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Monday, June 18, 2012

Van Persie vs CR7

So yeah, I’ve supported Italy eversince I started watching football but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the other matches too.. which I almost never miss (the ones on TV3 je laa =p)

Now, this morning wat the best match ever (at least for me la) in this Euro.. It was between Portugal and Holland.

Now, I don’t care much for Portugal as I’ve always kinda been a bit ‘allergic’ to Ronaldo.. but once upon a time ago, when Italy was kicked outta the World Cup after losing in the group stage, I started to watch other teams too. I had started to notice Holland and Spain in the last Euro, two years before the last World Cup la kan so obvoiusly, I wanted to watch them in action lagi. But Holland put me off after their terrible sportsmanship in their match again Spain.. you know, the giler-kasar one where De-Jong kicked Xabi Alonso in the chest.

Still, I kinda felt for them when they had lost the first two games in the group stages so I was rooting for them jugak la kot when they were up against Portugal and was sure they’d give a good game (with not more of the kicking something other than the ball)

As for Portugal, I was also sure of a good game especially form Mr CR himself as he hadn’t even scored ONE goal in both games.. so much for the ‘akulah paling terre’ kinda aura he likes to give around..
..and I’m glad I was right!

Haaahh! Now, I only watch football for its ‘moments’. I don’t squat about anything tactical or technical about football and I rate a good game by how I can’t sit still during the game.. which was the case here (though yes, I am a bit biased coz during the Italy~Spain match which I didn’t watch pun I was pacing around waiting for results jugak hahah..)

The game started a bit slow la kot but not 10 minutes in the game, the ball was everywhere.. cheq sokaaaaa~~

Depe pakai baju itam, mcm tau je nak berkabung dah pas game ni hehe..

Well, tantrums were thrown.. by Robben botak itu after he was subbed towards the end of the game. He got outta the field but jumping over the, tatau la depe panggil ape, triangular thingeys around the stadium yg sports the advertisement tu. He’s face was.. mad! Hahah.. priceless

In the end, the Dutch still lost la with CR giving his first goal of the tournament (pas dia score tu, baru dia reti nak senyum.. klau tak, mcm ape je muke.. nyampah!) They went home with not even 1 point to their name.. mcm kesian pun ade..

BUT: To me, it was a great game.. I onl realized I wasn’t sitting when the last whistle was blown hehe.. aci kah?

And to think that a few years ago, I’d be sleeping peacefully through each game, huh!

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