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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

My to-do list updated

This is not a proud girl here!


I had a long to-do list aritu and only accomplished not even half of it.

FRGS progress report.. check!

Tuition classes for ganti-raya.. check!

Clean the house from top to bottom.. check, check, check! (Dan yg paling laaaa chek penat buat hehe..)

Susun-atur my new mats.. check! (Rumah pun bau tikar baru lagi hehe.. and ade la perasaan seronok tgk umah skit 2-3 hari ni ☺)

Wash the curtains and table cloths.. half-check! Dah tukar to fresh ones tp yg lame tu tak basuh lagik hehe..

Raya card writing.. quarter check! Baru tulis around 15 cards only.. uwaaa! I haven't written for a long time so agak la lenguh tangan ku ini..

Cookie making.. a minute fraction checked! To pun bab beli ingredients. Haven't started on them yer :p

Clearing the porch.. WHAT?!!? After seeing yet another four legged creature a few nights ago, you don't expect me to do it, do you!?! :p


And not to mention my raya goodies for this year, haven't even started on the packaging of it wpun the list of people i'm gonna give them to udah siap dicompile since awal Ramadhan hehe..

Anyway, I got something I've not really needed but kinda wanted.. a coffee table!! Hahah.. and at RM19.90, thanx to Arep who reminded me to look through the supermarket brochures they send to our houses.

I know.. I know.. coffee table murah, ape kes? But hello!! I'm single and living alone, remember! I only need the coffee table so I can do work in front of the tv and/or place my mugs on something instead of the floor (pastu tertendang the mug la kan bg tumpah!) while watching tv.

Besides, my new mat tu somehow looks a bit outta place sbb sofa nye sgt la lame kan, kaler dah more or less pudar dek masa. So perlu la something new to complement it (tetibe sy ni kan haha..)..

Now, how la can I check everything on my list ek?

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