx Mat! Akak bertuah ade kawan cam Mat ☺

Sy bertuah sebab.. the next day after the accident, dlm takde transport to go to the workshop to send my insurance policy, grant bagai, tetibe the 'adik' from the workshop contacted me to help send me there and send me back home.. mcm baik tak? Padahal ni langsung la, mmg tak pernah kenal pun.. and he didn't even grumble! Thanx Nathan

Sy bertuah sebab.. ade adik jiran seperti Rashid who sent me to the workshop after raya to send Abahs IC and license copy (the car is under his name) and to check on my car. Then Rashid took me to Econsave dgn cara paksa rela kot coz sy mcm segan nak mntk tolong kat org utk gi kedai beli brg umah kan. Dpt la jugak buy a few supplies for home yg usually I just go buy myself.

Sy bertuah sebab.. ade AREP! Thanx bwk akak tgk Smurfs hahah.. ok, ape kene ngene?! Tetibe dok berjimba laaa kann.. Sbbnye, bile sy takde kete, sy tak leh gi kelas. So mlm²ku sgt la sunyi dah bosan. Before this, since kelas je tiap mlm, tak boleh nak kuar lgsg pulak kan. Maka, Arep ngan baik hatinye menambahkan Statistic Tengok Wayang Kak Ayu 2011 demi merawat hatiku yg lara dan membuang segala habuk dan lumut yg tumbuh di badan akibat terperuk di rumah. Rasenye last tgk wayang tahun ni was for Merong Mahawangsa kot (tu pun tgk time pegi Pahang with Yun, Bani, Ashraf, Jaja, Rashid and Azam). Seb bek Merong Mahawangsa bes and lagu dia cam giler suke.. Ohhh, ailapyu Anuar Zain~~ Ooohh.. n jugak thanx sbb kasik akak can amik Papa Smurf utk Happy Meal aritu

Sy bertuah sebab.. awal bln aritu mase nak byr duit kut, kak Sue bgtau kat sy, I had 'over-paid'. See, gaji sy tak same ngan org len, diorg dpt ujung bln, I get mine around the 15th so in order to make sure I don't pay dgn lmbt, I had paid up a few months in advance. Therefore, di hujung cycle kut kitorg ni, they found out that sy telah lebih byr RM100.. yeay! And jugak, suddenly Dr Meor called and insisted to pay me for teaching his son last year (which awalnye I refused sbb sy ajo pun 2~3 kali je kot) but in the spirit of Ramadhan, Dr Meor still wanted to pay so ade la jugak duit lebih sy bulan ni skit --> which went to bayar plumber smlm (RM100) AND to help pay the accident summon (RM300) and insurance access (RM200). Tidak lupe jugak, setelah bertahun tak mntk duit kat my parents, Mama gave me RM50.. to help anak dia byr sumer² bende ni hahah.. adoiiii~~ Sy ni dah 31 16 dah tauuuuuu..

Sy jugak bertuah sebab.. tadi time husband and anak² kak Fauziah (my landlord) dtg to check on the damages, diorg dgn obviously la perasan takde kete so they asked. I didn't really wanna tell them tp sbb 3 beranak cam tunggu jwpn sy. Then, they seemed to be discussing something which mule tu I thought was pasal bumbung yg bocor ni la.. sekali diorg tanye, "Bole bawak motor tak?" Ohhh.. cam terharu tak? Seb bek la sy mmg tatau bwk moto, tp klau boleh pun, segan aiiiiiiiiihhh nak minjam motor nye.. I am so lucky to have them as my landlords. Lepas tu, diorg mmg offer la to send me anywhere klau I needed to go sbb anak dia 2 org tu tgh cuti kan (rasenye anak dia sbnrnye gian nak bwk kete jugak kot hahah..) Tetibe rase cam terkebil² tahan air mate hahah..

So kesimpulannye:
1. Sy ni ade buat dosa kat org kot yg sy tak sedar sbb bnyk sgt dugaan bln ni
2. Tp Tuhan still sayang kat sy sebab dia letakkan org² sgt baik wpun yg takde pertalian darah ngn sy disekeliling sy
3. Tak pun, dosa sy Tuhan nak hapuskan ngan cara bg dugaan bnyk² gini, kan?

Ape pun, I'm thankful, ya Allah ~ ♥

Ehh.. ok.. husband kak Fauziah udah sampai to try fix the roof so I gotto go.. Tp sempena Jumaat ni, I am thankful that I've suddnely realized how blessed I actually am throughout all of this. Moga mereka semua ni sentiasa dibawah lindungan rahmatNya.. dan yg non-Muslim pula diberi hidayah olehNya.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sesuatu yang berkesan dalam hati sy..

Actually, I found this in the last few days of Ramadhan. On my friends status in FB, tho samapi skrg, sy cam tak leh ingat status sape laaaa.. (Sorry!) Pada hamba Allah yang berkenaan tu, terima kasih sbb sudi share.

Maybe most of you guys pun dah come across bende ni tp sy share je lah ye. Its about bacaan semase duduk antara dua sujud.

Now, I'm not one of the best when it comes to solat but Alhamdulillah, I never intentionally tinggalkannye. BUT, solat sy pun tidak sempurna sgt lah, especially kalau nak cepat kan.. (Ye, wpun sedar, masih lagi dok buat kot, Ayu?!). And like most of you, since kite sumer tau ape maksud AlFatihah and how it is actually a form of doa (jugak la sbb itu rukun solat pun kan):

Show us the straight path [Tujukkanlah kami jalan yang lurus], The path of those whom Thou hast favoured; Not the (path) of those who earn Thine anger nor of those who go astray.[(iaitu) jalan orang yang telah Engkau beri nikmat kepada mereka, bukan (jalan) mereka yang dimurkai dan bukan (pula jalan) mereka yang sesat.

..we would usually sangat la menjaga bacaan ni and won't recite it too fast, no matter how cepat we wanna be, kan.

One of the recitations yg I usually, dan dgn malunye mengaku, nak cepat je bace is the recitation during duduk antara dua sujud.. that was until I read what my friend (God bless her!) shared this on the FB status. She wrote about the meaning of the recitation..

..and MasyaAllah! Its a very beautiful yet simple doa (which I have always overlooked la kan due to my 'kejahilan')

Tuhanku, ampuni aku..

Sayangi aku..

Tutuplah aib-aibku..

Angkatlah darjatku..

Berilah aku rezeki..

Berilah aku petunjuk..

Sihatkan aku..

Maafkan aku..

It made me regret always rushing through this part of the solah, never realizing how beautiful the meaning was.

Kepada hamba Allah yang share ni hari tu, wpn sampai harini sy masih tak boleh ingat awak ni kawan sy yang mane, sy doakan moga hidup awak diberkatiNya dengan limpah kurnia Rahmat, rezeki dan kesihatan. Terime kasih kerana sudi kongsikan sekaligus sedarkan seorang hambaNya yang leka..