Thursday, January 19, 2012

Betrayal of a memory?!?!

So my fever is gone but my coughing doesn't seem to wanna go away. According to my usual pattern, my voice would be this way for almost two weeks but this also means that I'm getting better, especially since I could now sleep without the help of eucalyptus oil anymore.. so no complaints there. Just wanted to share something..

My class was fine for the first hour just now but during the second hour, maybe due to me talking a bit too much, I found myself coughing non-stop. Though I know I'm getting better, I didn't really want anyone to get uncomfortable with my coughs o after leaving my form 3 students with a few questions, I dashed to the grocery shop downstairs to find what they had as a remedy.

I saw the usual cough syrup I've always used (which actually hasn't been working that much for the last two bottle.. maybe because the doses are getting weaker kah.. or maybe jugak coz I'm already immune to that particular brand) but as I tried to grab that particular brand, my hand automatically went to the other brand beside it.

Guess my body was trying to remind me that I need a new cough syrup..

..which a lil' (very little!) part of me started feeling like I was betraying IM!

Ok.. ape kes? Hahah..

A few years ago, when I was still contemplating whether to do my MSc or not, I had come down with a bad cough. Well, not as bad as now but then I was rarely sick so coughing was so very not me and made me squirmish while trying to avoid people. I didn't go to work (I was an RO in my school) and stayed in my room all day. That day I had actually felt a bit better, but the air conditioned room worsened my condition so I decided to take the day off and went back to my room.

I wasn't really sick as in fever sick, only had a bad cough so I was really bored when I was back in my room. Luckily I always had a good stock of books so before long I found myself sitting at my desk, reading. A few moments into the book, my phone rang and I was a bit cheered up to see it was IM. He seldom called me in the day (or even at night if we were in USM.. the wonders of free internet kan!) so I was wondering why he called. Turned out, he had noticed me coming back early from work and was planning on 'investigating' if I was purposely 'tuang kerje'.

Ohh.. sy kan budak skema!

Anyway, I just told him I wanted to rest and didn't really need to tell him I was having a bit of a cough as he could hear my voice. I've always been uncomfortable of telling people I'm not well ke ape ke coz I don't want people to say I'm asking for their sympathy or something. He also didn't ask me to elaborate on my simple answer to his question and we continued to talk for a while before he told me he had to go somewhere to do something important.

I continued to read my book and was about to take a nap when once again my phone rang.. to my suprise it was him again. A suprise coz we seldom actually talk to each other (Ok, so dulu sy pemalu skit.. so what!) except for the nightly YMs, and this was two calls in one day.

He asked me to go down as he was waiting for me and though I was grumbling inside (Well, I'm a girl. Nak turun tu of course la kene tukar baju and pakai tudung elok² sumer..) I still went to see what he wanted.

When he saw me, he sheepishly handed me a plastic bag with something in it.. and I was wondering if it was another ice cream (he had once gone to Pekaka to do some photocopying.. and somehow when he saw the Walls freezer, he decided to buy some ice cream for the both of us. I almost laughed when he called me to go down to see him just so he could give me the already half-melted ice cream.. just because he was thinking of me..)

Err.. where was I?

Oh, yeah..

I opened the plastic bag in front of him and was confused to see this red box (Ok, I have to admit, I never liked buying off-the-shelf medicine before. I preferred going to the doctor so I didn't know it was a bottle of cough syrup at first). I looked at him and he just smiled and told me, just because I didn't wanna tell him, doesn't mean he couldn't guess what was wrong with me..

Well, I guess I had developed a bit of a crush on him then when I realized what his 'something important' actually was..

So.. Now I find it a bit 'menyusahkan' to go to the doctors sometimes so whenever I have a cough, I always buy the same brand of cough syrup.. even almost 10 years later now..

..but just now, I realized the cough syrup no longer provided me with the relief it once had. Mama used to say, too much of something makes you immune to it, so I guess thats what happened. It felt a bit surreal to see myself paying for another brand of cough syrup <-- Ok, cam drama lebey plak di situ

I guess a part of me just felt like it was betraying a memory.. <--Ok. konpem Ayu dok wat drama ni!

I went back to my class and suprises of suprises, I took one dose of the new cough syrup and I'm okay right till now..


Monday, January 16, 2012

What the...?!?!

So there I was, driving alone back to my rented house after my form 5 class in Jawi. Usually the traffic at this hour is more leisurely than busy so I didn't have to worry much (Eversince the accident, I've been having stupid 'premonitions' of more accidents.. waaa, and I thought I wasn't traumatized!).

Well, didn't have to worry much, until..

I was at the traffic light at Taman Ilmu, waiting for the green light. I noticed a few teenagers on motorcycles in front of the car on the other lane and those kids were joking around while waiting for the green signal. I had no reason to panic as
1. They were dutifully waiting for the green light too
2. They were on the other lane
3. They were wearing their helmets and all, thus gave me this false security that they were careful.. duh!

When the light turned green, I just shifted into the drive gear and moved forward, gaining speed as I moved on. I wanted to go back quickly as I still wasn't feeling well but I wasn't THAT much in a hurry, thankfully!

The kids on the bikes were way in front of me when it happened and I can still fell my heart leaping outta my chest as I recall it in slow-mo <--Ok! Ade drama skit kot di situ hahah..

On the kid in the middle (there were 3 kids on 3 bikes) suddenly shoved his friend on his right, I assume, jokingly. However, his friend lost control of his motorcycle and fell off his bike right in the middle of the road as his motorcycle slid towards my lane (I was on the right). Syukur Alhamdulillah, I was at the right speed to avoid his motorcycle.. barely!

The car behind me had to slam his brakes just in time for the boy to get up quickly (his upper body was in our lane by that time) as his motorcycle slid ever further away and outta harm..

..and I was swearing like a sailor!

Err, ok la.. swearing as much as my limited vocabulary would allow me (which btw, would just make me the butt of jokes for sailors!) And NOT to the boy who fell in my lane..

What the hell?!?

His friend is like sooooo @%*($%^&. What was he thinking, joking around like that, ON THE ROAD.. ON A MOVING MOTORCYCLE.. budussss!

A lot of things went through my head as I avoided the boy and his motorcycle.. among them: I DO NOT want another accident in just 5 months!

Ok, on my part, it may seem selfish, thinking of myself before the boy who almost got into an accident there.. but as I said earlier, particularly my expanses haven't really recovered from the accident I had a few months ago.

Sheesh! And I still can't forget the 'scene' of what happened. Still seeing that boy falling off his bike as I was gaining speed.. Alhamdulillah la takde ape jadi..

But I'm still mad at his friend! Buduh! Sebab tu la budak² tak bleh ade lesen klau takde tanggungjawab camni..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sape tak kenal tune ni kan hehe..

As usual, every Sunday morning (12.30am that is) both TV3 and TV2 would be playing on some movies which I've religiously watched since I got my own television set. Wait! Or was it before eh.. when I still 'tumpang'ed Elie's tv?!?!

Anyway, usually TV3's choice was better (haha..) but lately, TV2s choice aren't bad. They sometimes love to put on James Bond classics and other so I kinda liked it too.

Just now, TV3 had on Just Like Heaven, which though I love, I just watched recently so I decided to see what TV2 had to offer.. Lets see..

Hmm.. does anyone NOT recognize this tune?

Hahah.. ok la, not actually the original (and yes, I prefer the original la of course but this one was a good rendition of it jugak kan).

I didn't grow up when the movie was famous but during my childhood, there was this weekly cartoon of them. Who could forget.. and which child did not want to become The Lone Ranger.. or Tonto.. err, Silver takde sape kot nak jadik kan =p

I'm not sure if children nowadays even know about this folk hero.. but I'm sure they too know this tune kan..

And the movie was so-and-so la.. but everytime the tune came on, I found myself drumming my hands to the music while 'tedede tedede tededek dek deeekkk' along with it hahah..

Kinda makes me miss my childhood in a good kinda way =)

P/S Ohhh, sy tadek Astro, k =p

Friday, January 13, 2012

Not well.. in weird kinda way

I had this weird kinda fever I've only had once before.

I was getting ready for my form 3 class in Jawi when I noticed I had the shivers. I shrugged it off at first because the day had been rainy so it was kinda cold anyhow. However, as I went to my class, I realized my almost-non-existant aircond was getting a bit too cold for me, so I switched it off.. Only to switch it on a while later, not because I was feeling hot but because the air in the car felt 'lifeless' without it on.. so there I was, alternating between switching it on and off when it got too cold or too stuffy in the car, all the way to Jawi. No wonder la kan my airconmd tu suke wat hal klau sy pun suke dok switch on/off cenggitu hehe..

Anyway, arriving at the tuition centre, arini la pulak Cikgu Arun had serviced all the airconditioning units so me and my students were freezing. In the end, we switched off the aircond and only used the ceiling fans.. but I continued to shiver until one of my students asked me why. I just gave him my standard answer, "Lemak² sy ni mmg tak berfungsi sgt punnn.." Heheh..

On the way back home, the coldness was getting unbearable and once I arrived home, I was feeling cold to the bone. When I went to get my wudhu, I found that the water was freezing so, being the week me, I postponed my solah and tried to get some rest as my head was also pounding by then. There I was on my bed, in a full nightgown with my thick cardigan and blanket.

I woke up again around 11.30pm and forced myself to perform my prayers despite the icy cold water (or was it just my feverish imagination hard at work?!!) then tried to sleep but this time, my body temperature alternated between feeling freezingly cold to feeling hot. I woke up every hour to different feelings. 12.30am freezing, 1.30am hot, 2.30am freezing and 3.30am hot. When I couldn't take it any longer, I decided to take a bath.. and despite feeling really hot at that time, the water was still freezing cold.

Finally managed to sleep and when I woke up again at 4.30am, my headache was gone, my chilling/hot temperature was gone as well as my sore throat and cold. I was almost jumping with joy as I tried to remember what did I do to make the weird fever go away..

..until this morning when the fever came back at full force, thankfully without the alternating temperature..


P/S Entry ini ditulis setelah tak larat dah nak tidoq.. sekian

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Once a KRU posse, always a KRU posse kah?

Ok, I'm blaming Achik for this entry. The past new year, I was noticing him uploading old songs of KRU. This kinda surprised me as he's like 5 years younger than me kot so I always thought KRU was during 'my time' as he was still a kid mase tu. But I guess the influence of KRU was big la kot mase tu.

At that time, Malaysian music was mostly ballads and slow rock camtu la. So when KRU first came into the market, ade sedikit kejutan budaya lah kot haha.. But they were cute kan so their song went right to the top of the charts in no time.

However, I didn't quite like them that much as, well, I preferred ballads la kot. Especially after hearing one of their first songs yg jadik like an anthem time tu, 2020. Seryes like sejam sekali kot the VC kuar kat TV mau plak time tu ala² Vision 2020 baru kuar. I could actually still imagine the VC with them wearing caps and colourful windbreakers trying to be rappers. To me it was annoying especially the way they said two-zero-two-zero. Another yg famous time tu was Hanya Kaaauuu yg ku mahu.. Hanya kau yg ku tunggu oh kasih kasihh <--Yeah! I hated it but I know the song.. boley?

Then enter form 1, I sat behind Sharifah Nur a.k.a Chipah who was a huge fan and couldn't talk about anything else. Haiyaaa~~

By then everyone was hooked on Mengerti. It took me a while, but I finally succumbed to peer pressure haha.. Ok la, tipu! Mengerti tu bes la jugak and somehow, I still like hearing it even after all these years.. as well as other songs yg tak brape nak glamer hehe.. Still jugak nak cari song ala the ones I liked before kan.

So form 2 onwards, I became one of their not-so-hysterical fan. The one most people liked was of course la Yusry whom at that time, mcm ensem gila la kan. But my classmates knew better than to say they liked him sbb me and Baizurah were like giler berebut dia haha.. mcm bleh dpt right! God, when I remember those good ol' time, mmg nak gelak. Ami liked Norman more and Edry, poor Edry yg takdak sapa nak minat (well, not so many laa) was Suri's choice. I guess our friends were more amused on seeing me and Baizurah 'gaduh'. Berebut and hafal biodata segala.. I'm not sure if I'm right but Yusry's birthday is like 15th June kan? And he's 7 years older than me hehe.. ok, yg tu ingt la. Yang lain like dah lupe.. Ohh, favourite food at that time was Maggi perise Ayam ok. Colour tak ingt but was like blue, black or white camtu.. oh God! Gila apa Ayu ni time tu hahah..

When I was in form 4 and 5, I got a letter from an old friend from Sg Gelugor who had moved to KL and was then living in Taman Melawati, which all KRU fans know to be as the residence of KRU. Suhaila was a member of KRU posse and always went to their house for the fanclub gatherings and all that. And bless her dear soul, she knew I liked them so she sent me photos of them.. and just to rub salt, she sent a picture of heself and Yusry.. *suddenly terpk, mane la sy simpan gambo² tu eh*

In fact, I had curik² to buy a KRU cassette kot once dulu. Abah didn't let us buy cassettes, only CDs je. Like we can buy sgt la with our allowance (that was his plan la tu kan!). Though sbb curik² then I lost it *sobs* I don't remember which tp the cover was light coloured as opposed to the dark coloured ones cam Awas and all that. Haaa, I remember, ade lagu 'Semuanye kan Ok'.. which album pun I don't remember.. Haiyaaa~~

Nways, after listening to a few of Achik's choices (Yes! He actually uploaded multiple KRU songs to his profile that day), I did my own searching and just wanted to share a few of my tak-glamer-sgt favourite KRU songs hehe..

First one is Gadis Jelita.. not to be confused with Wanita Jelita which is also one of their songs.

Second one here is Di Depan Mata..

..and not-so-surprisingly, I still remember the lyrics verbatim, k! Masih leh nyanyi along, boley? Punye la minat kan dulu..

And this one as tribute to my missing cassette.. Semuanya kan Ok!

Hehe.. enjoy!

Oh, btw, Baizurah, this entry is for you.. and Suhaila though Suhaila tak tau pun pasal my blog ni!

*Achik is the grandson of Abah's adopted mum in Bayan Lepas. We call her Mak Tok and she and her family are the only 'family' we have in Penang. That makes Achik.. err, my adopted cousin?!?! Hahah..