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Friday, January 13, 2012

Not well.. in weird kinda way

I had this weird kinda fever I've only had once before.

I was getting ready for my form 3 class in Jawi when I noticed I had the shivers. I shrugged it off at first because the day had been rainy so it was kinda cold anyhow. However, as I went to my class, I realized my almost-non-existant aircond was getting a bit too cold for me, so I switched it off.. Only to switch it on a while later, not because I was feeling hot but because the air in the car felt 'lifeless' without it on.. so there I was, alternating between switching it on and off when it got too cold or too stuffy in the car, all the way to Jawi. No wonder la kan my airconmd tu suke wat hal klau sy pun suke dok switch on/off cenggitu hehe..

Anyway, arriving at the tuition centre, arini la pulak Cikgu Arun had serviced all the airconditioning units so me and my students were freezing. In the end, we switched off the aircond and only used the ceiling fans.. but I continued to shiver until one of my students asked me why. I just gave him my standard answer, "Lemak² sy ni mmg tak berfungsi sgt punnn.." Heheh..

On the way back home, the coldness was getting unbearable and once I arrived home, I was feeling cold to the bone. When I went to get my wudhu, I found that the water was freezing so, being the week me, I postponed my solah and tried to get some rest as my head was also pounding by then. There I was on my bed, in a full nightgown with my thick cardigan and blanket.

I woke up again around 11.30pm and forced myself to perform my prayers despite the icy cold water (or was it just my feverish imagination hard at work?!!) then tried to sleep but this time, my body temperature alternated between feeling freezingly cold to feeling hot. I woke up every hour to different feelings. 12.30am freezing, 1.30am hot, 2.30am freezing and 3.30am hot. When I couldn't take it any longer, I decided to take a bath.. and despite feeling really hot at that time, the water was still freezing cold.

Finally managed to sleep and when I woke up again at 4.30am, my headache was gone, my chilling/hot temperature was gone as well as my sore throat and cold. I was almost jumping with joy as I tried to remember what did I do to make the weird fever go away..

..until this morning when the fever came back at full force, thankfully without the alternating temperature..


P/S Entry ini ditulis setelah tak larat dah nak tidoq.. sekian

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