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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pasta ala Aglio Olio

Ok.. this is kinda unbelievable.. Italy have gone a step further than they did in the last Euro. We’re in the semis now, beaten England in penalty shots with a score of 4~2.. in the semis?!?!

Hell, yeahhhh~~

It kinda tickled me when friends were updating me (excitedly ok!) bout it as they knew I couldn’t watch the game as it was only shown on Astro. Paling suprising, Prof Ismail from my school, lepas Subuh je dia dah comment on my wall bout Italy’s triumph over England hehe..

So.. When they managed to enter the quarter finals, I had made two batches of beef bolognese to give around haha.. over kn!

For the semis plak, I decided to make something I’ve never tried but have wanted to try for so long now: Aglio Olio. It literally means ‘garlic + oil’ so at first I was kinda sure it was gonna taste quite boring.

So yeah, I added some prawns (name pun org Malaysia, makanan mesti kene bnyk kaler haha..) but I didn’t stray far from the original recipe: lots and lotsa garlic and a generous drenching with olive oil. I added some dried chillies too, more for the colour coz pasta+garlic+olive oil kinda have the same colour so I figured it’d look VERY boring and monotonous.

Turned out I was wrong.. in a GOOD WAY!

I can officially say now that I’ve found my favourite way to cook pasta. Kinda regretting that I never tried it earlier.. yummy~

So here’s to a great semi (which btw, I can watch.. yeay!). Against Germany, ok.. takut tak?

Well, crossing fingers till the match on Friday morning ni nnt

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