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Monday, January 16, 2012

What the...?!?!

So there I was, driving alone back to my rented house after my form 5 class in Jawi. Usually the traffic at this hour is more leisurely than busy so I didn't have to worry much (Eversince the accident, I've been having stupid 'premonitions' of more accidents.. waaa, and I thought I wasn't traumatized!).

Well, didn't have to worry much, until..

I was at the traffic light at Taman Ilmu, waiting for the green light. I noticed a few teenagers on motorcycles in front of the car on the other lane and those kids were joking around while waiting for the green signal. I had no reason to panic as
1. They were dutifully waiting for the green light too
2. They were on the other lane
3. They were wearing their helmets and all, thus gave me this false security that they were careful.. duh!

When the light turned green, I just shifted into the drive gear and moved forward, gaining speed as I moved on. I wanted to go back quickly as I still wasn't feeling well but I wasn't THAT much in a hurry, thankfully!

The kids on the bikes were way in front of me when it happened and I can still fell my heart leaping outta my chest as I recall it in slow-mo <--Ok! Ade drama skit kot di situ hahah..

On the kid in the middle (there were 3 kids on 3 bikes) suddenly shoved his friend on his right, I assume, jokingly. However, his friend lost control of his motorcycle and fell off his bike right in the middle of the road as his motorcycle slid towards my lane (I was on the right). Syukur Alhamdulillah, I was at the right speed to avoid his motorcycle.. barely!

The car behind me had to slam his brakes just in time for the boy to get up quickly (his upper body was in our lane by that time) as his motorcycle slid ever further away and outta harm..

..and I was swearing like a sailor!

Err, ok la.. swearing as much as my limited vocabulary would allow me (which btw, would just make me the butt of jokes for sailors!) And NOT to the boy who fell in my lane..

What the hell?!?

His friend is like sooooo @%*($%^&. What was he thinking, joking around like that, ON THE ROAD.. ON A MOVING MOTORCYCLE.. budussss!

A lot of things went through my head as I avoided the boy and his motorcycle.. among them: I DO NOT want another accident in just 5 months!

Ok, on my part, it may seem selfish, thinking of myself before the boy who almost got into an accident there.. but as I said earlier, particularly my expanses haven't really recovered from the accident I had a few months ago.

Sheesh! And I still can't forget the 'scene' of what happened. Still seeing that boy falling off his bike as I was gaining speed.. Alhamdulillah la takde ape jadi..

But I'm still mad at his friend! Buduh! Sebab tu la budak² tak bleh ade lesen klau takde tanggungjawab camni..

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