Friday, December 09, 2016

To Gelak or To Nangis.. That Is The Question! =)

As usual, I love checking my FB's On This Day, just to see what exactly was I thinking on those particular days and I found this..





Now am not sure if its better to cry or laugh hysterically (sbb takmo rase sedih/stupid/silly)..

One day, Ayu.. One day. Then, it won't be sebab kesian.. It'll be the real deal and it's gonna stay.. :)

One day.. =)

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Check up.. and ME time! =)

I had my post op check up on Wednesday the 7th. The appointment card stated that I had to be there at 8.00 am and since this was my first experience, I imagined I'd be sent straight to the doctor. Turns out I was wrong haha..

The specialist clinic was full of people even when I arrived at 7.50 am. I had to go register again at the nurses station, given an evaluation by a very friendly doctor before being given my number. Looking around, it didn't feel so lonely (okay, so I'd been feeling more that just a little bit blue about what had happened) bu somehow, I suddenly felt like crying and wished someone was there with me.

When it was my turn, I got this very nice older doctor who explained to me about the lab results on the cyst they had removed and the pros of removing my right ovary. It was something about the type of cyst I had, if they hadn't removed the whole thing (they usually only removed the cyst), it could still happen again but since they had to removed it due to my gangrened Fallopian tube, the chances of it happening again should be zero.

However, just to be on the safe side, she wanted to do an ultrasound on me. It was deja vu all over again but this time I got good news saying there didn't seem to be anything wrong. She even told me my left ovary was working perfectly as it was actually ovulating (and once again I felt like crying..) but I was amazed when I got to see it. Before, I didn't understand anything on the screen but as the doctor was discussing with her technician and since I was trying not to cry, I somehow saw the exact shape I've only since in my science/biology textbooks.. it was pretty much awesome to me. I guess mothers who get to see their babies in their wombs must feel even more happy.

When we went back to the doctors desk, I was feeling much better with the good news and what I just saw but somehow, my mouth gatal jugak to ask, why did it happen and what did I do wrong. I was just curious (I think) but they way the doctor looked at me made me well up again and she reassured me, it was nothing that I did wrong. Takdir Tuhan saja..

I then had breakfast at the hospital (which I only did the last 2 days I was there due to having to fast before and after surgery kan), bought some yummy sambal tempe (why didn't I know about this then?) and bought the sought after donut yang I terliur sangat dok teringin while I was there :p

Since it was still early and I had already cancelled my classes for the day, a lil' celebration was in order. I went to Aeon Big (formerly Carrefour) just beside the hospital and splurged on some Whittakers chocolates (yes, plural heheh..).. Even got the mint one for RM1 though I dunno what was on offer that day.

Then I decided to go look around since its been ages since I went there. Managed to buy some much needed pins for my tudung. Since I only wear the ones resembling safety pins yang dah out of date lamaaaaa dah maka sangat la susah to find any. When I saw some at this makcik's stall, terus la beli. And my rezeki, instead of 4 for RM10, she sold them to me 5 for RM10. She even threw in another simple brooch for me.. Moga murah rezeki mak cik ♡

Somehow, while chatting with the makcik, she asked me if I was ok. I laughed la sebab I was feeling ok then but I told her I had just come back from the hospital for my check up. She told me I had that 'recuperating' look, thats why she asked.. Err..

Then she told me about this jamu that was good for my condition. Sold by some Indonesian who brewed it themselves, fresh from the market. I don't really like jamu, the smell alone sometimes makes my eyes watery but in my condition, anything goes. I think I was also curious with the fresh from market concept too so I went to buy 2 bottles. Smelled better than what I usually smell and didn't taste bad too. Sayangnya sini tak jual (or I dunno sape jual) but I think I'd like to try lagi kot =)

After that, I headed to Sunway Carnival. Had already planned to watch movies and have lunch there anyway. I went to Sam's Groceria for their yummy mac and cheese after I bought tickets to watch Moana and Dr Strange (again? Didn't expect it to still be on sebab dah mcm bnyk minggu je dah kot). Met Amirah, Fatimah and their brother as they were also watching Moana the same time as me. Moana was surprisingly good. I'd expected a so and so movie but I wouldn't mind watching it again or buying the dvd nnt. Dr Strange doesn't need any reviews la kot. I loved it the first time, I enjoyed it even more the second (sbb bleh tgk after credits would be one of the reasons.. Kt sini kalu, movie dah abis je diorg terus pasang lampu mcm nak halau) even if the part where Dr Strange was sleeping while his astral projction was reading brought some tears to my eyes because it reminded of something.. or someone..

I DID got to Popular but no book caught my attention.. surprise! Macam konpius je hehe..

Anyway, after performing my prayers, terus balik je la lepas tu. My usaha mencari comic jugak gagal but I thinks its due to the closing of Comic House je la kot.. Tolonnnnng la ganti cepat, I need my comic fix!

All in all, it was a good day.. if some thought would stop bugging me la.. But am glad that healthwise, I'm improving much and hopefully the new year would bring me better health and no more surprises like this one =)