Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mau update tp..

.. sy demam!!!


Adekah sbb gara² mkn mcm² for raya and kenduri Yeop itu ari? (Mampus tau kat Aloy sy ckp camni, smpi ke sudah akan diungkitnye hahah..)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School in raya mode ☺

Parking pun senang nak dpt eventho dtg lambat hehe..

Keje pun malas nak buat (sblm ni pun malas gak, tp kali ni extra malas!)

Tadi already went out to buy extra choc chips and cocoa powder as well as some creamy penaut butter, lets just see will those items turn into two types of raya cookies or not hehe..

*Alamak! Baru tingt, lupe plak bwk recipe for Irnis.. sowi!*

Anyway.. miracles of miracles! I woke up this morning (after tidoq balik pas Subuh hehe..) and went to brush my hair la yg went haywire during sleep. Then I noticed, the charlie attack has ACTUALLY dried up! Wow! The last time I kene, it took weeks to dry up, and to heal tu lagik la kaaaannn.. but today, though it still stings, at least the dead skin dah boleh ditarik and voila! The parut cannot be seen unless you look closely.. yeay! Tak yah belajar pakai make up heheh..

Also went to buy extra brooches tadi haha.. I dunno why, tahun² sblm ni memang la my students dpt duit raya from me but I never gave them anything else. Tahun ni tetibe je rase cam wanna buy the girls some brooches. Dah murah² dah those crystal brooches and I only bought yg kecik je la.. bkn la yg set mak datin-like tu. A few years back RM12 satu (cepat rosak plak tuhh!).. skrg ni RM10 bleh dpt 5 (the best offer at the place I went to buy tadik.. kedai lain ade yg jual same brooches but RM10 for 3 or 4 je)

Mlm ni planning to make some cookies after tarawikh (which would mean way into midnight la kan since I have my class until 10.20pm japg). Dengan harapanye jadik la kan, since my cookie making skills dah seriously rusted!

Nak tulis ape lagik ek?

Haha.. well, since dah takde idea, lemme stop here. Kepala dah pk mcm² dah ni, only half heartedly into this entry.. so, selamat berbuke ye semua! :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Charlie ohhh Charlie..

Ohhh tidaaaakk~~

Raye lagi 4 hari dan mate sy kene chalie..

Suda macam melecur je mate kiri sy ini..


Friday, September 11, 2009

A weird feeling

You know, I've always been known to be the last mortals on earth to still slaving themsleves to snail mail come birthdays and raya..

The last few days, I've been diligently writing out my usual raya cards (though sgt la sikit this year compared to the previous years.. somehow, with still 15 cards to go, I just dunno WHO to send them to.. aci ke? Padehal sblm ni, siap tak cukup tu.. and I used to buy nearly a hundred of 'em).

To really good friends, I usually put a lengthy write up personally for them. To other friends, I usually wish the a blessed Ramadhan, a happy Aidilfitri and the usual I'm-sorry-for-everything.. and for the final 20 or so cards, I'm usually on autopilot je menulisnye nnt. However, this year seems a bit different..

I find that even though most of this years cards do not have my signature lengthy write up, I really want my friends to know that I mean it when I ask for their forgiveness on everything. For once, I'm really at loss for words at how I should express this to them and I really, really want them to forgive me for everything..

..somehow, though Naudzubillah, I'm not so sure of next years Ramadhan!

..and I'm afraid!

I just dunno why..

And I find myself no longer listing all my friends whom are supposed to get my cards. Instead, I send them to friends who come into mind as I sit down on my desk to write them. Some are close friends whom I've almost lost contact with.. while some are friends whom are near, but I've never found the time to go see them..

..its just weird!

So to my other friends (and also friends who get the cards pun!), from the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry if I ever hurt you, intentionally or not. I haven't grown much and I'm not that much a better person than what I hope I am, but at this very moment, I am sorry for anything I did wrong. If I've still got anything that I'm indebted to you, please step forward and tell me k..

..I'd appreciate that.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My to-do list updated

This is not a proud girl here!


I had a long to-do list aritu and only accomplished not even half of it.

FRGS progress report.. check!

Tuition classes for ganti-raya.. check!

Clean the house from top to bottom.. check, check, check! (Dan yg paling laaaa chek penat buat hehe..)

Susun-atur my new mats.. check! (Rumah pun bau tikar baru lagi hehe.. and ade la perasaan seronok tgk umah skit 2-3 hari ni ☺)

Wash the curtains and table cloths.. half-check! Dah tukar to fresh ones tp yg lame tu tak basuh lagik hehe..

Raya card writing.. quarter check! Baru tulis around 15 cards only.. uwaaa! I haven't written for a long time so agak la lenguh tangan ku ini..

Cookie making.. a minute fraction checked! To pun bab beli ingredients. Haven't started on them yer :p

Clearing the porch.. WHAT?!!? After seeing yet another four legged creature a few nights ago, you don't expect me to do it, do you!?! :p


And not to mention my raya goodies for this year, haven't even started on the packaging of it wpun the list of people i'm gonna give them to udah siap dicompile since awal Ramadhan hehe..

Anyway, I got something I've not really needed but kinda wanted.. a coffee table!! Hahah.. and at RM19.90, thanx to Arep who reminded me to look through the supermarket brochures they send to our houses.

I know.. I know.. coffee table murah, ape kes? But hello!! I'm single and living alone, remember! I only need the coffee table so I can do work in front of the tv and/or place my mugs on something instead of the floor (pastu tertendang the mug la kan bg tumpah!) while watching tv.

Besides, my new mat tu somehow looks a bit outta place sbb sofa nye sgt la lame kan, kaler dah more or less pudar dek masa. So perlu la something new to complement it (tetibe sy ni kan haha..)..

Now, how la can I check everything on my list ek?

Saturday, September 05, 2009

To-do List for The Weekend

Another long weekend, maybe the last one for the year perhaps (tolak cuti raye laaaa.. tu sgt la long kaaannn!)

Anyway, I had planned to spring-clean the house last week but the lazy part of me reminded me raya was still like 20 more days then so sgt rugi to clean the house early (apekah?) Not la like I'm having an open house ke ape, not THAT good a cook haha..

But then, I had a suprise of my own when I realized the pile of work I have for this weekend! Hmm, lets see..
  1. Wash curtains and table cloth! current table cloth still has this pink smudge where some pink buttercream did some kamikaze from the bowl it was supposed to stay put in. I had only wiped it with some wet cloth and only now risau it the pink won't wash off the lacy table cloth sbb dah lame sgt kan. Sib baik la only lace murah store-bought.. and not the one turun temurun, the kind that grandma crochet for the family heheh..

  2. Literally 'wash' the house from the ceilings where daddy-long-legs have been making babies utk 7 keturunan (last time I buang cobwebs was like 6 months ago hahah.. Ye², sy tau sy anak dara pemalas when it comes to this :p) to the floor yg sudah lama tidak bermop (6 months jugak ke?) Good thing this house only has 3 rooms and I'm the only one staying here (I'm suddenly wondering if it IS a good thing?!?!)

  3. Susun atur my new mats.. yeay! Bought some nice inexpensive mats a few weeks ago yg still rolled up sbb I wanted to clean up the house dulu. The old bamboo mats in the living area and my bedroom akan berpindah to the dining area and the library while the new mats akan masuk tmpt lame mereke (Why eh this year I feel like mak cik yg seronok nak raye?!?!)

  4. Conduct my 4 'kelas ganti' on Sunday and Monday (Waaahhh, pk je pun dah rase penat!) The tuition centre would be closed for a week so I have to do the kelas ganti for 6 classes and I've only managed to plan for 4 of them in this long weekend. Form 4 (11.30am-1.30pm Sunday), Form 1 Jawi (1.45pm-3.45pm Sunday), Form 1 PB (2.00pm-4.00pm Monday) and Form 2 Jawi (4.00pm-6.00pm Monday). Form 5 and Form 2 BS I dunno when laaa..

  5. Writing my kad raya(s). Yup! Even in this age of technology, I'm still a worshipper of snail mail.. have always been and (hope to) always be! Alaaaaa, ngaku la, not matter how tech savvy you claim to be, to get a letter in the REAL mailbox is a total bliss! Tul tak? ☺ I bought about 40 cards on my last outing and am still sorting out addresses.. ni kire sikit la, I used to post almost a hundred cards a year tau dulu hehe..

  6. Making another batch of cookies (or two). In mind, I wanna do the cut-cookies with friut spread in the middle and coconuts in the cookie itself AND some extra chocolatey chocolate chip cookies! Cite² tinggi kan sy? Hehehe..

  7. TRY to clear up under the porch without encountering the four-legged creatures I detest itu! Seriously, brape kali dah nak kemas kat luar tu only to be suprised by these 'beasts' yang akan mengakibatkan sy berlari lintang pukang masuk dlm rumah, kunci pintu dan menyumbat bwh pintu dengan paper lame sbb takut dia masuk umah! *sigh*
Hmmm.. tetibe rase sgt la bercite² tinggi! Lets just see, eh!

I forgot, I still kene siapkan some corrections utk the FRGS progress report yg terberhenti haritu coz of the Geomatics punye kelas ganti.. adeh! Mcm tak tercapai jek to-do list ini nnt..

Friday, September 04, 2009



Not today.. please!

Not just when I had made up my mind..

Just.. disappear!

..will you?


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Makanan lagikkk

Asik citer cupcake je kan haha..

Well, after years of not making any cookies, I decided to make some 2 nights ago. Actually, making cooking had always been my favourite part of raya. I wasn't good in cake making but cookies, with the risks of 'angkat'ing my bakul, I could do with my eyes closed! And they actually were finished within the first few days of raya taaauuuu.. thanx to simple recipes from BeRo Flour (the book which I lost a few years ago.. sob.. sobb! Sape pi UK, leh tolong carikan tak?! Dulu buku tu free when buying the flour)

Anyway, since my favourite book tu dah takde and since dah bertahun tak buat so my ingt²-lupe-recipes are not reliable anymore, I decided to try on a recipe I've kept for years. I didn't know how it would taste but it had hazelnut (wangi tuu!), custard powder and a dash of coffee. At least I'd be sure it won't taste like the pretty cookies that always taste the same kaaaaann :p

And tadaaaa..

Okay, I know, tak lawa! The dough was too soft to roll out, penat je gi amik balik my rolling pin dari kak Yun hahah.. so I just rolled it into balls with my hands and pressed them with a fork.. classic! Hahah..

And yes, I also discovered my cookie-making skills dah seriously berkarat. I couldn't even guess if the cookies were ready ke tak.. sabo je lah Ayu ni haha..

Nampak nye, kene try wat lagi la kaaaaan *wink²*

Petang tu pulak, Ad text me telling me she had something for me. Yeay! Ape ye?!?!

Roti kirai with beef curry lagi.. and lotsa potatoes! Though this time, since from a Kelantanese, ade la ala² Kelantan skit were both the roti and curry were a bit sweet hehe.. tp sedap je jugaaaaaaaaaaaaakk! Nyum²!

Thanx Ad.. sile la buat lagik heheh..