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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School in raya mode ☺

Parking pun senang nak dpt eventho dtg lambat hehe..

Keje pun malas nak buat (sblm ni pun malas gak, tp kali ni extra malas!)

Tadi already went out to buy extra choc chips and cocoa powder as well as some creamy penaut butter, lets just see will those items turn into two types of raya cookies or not hehe..

*Alamak! Baru tingt, lupe plak bwk recipe for Irnis.. sowi!*

Anyway.. miracles of miracles! I woke up this morning (after tidoq balik pas Subuh hehe..) and went to brush my hair la yg went haywire during sleep. Then I noticed, the charlie attack has ACTUALLY dried up! Wow! The last time I kene, it took weeks to dry up, and to heal tu lagik la kaaaannn.. but today, though it still stings, at least the dead skin dah boleh ditarik and voila! The parut cannot be seen unless you look closely.. yeay! Tak yah belajar pakai make up heheh..

Also went to buy extra brooches tadi haha.. I dunno why, tahun² sblm ni memang la my students dpt duit raya from me but I never gave them anything else. Tahun ni tetibe je rase cam wanna buy the girls some brooches. Dah murah² dah those crystal brooches and I only bought yg kecik je la.. bkn la yg set mak datin-like tu. A few years back RM12 satu (cepat rosak plak tuhh!).. skrg ni RM10 bleh dpt 5 (the best offer at the place I went to buy tadik.. kedai lain ade yg jual same brooches but RM10 for 3 or 4 je)

Mlm ni planning to make some cookies after tarawikh (which would mean way into midnight la kan since I have my class until 10.20pm japg). Dengan harapanye jadik la kan, since my cookie making skills dah seriously rusted!

Nak tulis ape lagik ek?

Haha.. well, since dah takde idea, lemme stop here. Kepala dah pk mcm² dah ni, only half heartedly into this entry.. so, selamat berbuke ye semua! :)

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