Friday, June 29, 2012

Half-time for Italy vs Germany

What a great first half.. woohoo~~

And to think that they were the underdogs for this match but look at that, TWO beautiful goals from Mario Balotelli..

..and I was afraid when I saw him coz, though I’ve never really seen him play, I’ve heard people say he performs depending on his mood which is at the end of two extremes.. either VERY GOOD, or very bad.
But when he had ran into Gomez and quickly apologized, I was assured that this was the GOOD Balotelli.. yeay!

And as I said in my FB status earlier: 

Clash of the two Marios.. one who is in for the Golden Boot and the other who has (Gian)Luigi on his side hehe.. Since Mario and Luigi always save the day, I'm thinking, this could be the case for today, perhaps? =p

*crossing fingers.. BOTH hands! Hahah..*

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Kesian kat diorg ni..

Zakumi dulu for World Cup sgt sumer org kenal.. these guys, people know them, but I doubt if people remember their names..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pasta ala Aglio Olio

Ok.. this is kinda unbelievable.. Italy have gone a step further than they did in the last Euro. We’re in the semis now, beaten England in penalty shots with a score of 4~2.. in the semis?!?!

Hell, yeahhhh~~

It kinda tickled me when friends were updating me (excitedly ok!) bout it as they knew I couldn’t watch the game as it was only shown on Astro. Paling suprising, Prof Ismail from my school, lepas Subuh je dia dah comment on my wall bout Italy’s triumph over England hehe..

So.. When they managed to enter the quarter finals, I had made two batches of beef bolognese to give around haha.. over kn!

For the semis plak, I decided to make something I’ve never tried but have wanted to try for so long now: Aglio Olio. It literally means ‘garlic + oil’ so at first I was kinda sure it was gonna taste quite boring.

So yeah, I added some prawns (name pun org Malaysia, makanan mesti kene bnyk kaler haha..) but I didn’t stray far from the original recipe: lots and lotsa garlic and a generous drenching with olive oil. I added some dried chillies too, more for the colour coz pasta+garlic+olive oil kinda have the same colour so I figured it’d look VERY boring and monotonous.

Turned out I was wrong.. in a GOOD WAY!

I can officially say now that I’ve found my favourite way to cook pasta. Kinda regretting that I never tried it earlier.. yummy~

So here’s to a great semi (which btw, I can watch.. yeay!). Against Germany, ok.. takut tak?

Well, crossing fingers till the match on Friday morning ni nnt

Friday, June 22, 2012

Forza Italia~~

And who’d’ve thought, Italy has gone to the quarter finals.. yes! Yes! Yessssss!!
*running round the house like mad*

And what way to celebrate than by making the simplest and most famous Italian food: spaghetti bolognese hehe..

Ok, tipu.. actually I wanted to pulangkan bekas my student. She gave me some pulut durian a few weeks back and this is the ONLY thing I’m confident enough to cook.. and no this isn’t Prego’s ka apa ka ok.. made from scratch..

Tuck in, everyone! Heheh..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Van Persie vs CR7

So yeah, I’ve supported Italy eversince I started watching football but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the other matches too.. which I almost never miss (the ones on TV3 je laa =p)

Now, this morning wat the best match ever (at least for me la) in this Euro.. It was between Portugal and Holland.

Now, I don’t care much for Portugal as I’ve always kinda been a bit ‘allergic’ to Ronaldo.. but once upon a time ago, when Italy was kicked outta the World Cup after losing in the group stage, I started to watch other teams too. I had started to notice Holland and Spain in the last Euro, two years before the last World Cup la kan so obvoiusly, I wanted to watch them in action lagi. But Holland put me off after their terrible sportsmanship in their match again Spain.. you know, the giler-kasar one where De-Jong kicked Xabi Alonso in the chest.

Still, I kinda felt for them when they had lost the first two games in the group stages so I was rooting for them jugak la kot when they were up against Portugal and was sure they’d give a good game (with not more of the kicking something other than the ball)

As for Portugal, I was also sure of a good game especially form Mr CR himself as he hadn’t even scored ONE goal in both games.. so much for the ‘akulah paling terre’ kinda aura he likes to give around..
..and I’m glad I was right!

Haaahh! Now, I only watch football for its ‘moments’. I don’t squat about anything tactical or technical about football and I rate a good game by how I can’t sit still during the game.. which was the case here (though yes, I am a bit biased coz during the Italy~Spain match which I didn’t watch pun I was pacing around waiting for results jugak hahah..)

The game started a bit slow la kot but not 10 minutes in the game, the ball was everywhere.. cheq sokaaaaa~~

Depe pakai baju itam, mcm tau je nak berkabung dah pas game ni hehe..

Well, tantrums were thrown.. by Robben botak itu after he was subbed towards the end of the game. He got outta the field but jumping over the, tatau la depe panggil ape, triangular thingeys around the stadium yg sports the advertisement tu. He’s face was.. mad! Hahah.. priceless

In the end, the Dutch still lost la with CR giving his first goal of the tournament (pas dia score tu, baru dia reti nak senyum.. klau tak, mcm ape je muke.. nyampah!) They went home with not even 1 point to their name.. mcm kesian pun ade..

BUT: To me, it was a great game.. I onl realized I wasn’t sitting when the last whistle was blown hehe.. aci kah?

And to think that a few years ago, I’d be sleeping peacefully through each game, huh!

Friday, June 15, 2012



Ape ni Italy.. mmg tamau masuk quarter ka? Mau get kicked outta the group stages again?!?!

Ngan mamat² baju kotak2 pun bley seri kaaaaaaa..?!?!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yess.. tak kalah! Heheh.. boley?

So two nights ago was Italy's opening match against Spain.. AND I COULDN’T WATCH I! Arrrggghhhh~~

Still, the good news is, Italy and Spain were tied, yeay! Hahah.. why ‘yeay’ instead of ‘dang’ you might say? 

Coz Spain is now the number 1 team in the world. The reigning Euro champios as well as the World Champions ok.. ingat nak kene belasah teruk dah but being tied is sooo much better.

Didn’t help that all the while, Lan kept updating me on how great the game was.. ughhhh.. But good ol’ Kay was kind enough to say only GOOD things about the Italians (she was also watching) as she too gave me periodic updates.. God bless ‘em hehe..

And to think that even if I could watch, I probably wouldn’t have coz I had a workshop in Penang the next morning which means lepas Subuh (yg awal.. bkn ala gajah style!) already kene siap for the two-day SMART Ranger Workshop tu..

..NAHHH~~ Konpem sy tgk jugak punye hahah. Ngantuk is like belakang kire dah la kot coz this is MY TEAM we’re talking about.

I DID got to bed but got up not 10 minutes later.. just knew I couldn’t sleep till I knew the results coz though Italy is my favourite, Spain come close! AND, my fav two goalkeepers are there!

And to think I miss their first match.. haiyaa~~ Tp seb bek korang TAK kalah, tak la ralat sgt.

Hmm.. 2nd game with Croatia pun bakal miss gak ni.. Can also watch the one against Ireland! Ireland?!?! *sigh* 

Jadik la.. just hoping it won’t be the ONE AND ONLY Italy game I get to watch. The nightmare of being kicked out the group stages during World Cup still haunts me ßdrama or what?

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Annnnnnnddd its time..

As usual, my blog is like the ol' Chipsmore ad.. "Now you see it, now you don't!" On a hiatus just like its on a vacation or something..

Well.. whats new? Nothing.. except, once again I find myself drinking loads of Nescafe to stay awake!  Heheh..

What happened to my resolve to ban Nescafe from my life, eh? Heheh.. *grins sheepishly* Got to put that resolve on hold for a while since its that time where the TV is my bestfriend again..

Tonight will be the opening of EURO2012.. yeayyyy!

Poland vs Greece tonight and though I'm not familar with both teams, I'm still gonna watch it coz its the game that would set the pace for the whole tournament.. can't wait!

As for my team, I DID consider changing sides after Italy's bad performance in the two major tournaments RIGHT AFTER they won the World Cup dulu (Sheeshhh.. you'd think they'd wanna defend their title kan.. ini tidak, serah je kat Spain gitu.. huh!) but after thinking, I don't think I could do that. Not much because tak sampai hati (boley?) but more outta loyalty. Besides, this was the team that first made me hooked up on football

Still.. I'm not putting my hopes up high for them anyway.. cukup lah hatiku kuciwa in the last Euro (kick out in the qurter finals) and World Cup (group stage pun dah tak pass weihhh) but I'm still supporting Azzuri.. well, at least as long as their in the competition la kan hehe..

The opening game for Italy.. is against Spain? Huwaa~~ Menakutkan and exciting all at the same time!

Anyway.. here's to a great tournament.. and sleepless nights for the next three weeks hehe..