Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sabo je lahhh..

Ughh.. nape la dpt student 'baik ati' sgt?

To friends who follow my blog (like I said, sape yg follow je tau.. so dengan perasan cam org len ade bace blog ni, if you don't understand it, please bear with me huhu..), you might remember the 'real teacher' I was complaining about last year.

Jap nak cari ONE of the links (I'm sure mmg byk ngate this cikgu last year haha..)

Haaa, you can find it --> Here

Well, this year, I thought I was fortunate enough to not bump into him too much. Two Saturdays ago, he was teaching the class adjecent to mine and he glanced in my class while exclaiming, "Ramainye students.." Grrr..

1st: My class tak ramai pun, around 20 je. Nak ngate sy la tu kelas tak ramai student.. I LIKE SMALL CLASSES OKAY! Piss off!!!

2nd: Nape sibuk ngan my class?!?! Suke ati sy la nak ajar diorg camne ke ape ke.. diorg suke je! No complaints except, "Nape cikgu tak kawen lagi?" or "Nape cikgu pendek sangat?" which obviously takde kene ngene dengan care sy ngaja whaaaattt?

Then earlier on, he was teaching another class the same time as me, and mase balik I was telling my boss about the 'intruder' incident. I wanted to scream, "Mind your own business!" when he mencelah kate, "Takkan takde bodyguard nak escort kot.." with muke poyo cam bagus!


Three days ago, he was teaching another class and somehow, I always become defensive whenever I see him. Like on that particular day, I made sure my class was fun haha.. made sure HE KNEW EVEN IF I WASN'T A REAL TEACHER, MY STUDENTS LIKED ME.. even if they didn't haha.. but that day, I practically forced my students to have fun in class. And luckily, even I enjoyed the class that day. I didn't wanna hear him criticizing me again.

Then my favourite class just now. I walked around the class giving personal attention to those who needed them while the other's did their work I had assigned them. Then outta the blue, one student asked me, "Cikgu, klau tolong bina masjid, dapat pahala kan?"

Knowing that all of them are in the 'noticing the other sex' phase and assuming they wanted to matchmake one of their friends, I gave them my usual retort.. "Korg ni cukup umor pun blum, sibuk nak binakan masjid org.. belajar dulu!"

"Tapi elok kan cikgu? Kite tolong org?"

"Dah jawab soklan sy bg tu?"

"Cikgu jawab la dulu.."

..and bla bla bla.. sy malas nak layan!

Class resumed.. for about 10 minutes. Then the same boy asked me a question about what I had just taught so I explained it again to him, even though I was certain he had understood earlier. Then..

"Cikgu.. cikgu ni ajar same la cam Cikgu ***** ajar!"

Okay.. what is this? I just shrugged while trying to ignore the annoyance at hearing that teachers name. Then..

"Cikgu.. cikgu kenal kan Cikgu *****? Dia okay kannn.."

I was like.. duh!

"Alaaa, cikgu.. takkan tak kenal kot.. ke saje buat tak kenal?"

Luckily, I had mastered my 'I-dunno-what-you're-talking-about' look that could fool teenangers (for my friend, thats another story la kan.. but to budak², bleh la nak tipu!)

"Takpe cikgu, nanti kami kenal kan.."

What the hell?

Then, of all people, SE pun mencelah.. "Hang ni nak bina masjid pun, jgn la kat sini.."

S***! You mean THAT was what all this was about?


I could just strangle that boy!!

Sabo Ayu.. sabo!

Didn't have the heart to marah budak tu. Sebabnye, tetibe je bile tengok muke sy yg berlakon blur, dia ubah topik. Tau dia kate ape:

"Cikgu, skrg kan cikgu A**** (my AlMashoor friend) dah tak garang dah. Dia siap puji sy lagi. Dia kate, sejak sy tuition ni, dah makin rajin sy."

Padehal sbnrnye dia dah lame je tuition haha.. Then untuk kaver malu sbb dia suke kene puji kot, dia kate plak..

"Sy tau la sy pandai cikgu, tapi tak sangke cikgu A**** nak ckp camtu" <--In the gaye 'sy-tak-heran-pun-kene-puji' wpun muke dia nmpk happy giler.. "Ni cikgu la ni, tak pasai² orang kate sy rajin skrg sejak belajar ngan cikgu.."

He didn't look at me the whole while saying this, he was doing his work. But I'm glad for it coz I was smiling cam orang gile haha.. I really do wanna make a change in them. And if this is a step he took because of me, I'll be glad enough.. and I'll promise to help him all along the way.

..AND I'm gonna tell Ani, thanx! For making someone she told me was a hopeless case, happy! Really happy!

Alhamdulillah.. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just coz I'm bored..

Yup.. I'm bored!

Been staring at the literature review I was hoping to update but can't think of a single thing to add.. and lets not talk of the journals, a.k.a my-sleeping pills, that I haven't read yet for this purpose.. *sigh*


Know the picture above? :D

Okay, once again, taken by my phone which in realtime is not quite old though not quite new.. but in technology years, is already considered ancient. A few months ago (must be before August last year as I quite remember I still had a housemate then), I wrote about the birds nest in the 'tree' I couldn't seem to get rid of that has 'grown' through the cracks of cement under my porch. Well, lets just say, this is the fourth time its happening.

I don't understand whats so tempting with this chosen location haha.. but I guess the mother bird knows best. I can't even take a peek as she's always nearby and a mere glance would make her chirp like crazy while watching me from the gate or the clothesline or the bouganvillea (I'm certain I've spelt that wrong!) plant outside. Alahai mak burung, sy bukan pembunuh anak burung maaaa..

Anyway, her 3 eggs have just hatched. 3 very pink lil' bird with no feather which I unsuccessfully captured with my phone camera..

Can you see them?

On Sunday, I went to kak Wahid's reception with Mama, Adi, Izati and Iskandar. Met with Yun, Sid and Adik there.. my other friends from our batch were nowhere in sight. Even Arif and Aizul who told me they were coming were MIA.. oh well!

Anyway, knowing my phone won't be able to take 'respectable' pictures in the dimmed Kompleks Masyarakat Penyayang hall, I asked Izati to take some with her phone. Ye, yeee.. sy tak betulkan lagi kamera sy!

So this is kak Wahid during the 'makan beradat' (Mind you, this is still a picture from a phone.. not from an actual camera)

..and this is her during the cake-cutting ceremony!

Congrats kak Wahid :) I'm gonna miss going to your place whenever I like.. but rest assured, you parents won't be lonely as I've self-appointed myself as their new daughter heheh..

Yesterday plak went back to Abah's for The Discussion (Actually, ade byk bende tak puas hati di sini but I'm trying to ignore them in hopes that those feelings would go away quietly.. and to Adi, takde kene ngene ngan you tau! :) Don't worry!)

But first, we did a suprise birthday celebration for Mama. She's 51 now hehehe.. dah tuaaa! Me, Adi and Ikram went to buy the cake with Izati wanting something chocolatey and Adi wanting something cheese-cakey. Ikram wanting one not too cheese-cakey.. adeh! But we managed to agree on a choc cheese cake.. with even layers of chocolate moose and cream cheese to satisfy Ikram and I chose I sugar doll to put on it.

..though at last the sugar doll dapat kat Annisa who can't resist anything pink.

Then waited for Abah to start The Discussion but he slept right after lunch (Umi made some bihun sup!) Me and Adi started to nudge each other then Mama woke him up and he went to perform his solat first. Then guess what?

..Adi n Ikram plak had a lay-in and went to sleep. And Abah joined them after his solat.. ceh! Sabo je laaa.. Ikan² paus tersadai di pantai hehe..

But in the end, the discussion went quite okay la.. except for the few things yg I tak puas hati. Doesn't it just bug you that people pretend to know you when they really don't?


Anyway.. now we'll be having something BIG to look forward to this September.. yeay! I've already had all sorts of plans in my head already hehe.. But lets keep it a secret first ek :)


Lupe plak another thing: Remember my students, the twins I call Upin and Ipin?

Well, yesterday I had to rush from Abah's place to Jawi for my class. Managed to arrive on time.. yeay! Then I noticed only Afnan (Ipin) came to class (actually, half the class was absent which I think is due to the long weekend). I asked where Adli (Upin) was and he told me his twin had gone with his adopted father (long story!) to Johor so naturally he was left behind.

Then I asked him why he came, and he said, "Nanti kak Ros marah klau tak datang.."

To those who don't watch the cartoon, kak Ros is the garang eldest sister of the twins.. and while talking with my students, I realized, Ipin didn't really have a sister. This was when Ainina asked him, "Bukan tadi hang cakap kak Ros marah klau tak dtg? Klau hang takdak kakak, Kak Ros tu sape.."

He laughed cheekily while pointing at me, "Cikgu kite kan garang macam kak Ros.."


Hahah.. ampeh tul!

Friday, January 23, 2009

"Pulling an all-nighter" my a**!

Hmm.. ditemani 3 tin Nescafe, satu beg Cottage Fries dan tige peket Super Ring (Ohhh, sudah lame sy mengidam, baru petang tadi jumpe hehe..). Cadangannye untuk pull an all nighter and siapkan 2 paper yang diberangankan untuk dihantar ke EASTS conferance bulan October (?) ini..

Minum tin pertama..
Bace ayat² pertama sebuah journal dan sudah menguap.. ubat tidur betul la journal² nih!
Pergi toilet.. takkan nak citer ape sy buat kan? :p
Main game cik Adyani ni seround..
Bukak satu peket Super Ring.. oppss, make it two!
Bukak file untuk paper pertame yg cume perlu corrections..
(Errkk, nape sy lupe ye beze Method 1 dan Method 2 HCM ni?!?!!? Sudah nyanyuk agaknye.. mane la sy simpan thesis MSc sy ni..)
Jln² dlm bilik postgrad sambil cube mencari ilham..
(Ehh.. dah 1.45am! Nape rase cam tadek progress ye keje sy?)
Alang² tadek progress, check Neopet sy yg dah lame kene tinggal itu.. sian dia! Layan la dia kejap kan?
Bukak tin kedua.. dan buke Cottage Fries feveret sy, perise Tomato. Sy suke sbb masam.. tp kan, nape arini nye rase masin yg amat? (Tp abis jugak :p)
Younes ade.. tanye dia pasal data dia yg nak dijadikan paper itu. Rupenye sblm ni sy salah paham, sib baik lum siapkan lagi paper tu (Iyerrr, paper ni w/pun sy yg buat, tp nak buh name org len dan data juge dari org len.. sy cume tukang tulis je so terpakse la buh name sy kat number 3 kot kan? Hmm, janji ade name, cukup hehe..)
Termenung balik depan PC sambil buke file untuk paper kedua ini..
Kalahkan balik high-score game cik Adyani ni.. yeay! (Oppsss..)
Menguap lagik? Uhh, bukak tin ketige..
Intai Super Ring bungkus terakhir tapi nak save dulu. Baru kul 3.11am.. kang lapo kang camne?
Isi borang Graduate Assistant yang baru dpt siang tadi.. yeay! Tiade masalah kewangan sampai bulan April (The joy in small things haha..)
Menung lagik
..dan lagik
dan lagik!!!

A little too not over you

Yea yeaaahh.. tell me I like immature bubblegum pop song, and I WON'T care :p

Have actually tried to not like these kinda song, but I can't help it haha.. Go David Ar'chumel'ta :) :) :)

Song title: A Little Too Not Over You
Artist: David Archuleta

It never crossed my mind at all
That's what I tell myself
What we had has come and gone
You're better off with someone else
It is for the best
I know it is
But I see you
Sometimes I try to hide
What I feel inside

And I turn around
You're with him now
I just can't figure it out

Tell me why
You're so hard to forget
Don't remind me
I'm not over it
Tell me why
I can't seem to face the truth
I'm just a little too not over you

Memories suppose to fade
What's wrong with my heart
Shake it off let it go
Didn't think it would be this hard
Should be strong, moving on
But I see you
Sometimes I try to hide
What I feel inside

And I turn around
You're with him now
I just can't figure it out

Tell me why
You're so hard to forget
Don't remind me
I'm not over it
Tell me why
I can't seem to face the truth
I'm just a little too not over you

Maybe I regret
Everything I said
No way to take it all back
Now I'm on my own
How I let you go
I'll never understand
I'll never understand
Yeah, ohhh..

Tell me why
You're so hard to forget
Don't remind me
I'm not over it
Tell me why
I can't seem to face the truth
I'm just a little too not over you

Tell me why
You're so hard to forget
Don't remind me
I'm not over it
Tell me why
I can't seem to face the truth
And I really don't know what to do
I'm just a little too not over you
Not over you, ooh.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Masih dalam dilema..

Patut kah sy membiarkkanye seperti ini..

Atau adakah ini lebih baik bg sy?

Uggg.. decisions².. making a mountain outta an ant hill are you, Ayu?

Nape org len nmpk lawo je bile botak? Should I?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Congrats kak Wahid

Tetibe baru terpk, I've know kak Wahid for almost 10 years now!


I got to know her when we were in the same group for Geomatics, and have been friends eversince. She's a bookworm too.. and she's the one who taught me to switch from Hitz.FM to MixFM when we were in our 2nd year hehe..

I know her parents and sy sangat tak malu when going to her house requesting her mother to make this and that haha.. tp seriously, mak dia pandai masak oooo.. no wonder Izati, during raya a few months back asked me, "Bleh tak nak pegi umah kawan kak Yong yang mak dia masak sedap tu?" Hehe..

I've so many memories with her, what with me and her sharing almost all our classes and always going there together. She's the president of our ****** 'club' during final year (haha..), my library buddy where we'd be among the earliest to go there during final minute studying, my cycling buddy along with Arif sampai the pak guard pun kenal the three of us and would ask whenever they see only two instead of three 'cyclists'.

Kitorang penah tinggalkan basikal at Toroque's house coz, while savouring our favourite Char Koay Teow in Taman Pekaka, a rainstorm suddenly appeared making us almost stranded klau bukan sebab Jida became the hero of the day when she coincidently came to Taman Pekaka in her car.. yeay! then it took almost a week for us to go get our bikes balik sebab kitorg sangat lah malas nak jalan kaki ke umah Toroque to get the bikes. Even when Cik Wa offered to drive there pun kitorg malas hehe..

She was also the one who shook me awake when I, for the first time ever (Hey, dulu sy selalu bgn AWAL tau!!) woke up late for a test at 8am.. and I woke up at 7.50! She was waiting for me in her room and deciding something was wrong, she came to my room to see me still in my blanket. She could've gone to class first, considering we had a test and I was making her late.. but she didn't! She waited while I rushed to the showers and got ready.. and the both of us were 15 minutes late for Dr Farhan's 1-hour test. But then again, both of us managed to finish the test in half an hour.. AND were amongst the top scorers for that test.. yeay!

We also had an episode during one weekend when, while hanging out in her room, Ika and Maya (both her roomates) suddenly had this sudden urge to ditch our books and go somewhere that required the usange of the PLUS highway.. well, we didn't exactly go far pun but when they heard that I'd never been to Carrefour, that was reason enough for all of us to go out. Unluckily for us, the car we rented had a faulty fuel gauge and our car STOPPED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A SIGNALIZED INTERSECTION! Memalukan.. but what I would never forget is kak Wahid's idea to hide inside the car hoping people won't notice there was anyone in the car hahah.. gila apa! Sah² la kitorg ade dlm kete tu kan, takkan hantu kot bwk kete tu but when I remember her face when she said that, I can't help but laugh :)

Seriously, the times I had with her that would make me laugh is countless..

But she was also there when I was sad. I still keep the card she sent me almost 5 years ago when someone broke my heart (make that more than 1 person if counting what happened after Abah married again).. and I'm still soothed by the words in there whenever I'm in danger of being lost in those memories.

Last Saturday was her day though :) And I'm happy for her. She's finally a MRS and I'm glad I was there. She's the only child and since I'm what she sometimes calls, her 'adik', I guess there was no question on whether I should be there or not.

I went there after Subuh prayers, going outta my house at 6.45am and arriving around 7.30am. Saki-baki idup kak Wahid as a Miss hehe.. waited for the aunt so we could go to the bridal for her make up (and she lost her IC for a while here hehe.. time nak IC sgt laaaaaaa dia bleh ilang!). So here's her..

Then we went to the mosque at Kg Makam(?) for her solemnization. I've been to a lot of these (ye laaa, my friends kan ALL married.. sy je tertinggal ketapi heheh..) but this is the first time I felt a mixture of happiness for her as well as feeling a bit sad, knowing I have to 'share' her after this. No more going to her house at odd hours, or suprising her that I'm in Penang for lunch (as if la byk kali sgt buat camtu kaaaannn.. :p)

After the ceremony, went back to her house for pictures and while I was smiling at the back (of course la her extended family ade kat depan tu kan), I was called to be the 'pengapit'..



Errkk, I wasn't ready to be anything than her friend on that day.. though suprisingly, the baju I wore was the exact colour of her hantaran.. but I swear, I didn't know!

Was pretending on not hearing them calling me but Fisya called to me jugak. Lupe plak nak citer, the photographers for her wedding were both Fisya and Apit, themselves newlyweds jugak! When I heard kak Wahid talking to 'Nur' on the phone and after she told me this 'Nur' was a staff at EE, I imediately texted Fisya to confirm it was her. So w/pun agak happy sebab ade gak org sy kenal dlm majlis tu nanti, sedikit nasib tak baik la kan sbb photographer kenal and bile family kak Wahid suh tolong jadi the bidan terjun pengapit, ngan Fisya sekali la suruh.. adeh!

And there I was, the red-faced one while the actual bride and bridesgroom relax je amik gambo hahah..

By 1 o'clock, I had to go back as I had my favourite class in Jawi that 2.15pm. After taking some pictures with kak Wahid, while being laughed at by the on-lookers on seeing how much I was hiding from the camera (Adeh! Apit kate, "Camne kak Ayu nak kawen ni nanti klau asyik lari dari kamera?"), I bid goodbye to my dear friend.. oppss, that was AFTER kak Wahid's mum tapau'ed for me her famous salad kuah kacang.. yummy! Like I said, sy mmg tak malu bile gi umah kak Wahid hehe..

Anyway, congrats to kak Wahid! May you find happiness in all the steps you take in your new life and may I get an anak sedare from you ASAP :D

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saya sedang marah!!

Bongok giler!

Bangang nak mampus!!

Seriously.. what the hell are you talking about?!!?

Mangkuk ayun!!! Silap².. mangkuk tandas yang tak flush bertahun!!!

..(Okay, thats about all swear words I know huhu.. so orang lain, sile isi your own favourite swear words here!)

Eee, geram tul! I always didn't mind HIM sgt coz he was always friendly (or pretentious, as most of the people here would describe him haha..) But I can't accept this!!!

Okay, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should have put down the 'sign' I put out of my cube a few months ago.. but hello! Its the ONLY thing I could do to prevent the coffee-splattering-my-cube incident. Besides, I specified that only MY CUBE is off limits to those who wanna drink.. pi la cube sendiri, bongok!

Okay.. try take a look here.. do you think its offensive ke? Maybe sy yang bute, tak paham sgt ettique.. but this sign is only @ MY CUBE, bukan nye sy tampal kat cube org lain. And I only tampal AFTER some jerk curah some coffee/tea around my cube, rosakkan my notes and birthday cards yg sy tampal kat cube.. please tell me? Salah ke sy?

Tu sy nye okay lagi.. yang the assumed same jerk TUANG the drink ON IZ's PC AND PRINTER TU PE HAL?!?! Buatnye kawan tu bukak pc dia ke, meletup ke ape ke.. Pastu nak kate, what I'm doing ni shows that Malaysians suke cari gaduh.. sambil quote about the Sabir Bangang case (yg dia ni memang cari gaduh ngan sumer org.. trust me! Dari dia MSc lagi, bukan main lagi dia nyusahkan kitorg.. and I can swear, selame ni kitorg senyap je ape dia buat! Marah dlm diam je!!) and Umar the S***** Harraser (huhu, cam ejaan yg salah je hahaha..) yang sebut kat my friend, "I feel like I wanna rape you!!!".. AND DIA NAK SAMEKAN KITORG NGAN KAMBING² NI?!?!? Nak samekan sy ngan bongok² ni.. Ya Allah, marahnye!!!

Yes, I'm naming names now.. and I DON'T CARE!

Actually, I was thinking of taking down the sign.. tp pas HE came here saying all those things, TO HELL LA WITH YOU!!! Takdenye sy nak bukak.. I still think I'm not doing anything wrong, and I'm damn sure those words aren't offesnive langsung.. except utk sape yg makan cili and mmg suke kotorkan cube org len la kaaaannnn..

But then again.. am I over reacting?

When your heart breaks..

When you drop a glass or a plate to the ground it makes a loud crashing sound. When a wall shatters, a table leg breaks, or when a picture falls of the wall it makes a noise. But as for your heart, when that breaks, its completely silent. You would think as its so important it would make the loudest noise in the world, or even some sort of ceremonious sound like the gong of a cymbal or the ringing of a bell. But its silent and you almost wish there was a noise to distract you from the pain.

If there is a noise, its internal. It screams and no one can hear it but you. It screams so loud your ears ring and your head aches. It thrashes around in your chest like a great white shark caught in the sea; it roars like amother bear whose cub has been taken. That's what it looks like and that's what it sounds like, a thrashing, panicking, trapped great big beast, roaring like a prisonor to its own emotions. But thats the thing about love - no one is untouchable. It's as wild as that, as raw as an open flesh wound exposed to salty sea water, but when it actually breaks, it's silent. You're just screaming in the inside and no one can hear it..

If You could See Me Now, Cecelia Ahern (Pg. 250)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I'm pleased with myself and I wanna talk bout my 'children' :)

*smiling happily*

Today I'm still a bit unwell. Dah malas nak dtg dah tadi but ticking off all the jobs I've put off since Monday made me force myself to come to school jugak after Zohor. Spent the morning finishing off New Moon, and sorry to Twilight fans, but I'm kinda annoyed with Bella. Hahah, tatau la, tak suke.. I actually think she's pathetic.. skit² hyperventilate, skit² hyperventilate.. aparaaaaaa.. bosan! But thats just my view kannn :) Lain orang, lain view dia so I'll stop there..

Eh chup.. nak tambah skit. I'm rather fond of Alice though. She sounds so cute and makes me feel like she'll be a good friend. I also love Jacob Black.. to me, these are among the strong characters! Oppss, okay, before the fans campak kasut, kulit pisang, burger semalam and apple busuk kat sy, baik sy benti hehe..

Anyway, berbalik pade sy (hehe.. sounds soo narcissistic kan? :p), I thought I'd be swamped with work but turned out, there wasn't much to do la pulak. I managed to complete the 4 claims and also invitation letter as well as get back both my papers and go through Younes's paper. Then did a few fund transfers and finished off with the notes I wanna give to my students this Saturday (tetibe rase bangge ngan diri sendiri hahah.. buruk perangai!)

So now, I'm free.. and I wanna write about my 'children' (lagik?!?!) Actually wanted to write about them since Saturday tapi sebab tak larat kan.. iyer, sy tau, macam la orang nak bace sgt, tp blog sy, sy nye suke ahhh :p Besides, they make me smile :) :) :) (Especially SE ek? Hahah..)

Today would me the last day for my second-class cycle and I'm beginning to get comfy with my students. Kelas Form 5 biase la, most of them are students I've taught before so you can imagine la kan camne ngade nye diorang kengkadang tuh. But I enjoy teaching the upper secondary syllabus so I don't mind.

They suprised me though.. there's this group of students (Hazril, Nazreel and the gang) who took my class whom I suspected did so only because they thought I wasn't garang enough (Ayu tak garang?!?! Impossible hehe..) Last Saturday kan I was not well so my patience wasn't exactly on a good level that day and they were their usual noisy selves. I was just finding an excuse to snap, knowing that when they talk, konpem keje tak jalan. So I went at the very back towards them, being prepared to scold them when I noticed, THEY HAD FINISHED THE ASSIGNMENT.. or at least was doing them. Truth was, usually they don't do that.. thats why I suspected they took my class: because I don't scold them too much!

I was suprised.. and pleased! And realized, for that day, Cikgu Ayu sayang jugak la kat diorg haha.. Mampus klau diorg tau sy ckp camni as I usually tell them their cikgus don't sayang them sebab tu asyik sy je kene relief kelas diorg. Lupe jap I was sick that day :)

My Form 4 class pun same, mostly students I've taught before so seperti di atas, mereke juge agak ngade sambil menggunekan alasan ngade sbb dah tak jumpe cikgu Ayu setahun daaahhh.. (I taught them in Form 2) Haha, of course I enjoyed the class :)

My Form 2 class in Jawi are new faces as I've never taught them before, being given a break from Jawi last year, but they are sure chatty. And this is the first class where the front row is monopolized by boys haha.. Serious sy terkejut sebab usually kan girls yang duduk depan. Ni idak, satu row tu diorg aje hehe.. so sy sgt suke!

Form 2 class in Bagan Serai pulak mostly my old students. Cheeky bukan main, tak padan dah matured setahun! What made me laugh in my last class was when they 'bullied' Zaim a.k.a Penyu and I told them off. The next time they wanted to 'bully' him, sy jeling and trus je Izat ckp, "Takpa hang Penyu, mentang² la Cikgu Ayu sayang kat hang.." Haha, sejak bile pulak sy ade pet dlm kelas ni?!!?

Form 1 in Bagan Serai is a very small class, only 8 students. But there's this boy yang SGT kecik. I thought he was in standard 3 or something as assumed he was in the wrong class. Teacher Harjit told me he was very slow before but has improved a lot. Somehow, I like watching him concentrating on my questions hehe.. sangat kiut! He'll focus his eyes somewhere while you could almost see 'vapours' coming outta his head hehe.. He's still quite slow but he smiles so beautifully when he knows he's got the correct answer :) Hamizzat kot name dia.. Then there's this other boy who reminds me of Nadiah coz he looks like Nadiah's youngest brother :) And this girl, anak cikgu Rohaizat who sangat semangat buat keje. She doesn't mind doing mistakes and would do the corrections over and over again without complainning..

Form 1 in Jawi pulak, I have this pair of twins. I don't remember their names coz I keep calling them Upin and Ipin (suke hati je sy ni kan haha..) Kecik gak though beso skit compared to Hamizzat. And noisier (Hamizzat setakat ni sy tak penah dengar sore), like a bullet-train! I also had a girl, Naziha Suhaila, younger sister of Nazleen Syahira my ex-student a few years back.. pandai cam kakak dia but now she transferred to the centre at Pt Buntar (which is also my class haha..)

One thing that gave me a suprise about both these classes: One day, after class when the girls usually come to salam me, I was suprised to find Upin (mase ni Ipin lum masuk kelas ni lagi) also in line to salam me. Errkk, I didn't know how to react when I noticed all the boys in class were also ready to salam me tp sebab diorg budak², sy turutkan je wpun sedikit janggal sebab diorg siap cium tangan lagik.. alahaiii, nampak sangat budak²nye diorg ni! That was in Jawi, next class in Bagan Serai, the same thing also happened when Hamizzat came smiling while holding out his hand. Errk, sy rase kekok lagi haha.. tapi takpe kot kan, budak² :) Thought lawak jugak la bile the Indian boy in the class pun salam cium tangan gak hehe..

Form 1 in Pt Buntar tak macam tu, takde nye salam² cikgu except Naziha la, naturally. Tp diorg ni, trus mintak name penuh cikgu la, number phone cikgu laa, leh msg² kate nye.. adeh! Pulakkkkk hahah..

So there, my first entry about my students for the year 2009. Hmm, yup, I'm holding back on writing about my SE kan Baizurah :p Takmo la, nanti cam awak cakap, kene tindakan disiplin plak kang heheh..


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Activiti mase demam

Okay.. no matter how down with fever you are, its bored to just lie down.. tul tak?

I'd been lying down since morning and was kinda getting sick of doing nothing (says the Queen of Laziness haha..) There was nothing on TV (Iyer, sy tadek Astro :p) and since I'd already prepared me meal for the day, there was almost nothing to do..

Then I remembered something I've been putting on hold for a bit too long now.. tadaaa..

You see, dulu I used to be the kinda person who loves books so much, I wouldn't read them if I hadn't put the plastic covers on them first (I think it was kak Zarina's example that I followed ni.. she had loads of books dulu and I loved going to her home library when I was smaller). I still practised this, well err, 'practice' until a last year when I started to read them without covering the books with the protective plastic cover. I thought, as long as I don't lend them to people, it'll be okay..

But of course la, the procrastinator (ade ke perkataan ni?) in me mule la put off wrapping them and in the end, I only recently realized I had a whole load of books yang perlu di balut.. and FYI, these are the book I bought within 2008 je rasenye.

I thought 3 rolls of plastic would be enough.. and the end result (well, not actually end la, as you can see I haven't actually entirely completed the task yet here) is..

..with these remaining books still without their covers.

Sheesh! Cam tadek beze kannn?

Oh well! At least I'll have something else to do next time I'm down with a fever :p

Untuk Ana: Also did this last weekend and dah janji ngan Ana nak paste gambo kann :p

Musim demam..

Iyer.. macam ramai orang lain, sy pun demam..

Dari hari Sabtu dah.. dan w/pun terdapat kelibat SH sy di hari itu, sy masih demam. (Tp smlm pun ade kelibat dia jugak sbb dia tunggu kat bwh heheh.. chumel!!! <--Gatal balik!! Hilang jap demam sy smlm bile sembg ngan dia haha.. Ya Allah Ayu!! Insaf laaaa..)

Start hari Sabtu pagi and by Ahad petang tu sy tak tahan dah wpun malas nak gi klinik. bukan takut makan ubat tau.. tapi malas nak tunggu kat klinik tu. so sy pun gi 7-11 beli ape² yang patut.. Seperti di bawah

Dan jumlah harge yang sy bayo utk semua tu menghampiri RM50. Errkk, ubat beli kedai pun mahal ek? Paling mahal Bonjela kot, RM12.90.. kenape sy rase dulu Bonjela Rm7.00 lebey je ek? Tp sebab mulut sy ade ulcer jugak, sy beli la w/pun tak setuju ngan harge yang aunty tu buh kat situ (Bonjela tak beli kat 7-11 Taman Pekake, beli kat kedai ubat kat Nibong Tebal)

Ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak ade sentimental value utk sy (berangan jap..) w/pun sbnrnye sy rase takde la berkesan sgt kot.. cume dia sedap lagi dari ubat batuk lain yang sy penah rase.
Sy beli Vicks kecik sbb sy dulu sy beli yg beso and tak abis gune sampai dia expired. Pastu 2 bulan lepas mase sy batuk² and selesema, sy sapu la kat dada sy tapi mak aiiiiiiiiiiii.. bau dia dah sgt tak sedap dan baru sy pasan Vicks tu dah expired. Sy cube lap tapi masih berbau, so terpakse sy mandi sbb tetibe terbayang sy akan tenat akibat keracunan Vicks yg expired (Imagination sy memang mcm tu.. sorry!) so sy beli Vicks kecik, so tak rugi dah len kali (Vicks beso tu masih giler byk isi time tu..)

Pastu sy beli tatau ape name dia tp sy tau name glamer dia 'kokyok'. Sy belajar gune bende ni mase kat AlMashoor. Mase kecik sy tak paham camne plaster putih ni berfungsi utk sakit pale dan sakit belakang, sampai sy try mase kat AlMashoor.. Pastu sy suke pl;ak main mende alah ni dan oleh sebab kepale sy migraine balik mase sy demam, sy pun beli la mende alah ni jugak..

Sy tatau camne tin Nescafe tu leh termasuk dlm gambo (Oppss, kantoii!! Saya tak minum la Dr Ina, tetibe je dia termasuk dlm gambo ini.. :p) tp sesungguhnye Nescafe Latte pade hari itu sangaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatt pahit dan tak sedap dan tak menarik langsung.. dan sy harap itu akan put sy off Nescafe Latte dah pasni..

Kenape sy citer pasal ubat ye?

Air Cool Rhino tu ckp, "Boleh dicampur dengan air lain" :p <--Inside joke, Adi je paham

P/S 2
Ni pulak ubat sy untuk hari ni wpun sy tau sore sy masih rock

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fussy Wussy

Last Friday, I learnt something about myself..

I've always thought (and said on a LOT of occasions) that I'm not a fussy person. When it comes to the love of my life (haha..), I don't mind what kind of book it is. I DO have preferances but that doesn't stop me from reading every single book I get my hands on (except la academic books where bukan aje ade invisible line I draw there, tp jugak ade Tembok Beso China hehe..). Its VERY seldom that I don't finish a book even if I don't seem to like it.. and sangat jarang jugak for me to say a book is 'tak bes'!

The same goes for the food department where quite frankly I'd say, "Tak rugi klau belanje Ayu kat mane²" hehe.. I've never been fussy when it comes to food.. rasenye la! I can't remember tha last time I complained (except the time I tried making some lontong la.. but hey! I complained of my own cooking whaaattt :p) and whenever anyone wants to go try out new places, I'm usually game *hint²*

Even when getting ready to go anywhere (work, class, movies, shopping etc), most girls (that I know laa..) take forever to get ready. They need the perfect outfit with matching shoes, matching handbags, sometimes even changing to different purses (which I don't understand since the purse id hidden in your handbag je puuunn..), perfect watches and perfect make up. I'm always with my jeans and long-sleeved t-shirt combo.. and only wear blouse and slacks when going to work (but somedays ngelat jugak la pakai jeans and t-shirt haha..). I have 2 pairs of sandals (one in my car for emergencies, the other one which I always wear), 1 pair of heels for seldom occasions and a pair of mocassins for work (sbb abg Zul suh sy pakai kasut bile masuk lab haha..) Oh, almost forgot, I have a pair of sneakers yg dah setahun lebey tak pakai setelah give up on jogging :p

Oppss, lari tajuk.. nway, I also have this one pink bag I bought from the Body Shop (because it was pink) which I wear almost EVERYWHERE.. Work, class, going out.. and as for makeup, I put on a bit of lipgloss in the morning and klau ilang, ilang la.. no touching up for me, I don't really like the hassle and also because I think I'm just too lazy. But usually it ends up with me waiting for my friends to get ready la haha.. which is when my books come in handy *wink*

So thats why I don't think I'm fussy..

Remember in one of my previous entry I wrote about having to replace my watch? Well, its actually Mama's watch. I borrowed it during an exam when I was either in Form 2 or 3 and NEVER returned it (Bertuah punye anak!!) I DID try to buy a watch for myself, but somehow there was always something wrong with watches I chose so I settled into using Mama's dengan tanpe rase segan silu.. and I really love this watch!

Anyway, last week, it suddenly stopped and since it was due for a battery replacement anyway (as I assumed), me and Ad went to this watch shop in Jusco Perda for it. One look at my watch (Alba or something.. and mmg kedai apek tu tak jual pun brand tuh haha..) and the guy told me, "Aiyaaaaa, lu punye jam suda talak kluar kilang lagi laaa.. jam lama nii!" Sibuk je apek itu so I told him, "Sy sayang la jam ni, byk jase.." He tried to persuade me to look at new watches but I still told him, I only wanted a battery replacement.

While the guy was fiddling around with my watch, me and Ad went round the shop to look at their watches and mak aiii, mahal giler! All around Rm1000 haha.. Then the guy called me and told me the battery was okay, my (read: Mama's) watch wasn't. He even showed us the battery meter thingey to prove his point.. and of course la he asked me to look around. Tak mo ah, giler satu jam sibu lebey.. We just excused ourselves while I felt a bit sorry for myself of the 'lost' of this watch.

Still, about an hour or so later, the watch was okay.. for about half a day before it stopped completely!

Knowing I HAD to buy a new one (I'm those kinda people who NEED a watch on their hands.. I went the whole week with a 'dead' watch on my hand, much to the amusement of all my classes when they noticed my watch was always 3.15), I delayed the act as I still was willing for my watch to 'revive' itself haha.. kot la pakai lame nnt dia idup balik kannn.. silly Ayu!

But last Friday, I knew I just had to buy one as it was quite frustrating looking ta my wrist with the wrong time displayed there. Since I had to send Pojie to the airport, I had an excuse to go find a place where I could do my first watch purchase without Abah being the benefactor (Sigh! The perils of growing up, huh!)

I knew what I wanted. I wanted a watch with straps like Mama's watch (which I call jam mak² or jam org tua² :p). Camne nak ckp ahh.. straps that don't fall from your wrist.. adeh! I'm bad at describing them eh.. anyway, I also wanted a watch that showed the date..

..and I thought it would be easy!

There were only 4 watch shops there but I spent nearly 3 hours going to all shops again and again to see the watches. Most were the funky one, which sadly I don't like. Like I said, I liked the jam org tua² type haha.. but still, the Rm1000 over shop tu I tak masuk la.. takmo ah, sgt lari from my budget!

Of all 4 shops, I finally settled with two shops but still I had to go up and down (one was on the ground floor, the other on the first floor) comparing watches. I had a budget of a measly RM300 tops and found that these two shops had a bit of a variety on those kind of watches.. which made me smile! Cumenye, it was a bit outta my budget la..

Plus, there was a discount of 20% in the first shop and 15% in the second shop.. but I began to wonder, mmg always je buh discount ke ek.. to lure unsuspecting customers doing their first-time watch purchase? Coz though the 2nd shop displayed the 15% discount, the 1st shop didn't and only told me about it when I asked.

So I took another hour to compare the watches and terase sedikit kurus going here and there kan hahah.. perasan!

I kept asking questions about the watches I had narrowed down that I detected a hint of humour in the eyes of the sales guy in the 1st shop and sales girl in the 2nd shop. There came a moment when, I guess outta exasperation on seeing how fussy I was, the sales girl in the 2nd shop asked me, "Cik nak beli untuk hantaran ye?"

Ceh!! Can't a girl buy something nice for herself, just because she wants to?

Finally I decided on this watch that actually resembled Mama's watch haha.. I had a choice between two watches here. One was a silver one and the other was silver with gold lines.. actually, the gold tone was the ONLY differance between the two :D aside from the RM 23 haha..

In the end, though I had planned to buy something silvery (I had once seen someone wear a completely silver one and I liked it), I chose the 2nd watch (ade gak silver byk kaaaann :p). After discount, I had to pay RM400++ and was very satisfied..

It was then that I noticed, udah pukul 6.35pm and I had started my watch shopping at 3.35pm.. erk!!! Usually when shopping for clothes, I already know what to take and I just pick it from the rack, sometimes without even trying it on as I only buy from one or two familiar brands, and be off with it. I once did my shopping (3 very much needed blouse) in two hours that includes the one hour drive to and back.. which makes my shopping under 1 hour for 3 blouses.. but this is ridiculous!

Three hours for one watch!!!?!?!

Guess I'm not that unique after all..


After paying for the watch.. and going on and on to the salesperson about how I love my watch but its broken, he asked to recheck for me. I told him not to bother since I had seen the battery meter thingey but he insisted. Guess what? My watch was OK! Cehhh, mesti apek kedai 1st tu actually wanted me to buy a watch from him.. ampeh tul!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Ok whaaaatt~~

Ayu sedang sengih sensorang haha.. :p

And Baizurah, no matter what you say, I'll ignore you :p

..and I'm still sengih sensorang!! Heheh.. uhh, bahaye tullll... :D


Yesterday before going home, had a chat with Sharil. Dilayankan je Ayu yang sedang angau and bile dia malas nak layan keangauan Ayu, he asked 'bout my trifle pudding yang sy janji nak buat untuk students last week. Hehe.. actually sy sgt teruk. Student sy, Iqmal, tanye, "Cikgu tak pandai masak ke?" dan walaupun ayat itu benar, tetapi sy tak mau diorg ckp camtu so sy janji nak buat pudding paling simple and and konpem org suke untuk deme semue. Dan oleh kerane cume Sharil je gang trifle pudding sy, sy terpakse tanye stock jelly kat dia last week memandangkan kat Billion, Minat mahupun Econsave dan Yawata memasing mogok tamau jual jelly..

Oppss, lari topik!

Hahah, after he asked 'bout the trifle, I remembered the extra milk I had in my fridge and me not being a milk drinker, knew it'd go to waste but he gave me an idea. Mau plak sy masih sedang perak ngan oven sy kaaaann hehe..

When we were smaller, me and my siblings mmg ske main oven.. serius! This DOES NOT mean everything we did then menjadik, most of them were experimental-based that our family sportingly ate haha.. but one of our favourites was one of the simplest recipes available.. Bread and Butter pudding.. or in this case, Wholemeal Bread and Planta pudding :p

Cumenye, we didn't like the sweet variety one, with nutmegs and raisins la. Some might like it though, but we prefered a savoury touch to it so w/pun cadang nak sembang lame skit with Sharil, trus mntk diri nak balik coz in my head I started to remember those childhood memories and voila!

Haha.. ye la.. still not impressive, I know! Tapi ok whaaaaaaaattt.. at least I've 'rasmikan' the baking function of the oven :)

FYI, I only have this bowl at home that can be used for ovens. I know, this thing should be done in a shallow dish tp I ONLY have this Pyrex bowl jek yang telah dicilok dari umah beberape tahun dahulu.. dan ini juga akan dijadikan alasan kenape sy tak leh nak bake byk bende lagik :p
*Yeay.. ade alasan munasabah dah skrg!! :p*

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yet another indulgence *malu*.. and the start of a new 'tuition' year!

Actually, this is an entry I purposely delayed. After realizing that I've bought waaaaayy to much things for myself (which includes the practical change of tyres, tyre rims, timing belt, drive shaft, tuition books and Clinique thingeys.. as well as the impractical books, bag and bracelets), sy terase sedikit malu untuk mengaku tentang pembelian ini haha.. I bought it a few weeks ago after getting my 'duit kut' but kept it in its box until yesterday.

I wasn't feeling well so I stayed at home. Then during the afternoon, I was feeling a bit better but mule la bosan. Watched Night at The Museum for a while, and though I laughed out loud throughout the movie, when it was finished, I was back to being bored.

Then my eyes went to the unopened box containing my purchase.. What the heck! I'd better get over with it, huh?

Actually, I WAS excited to buy this thing finally, but somehow, towards the end of the year, I was feeling a bit down most of the time so when I bought it, I didn't feel as excited as I thought I would feel (Still, I HAD to buy it as the offer price - RM68 less than the usual price - was only until the end of the year!). In fact, it just felt like I was buying my usual groceries, instead of buying something I've really wanted for so long.

So yesterday, I half heartedly opend the box while clearing the kitchen worktop to find space for my purchase.. mase tu baru terase excited skit so I took out some marinated chicken I had in the fridge.. kenape ye? Hehe..

Jeng.. jeng.. THIS was my purchase, and tetibe rase excited plak hehe..

This plak was the first thing I did with it.

Haha, ye laaa.. I guess its not as impressive as if I had baked a cake or made some pizzas ke.. even doing some potato gratin pun would have been impressive for the first 'item' kan? But here it is, my very own oven.. yeay!

Hmm.. lets see IF I'll be using it again in the near future, huh haha.. (grilled some lamb chops this morning.. tp tu tak kire.. when I finally BAKE something, I'll share :p)

It the time of the year when my hands get all clammy, my feet gets cold and my heart beats so fast, I wish I could make it stop (Err, not stop entirely la kaaannn!)

Yup, its the first week of class.. and time to meet new students! I remember when Zarul, one of my students had told me he was a bit 'afraid' of the 1st-day class as he didn't know anyone. I told him, "Cikgu lagiiiiiiiiiiiiii takut.." Haha.. though I'm not sure if other teachers are like me..

I've got 7 first-classes.. and have managed to survive 4 of them. The first being my Form 1 class in Bagan Serai. The next two was my Form 5 class in Jawi on Saturday afternoon and my Form 2 class in Bagan Serai that night, while I 'braced' my forth class last night at Jawi, Maths for Form 1. And for all those classes, I was the one MORE afraid of my students than they were of me haha..

Would they like me?

Would they see me as a teacher.. as I'm mostly shorter than them..

Would they like me?

Would they like the way I teach?

Would they like me?

Would I even manage to teach them ANYTHING?

Would they like me?

Would I be able to make a differance to them?

Would they like me?

Arrrggghhh.. tak suke!! Haha.. tonight would be my fifth first-class with my Form 2 students in Jawi. Then tomorrow would be my sixth first class with Form 1 in Parit Buntar and finally on Thursday would be my final first class with Form 4 in Jawi.. then the second-class cycle would start, which woun't be as frightening as the first-class cycle, but still intimidating :p and knowing me, this would go on for a month until I'm really comfortable with them..

So.. wish me luck, friends! I'm gonna need lots and lots of them!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Saye suke Kelly Clarkson..

Hmm.. entri ke tige untuk hari ni saje. Ape kene ye ngan Ayu arini?

Huhu, tp kan, saya rase entry ni tak kire, sbb entry ni sy nak paste lirik lagu sahaje :p

Dan kenape ade entry BM lagi ye? Hehe, sbb sy suke bile Cempaka Biru kate entry BM sy yang lepas akan membanggekan Cikgu Nasar (Hahaha.. In your dreams!!! Sy tau, Cikgu Nasar seboleh²nye mahu melupekan detik² hitam semase dia mengambil alih kelas sy untuk pengajaran BM merangkap guru kelas kami di tingkatan lime. Tp percaye lah, kami ni baik je.. dia je ade problem ngan kami hehe.. Betul tak Ami n Misa? Especially selepas Isyam dengan berjayenye membuat kami gelak ngan soklan, "Cikgu, burung pemakan bangkai ni burung nasar kan?" semase kami membuat teke silangkate Dewan Siswa satu zaman dahulu. Hehe, sampai skrg sy gelak bile teringt peristiwe itu dan sy tak leh lupe muke Cikgu Nasar diwaktu itu.. Oppss, harapnye dia tak jumpe blog sy ini!)

Anyway.. opsss, walau bagaimanapun, sy sgt suke lagu ni. Sy pun tatau nape padehal takde pun kene ngene ngan sy tp semase Leong ngan tetibe telah mem'burn' CD Breakaway untuk sy beberape tahun dulu, sy trus jatuh chenta dengan lagu ini wpun mungkin orang kate lagu ni mcm cik Kelly 'trying too hard' skit.. tp sy suke jugak :p

Pastu smlm mase sy tengah teringt lagu ni, student sy dengan baik atinye telah bg MP3 lagu ni kat sy so sy sgt suke :)

Gone - Kelly Clarkson

What you see's not what you get
With you there's just no measurement
No way to tell what's real from what isn't there

Your eyes they sparkle
That's all changed into lies that drop like acid rain
You washed away the best of me
You don't care

You know you did it
I'm gone
To find someone to live for
In this world
There's no light at the end of the tunnel tonight
Just a bridge that I gotta burn
You were wrong
If you think you can walk right through my door
That is just so you
Coming back when I've finally moved on
I'm already gone

Sometimes shattered
Never open
Nothing matters
When you're broken
That was me whenever
I was with.. you

Always ending
Always over
Back and forth, up and down like a rollercoaster
I am breaking
That habit

You know you did it
I'm gone
To find someone to live for
In this world
There's no light at the end of the tunnel tonight
Just a bridge that I gotta burn
You were wrong
If you think you can walk right through my door
That is just so you
Coming back when I've finally moved on
I'm already gone

There is nothing you can say
Sorry doesn't cut it, babe
Take the hit and walk away
'Cause I'm gone
Doesn't matter what you do
It's what you did that's hurting you
All I needed was the truth
Now I'm gone

What you see's not what you get
What you see's not what you get

You know you did it
I'm gone
To find someone to live for
In this world
There's no light at the end of the tunnel tonight
Just a bridge that I gotta burn
You were wrong
If you think you can walk right through my door
That is just so you
Coming back when I've finally moved on
I'm already gone

I'm already gone
Oh, I'm already gone, gone, gone, gone
Already gone
I'm gone

..lupe lak!

Semalam sy kate: No more indulging..

Tapi sy lupe pulak nak cerite.. Ni pun nasib baik Ayeen msg kak Yong dia meremindkan sesuatu yang kak Yong dia telah lupe!

Hehe.. sebenarnye kan..

Sy kann..

Tengah kaaann..

Tunggu kaaann..

Buku Twilight yang Ayeen dah belikan untuk sy hehe.. Kalau tak silap sy, ade 2 buku kot dlm set tu (betol ke ye Ayeen, kak Yong dah lupe ahhh!)

Make dengan ini sy mengisytiharkan: Sebenarnye 2 minggu ni je dah 11 buku la sy beli ek.. Huhu..

*lari cari gue nak nyorok*

Sape mahu soft copy keempat² buku dlm series Twilight tu? Ami bg kat sy tapi sy kan tak suke bace bende yang sy tak leh pegang so sy simpan je dlm pc..

Sape jugak mahu buku yang paling baru, Midnite Sun? Angkat tangaaann!! Hehe, sebab Ayeen bg kat sy aritu.. tp partial draft je la.. Twilight dari perspective Edward plak :)

Ape sy jumpe di Friendster

Dulu bile sumer org bukak MySpace, sy pun bukak MySpace. Pastu bile diorg try Hi5, sy try Hi5 jugak. Pastu bile sumer org bukak Friendster, sy pun sibuk nak bukak Friendster.. dan kini bile sumer orang sibuk berFacebook, di situ lah sy :)

Tapi student sy ramai gune Friendster. Dan oleh kerane sy cume bukak FS bile ade 'friend request' atau 'comment' shj, sy mendapati skrg sy selalu bukak balik FS sejak² student sy jumpe FS sy.. adeh! Terre beno korang nihh..

Tadi sy bosan, cari surat penting yg sy tatau sy letak mane.. Sy tak rase cam tua tp nape sy cam nyanyuk ye skrg? Pastu bile sy frust tak jumpe surat, sy bukak la email. Sy tgk ade comment dr student sy kat FS sy so sy bukak la page diorg. Pastu sy perasan ade gambo yang familiar kat FS 2 org student sy.. tau gambo ape?

Ni yang petame.. sedikit blur, tp sy kenal sgt org baju ijau tu.. dan sy kenal sangat la bilik tu. Dan sy ingt sgt la hari gambo ini diambil w/pun sy tak pasan pun ade activity snap gambo di mase tersebut.

Ni yang kedua.. konpem trus la sy kenal org baju biru tu..

Diorg ni, takde keje ke buh gambo cikgu diorg dlm FS diorg. Kot ye pun, bgtau la kat sy awal² kaaan, leh sy buat muke comey ke? Hehe..

*Sebenarnye cikgu diorg suke hahahah.. tak sangke diorg sayang cikgu diorg ni jugak :p Tp cikgu diorg ni tetap rase cam patut diberitahu awal² supaye lawo skit gambo cikgu diorg dlm FS diorg, ye dak?*

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Whats in my mail?!

(Ayu ni.. kate bz, tp nape cam byk update skrg?!!?)

Anyway, had a so-and-so week. Ok in some parts, but thumbs down in some departments.. but I'll live hehe..

Wanted to share some things I got in the mail recently. First and foremost is, of course, the books I've been waiting for. Please note (again), I only used my phone camera. My digicam still mogok and already thinking of buying a new one (that was before I realized I MIGHT have to buy a new wrist watch. Mama's watch which I've 'borrowed' for 13 years now suda uzur hehe.. wanted to change the battery yesterday but turned out the battery was still okay! Adehh! Melayang la beratus lagik duit pasni.. uwaaa!)

Now where were we? Haaa.. my books lagik (Oppss, forgot to update, I already bought Dorothy Koomson's My Best Friend's Girl @ Popular yesterday.. Ad suda gelak tengok sy membeli buku itu tapi sy buat muke seposen je :p) So here are the three books (which makes it 9 books this month aje)..

Travelling Pants tu Baizurah was the one who introduced it to me. Memang la, its a teenage novel, tp sy punye suke la? Have a problem with that?!?! Heheh.. Ayu cube jadik gangster :p Ayat² Cinta tu memang dah lame nak beli after Bart bought it the other day and also cause Salimin told me the book was better than the movie (Yup! To those who remember, I DO have the soft copy of the book in my PC but to those who know me, mesti tau yang sy tak suke bace bende yang sy tak boleh pegang :p) Freedomland tu plak Wanie promoted to me, the Books Galore girl. I like her taste in books so I trust her judgement and so far, I'm never disappointed :)

Second thing is a bag. Hahah.. iyer, sy tau, walaupun some people kate sy ni girly, tp sape yg kenal sy tau sy sgt tak suke gune handbag. I usually use my slingbag, even when its formal. Except for kenduri's je I whip out the handbag Asyraf (bless his dear heart mem'perempuan' kan Ayu haha..) sent me for my birthday. So I was more suprised than others when I decided to buy this bag.

Actually, I like it coz it looks small, tapi sebenarnye banyak harte karun boleh sy sembunyik kan di sini.. so I likey hehe.. bleh bawak gi tuition and sumbat my purse (Adi and Ana's birthday present pulak), my pencil box with 1001 unused pens, my bulky calculator, my girly pouch for girly things (birthday present jugak.. from kak Shima, kak Kathy, kak Zura and kak Yun), my spectacles case, my shot of Nescafe Latte, my VS body mist (nape tah bawak haha..).. and I like it because it has pink trimmings haha.. selalu je sy takmo ngaku sy suke kaler girly sebegini dan lebih suke kaler biru tp keychain kereta sy dan phone sy pun kaler pink, lagi tak mo ngaku kaaa Ayu?!?!

And the third thing is some bracelets I got on EBay (Sile salahkan Adi dan Ana yang menyebabkan sy terjerumus di lembah EBay :p)

Actually, the one on the left tu I bought from kak Zai, not EBay. Batu dia cantik tapi kamera sy ini tidak dapat meng'capture' it *sigh* The other four from EBay la, though :). The fourth one tu maybe sedikit melebey haha.. haven't worn it yet as I feel a bit 'mak datin'ish with it! Camne la leh terbeli haha.. but I love the othe three. The last one on the right is my favourite. In the picture on EBay, takde la nampak cantik sangat, but when I got it, I think I like it the best. That night itself dah trus pakai when I went out for the movies :)

Hmm.. tu je la kot nak share! Hahah.. Ceh Ayu ni, macam bagus! :p

But to my friends: Please remind me, NO MORE indulging again!

Friday, January 02, 2009

New Years Resolution

Boring! Yesterday I went home at 2am after finishing the paper. Then this morning dengan semangat tahun baru came to hand in my paper.. but Leong was on leave.. erk, aiyak!

Mule la bosan.. and went blog hopping! And I noticed, since it was the new year, people mostly write about the past year or their resolutions. Un's blog did a history of a few years back till now while Watie and Lie's blog 'concluded' their 2008 by month. Looked like a good idea then so..


Hmm lagik..
Haaa.. did a suprise for Adi and Ana by sending cupcakes to them on Valentines. Funnily, Ayu yang lagi excited dari diorg hape heheh.. Seriously, trying to make people happy actually makes you 10 times more happy than they are :)

Had a great birthday.. thanx to Puga (main organizer) and the gang in the postgrad room. Love you guys to bits.. muahhhhhsss!!


Hmm lagik..

Hmm balik..

Ran outta 'hmm's

Haaaaa! Registered for my PhD :)

Back to 'hmmm's

Chup²! A student's mum called me just to thank me and told me how I made a differance to her daughter *smiles*

Met the 'class from hell' <--Cikgu Ayu jahat!

Fell in love with my other class :) :) :)
Saw my money 'flowing' with the tyres, tyre rims, timing belt and drive shaft replacements.. kene blaja lagik pasal kete ni!

It doesn't seem like a good idea anymore haha.. Now I feel like an old granmama.. A SENILE one too!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

My six-week teacher fix :p

Yer.. yer.. saya tahu. Sepatutnye saya abiskan paper saya untuk ditunjuk pade Leong esok (kenape saya rase macam pelik je ayat ni?) dan selepas entry sebentar tadi, saya sebenarnye bercadang untuk menyambung penulisan paper saya tp kenape saya masih rase malas?

Kamon la Ayu, sudah new year.. bukankah awak patut berpusing pade daun yang baru (turn over a new leaf.. atau adekah patut saya menukar 'daun' kepade 'lebaran' atau 'helaian'?)?

Baiklah, saya bagi awak satu peluang lagi untuk malas (Ni sape dok ckp ngan sape ni?)

Saya nak cakap pasal student saya. Enam minggu ini, saya rase sangat sayang pade kelas saya. Memang ade beberape student yang saya tak suke, especially yang buat lawak lucah bg cikgu dia blushing tp depe sikit pun tak merah muke.. sungguh bengong mereke itu!

Saya ade due kelas. Satu di PB satu di J (Elehhh, macam le org tatau hurup² itu untuk district mane kan? :p). Kelas sebenar saya di PB. Terdapat 40 orang pelajar di sane dan sebenarnye saya sangat takut dengan kelas yang besar. Saya lebih suke kelas yang kecil, tapi sbb saya bukan boss di tempat tuition itu, saya tidak dapat menghalau student² yang saya tidak suke. Klau ikutkan hati saya..

Saya juge kurang suke (Cikgu apekah saya ini ye? Sesuke hati takmo suke kat student.. buruk perangai!) kerane ade beberape student di sane yang menakutkan saya dari pelbagai sudut yang tidak mahu saya bincangkan di sini kerana tidak mahu memakan kembali perkataan² saya selepas ini.

Tapi itu tak bermakne semua nye begitu :) Di sane, antarenye, ade Izzati dan Hidayah yang pendiam, Hani yang pandai dan suke senyum, Shabilla yang suke jerit bile cikgu Ayu nak tickle dia, Wahida yang sweet, Amira yang suke mekap dan Zu yg selalu tanye soklan yang berakhir dengan"..cikgu jgn cubit sy!" Di sane ade Reza yang suke gigit jari bile jawab soklan, Farid yang suke tulis mcm² kat jawapan dia untuk bg cikgu dia gelak, Amiruddin dan Edham yang ceria, Ammar yang pemalu, Fazli yang suke kate cikgu comel tp bile cikgu kate dia comel, dia malu haha.. Hakim yang jugak adik Naim (junior saya di USM), Ikrimah adik Mustafa, bekas student saya 5 tahun lalu, Ridzuan yang suke berlakon (bile bukan dpn 'kwn²' dia yang perasan cool, baru dia tanye saya mcm² soklan) dan ramai lagi student yang saya suke jumpe. Tapi tak boleh nak tulis sumer kat sini, nanti nmpk sgt plak yang mane saya suke yang mane sy tak suke so name yang takde itu adelah campuran name student lain, dan bukan hanye student yang menakutkan saya :)

Kelas 'bukan sebenar' saya pule di J. Sepatutnye ini kelas Cikgu W tp Cikgu W telah dpt promotion dan terpakse meninggalkan kelas. Student² di sini pule ingin membuli saya sbb saya selalu kate pade mereke, "Cikgu korg tak sayang korg, sbb tu dia tinggalkan je korg.." Mereka selalu kate, "Mesti cikgu sayang kat kami kan.. sbb tu sanggup je nak ganti.." Chaitttt!

Lalu mereke meminte pade boss saya untuk saya mengajar mereke. Sebab itu saya terpakse mengajar mereke dengan hati yang pade mulenye sangat berat, tapi selepas itu, kelas inilah yang paling saya look forward to :)

Kelas ini tidak pandai membuat lawak lucah untuk memalukan cikgu. Sebaliknye, lawak paling teruk mereke ialah mengate cikgu pendek! Itupun setelah saya TERsebut mengenai kekurangan ketinggian saya ini dan mereke menganggap itu lampu ijau untuk mengate saya haha..

Kelas ini tidak ramai seperti di PB tp masih menakutkan saya kerana jumlah mereke masih sgt lebih dari 20 orang. Tapi lame² saya tak takut lagi.. dan saya sangaaaaaaaaaaat sayang kelas ini :)

Di sini terdapat Fatin Amira yang suke belajar, Hidayah dari Maktab Mahmud (saya rase malu ngan dia. Adekah sy produk gagal sekolah AlMashoor?), Mahfuzah dan Hawa yang suke tanye, "Hari ni cikgu pakai gelang ape pulak?" (dan mereke juge telah meminjam buku² Harry Potter saya), Hawa 2 yang suke gune ejaan pelik² (Iyer, saya dah tua dan tak paham ejaan budak² mase kini!), Liana dan Atiqah yang pandai wpun sorg pendiam dan sorg bising (Liana penah dpt hadiah dari sy sebab dia jawab quiz dgn cepat dan betul), Zarul yang suke terkejut bile cikgu dia kuatkan sore, Syafiq yang suke pekene cikgu dia, Haziman bakal 'anak sedare' Yun :p, Shafie yang handsome (opsss..) dan pandai.. Hazril, Hafidzul dan Nazreel yang suke curi jawapan Shafie, Hafizuddin yang sgt sy suke sbb dia sangat rajin tanye soalan w/pun dia pemalu.. dan ramai lagi.

Oh ye, ade juge Idham yang mengangkat tangan menunjukkan victory di kelas semalam bile berjaye jawab soklan saya dengan pantas mengalahkan Shafie dan 'memenangi' trifle pudding yang lebih. Saya masih boleh bayang muke dia di saat itu hehe.. Paling saya tak tahan bile dia pindah tempat duduk untuk jawab soklan terakhir saya itu, macam nak konsentret je gaye dia itu hehe..

Di J ini juge terdapat kelas form 2 dan form 3 yang saya sering ganti. Form 2 bes, sebab kelas dia kecil sahaje. 12 orang tp sy tak ingat name mereke, maaf. Kerane mereke kecil, saya suke lagakan lelaki dan perempuan bile memberikan soalan kepade mereke dan mereka akan 'bertanding' siape lagi pandai hehe.. senang kerje saya! :p Tetapi kerane mereke kecil, mereke suke melambai² kepade saya bile saya balik huhu.. saya pun rase macam budak² bile saya lambai² balik dengan tahap excited yang same dengan diorg!

Kelas form 3 pule dalam 20 lebih student. Di sini terdapat adik Shafie, adik Mahfuzah dan adik Yusliana so saya suke mengenekan mereke. Tapi ade ke patut, mereke panggil saya 'Cikgu Mesra'? Ingat saya ni kedai Petronas ke? Tp mereka la yang bg saya rase kembang bile mereke beritahu saya mereke nak pindah ke sekolah saya supaye boleh belajar ngan saya hari² (w/pun penat saya bgtau mereke, saya bukan cikgu).. dan saki-baki perasaan kembang itu masih ade lagi hari ni (patut la jeans saya rase ketat skit hari ni :p)

So itu lah ringkasan (mcm panjang je untuk dilabel sebagai ringkasan) cerite program cuti sekolah saya tahun ni :)

Utk Ana: Ok tak entry BM sy? Hehe..
Utk Misa: Seperti dijanjikan, entry BM. Leh banggekan cikgu Nasar tak? Hahaha..

"Haha" moments for me

Yesterday, in the middle of the night (I'm suspecting she was on call during that time), As had sent me a new year's sms.

"There comes a point in your life when you realize who matters, who never did, who won't anymore.. and who always will. So don't worry about people from your past. There's a reason they didn't make it to your future.."

Ade la other parts of the message yang kurang penting yg sudah omitted. When I received that message, I was half asleep so I just read through it, didn't even realize it was from As. But then last night, after coming home from the movies with a friend, I sat on my bed replying an sms from my student when I remembered As's sms.

Reading it again, I went, "Whoaaa, thats deep.."

And for a while, it got me thinking. Made me smile a bit, even made me blink back a few tears when some memories just washed over me, staggering me a bit. Faces from the past then came rushing through me: some as vivid as they were sitting right on the bed with me, others like the passing of a fog.

I realized, everyone who had made their way in my life, no matter how long, left an impact in me. Made me a better person, taught me so many of life's lessons. Helped me when I couldn't stand, trusted me when I thought I was useless, shared their happiness and sorrow, held my hand when things seemed so bleak, cried with joy whenever I was happy.. and I realized, no matter what I felt about them at one time or another in certain points of my life, I love them!

So I replied to As, a token of appreciation for reminding me about this: "As, happy new year jugak utk awk :) 29 dah kite tahun ni As. 16 tahun dah sy kenal awk.. Thx ye jadi kawan sy! :) Rindu la kat korg sumer :("

Feeling happy about myself, knowing she'd understand, I was about swing my phone shut when an sms came in..

From As: "Awat hang sentimental sangat ni, Ayu? Thanx jugak sebab hang selalu ingat kat aku.. Happy new year tau :) "

Notice which part of the reply was the one I noticed? Cehh.. ditanye plak 'awat Ayu sentimental?'.. ciss..

And though she replied again after that saying, "Jangan la sentimental, aku sebenarnye sebak ni tadi.." bubble had been burst! Huh! Nyampah ngan As ni :p


Just got an sms from Hamdi, my student in Pt Buntar a.k.a Zul's (my colleague.. btw, happy birthday to Zul n wife. Lucky him, they share the same birthday!) nephew. He told me, "Rindu la nak gi tuition. Duk rumah ngantuk.. klau tuition tak ngantuk sbb dok dengar org jerit²!"

Ayu konpius, but felt something familiar here.. just couldn't put my finger on it.

When I asked him, he replied: "Klau tak skrg ni cikgu mesti tengah jerit² atau tengah bg cake atau nyorok belakang pintu atau tengah minum Nescafe.. atau ape² lagi laaa.."

He even once asked me when I told him I was doing my PhD mainly coz I couldn't find a job, "Kenape cikgu tak jadi askar?" Konpius lagik.. until he said, "Cikgu nye sore kan kuat haha.."

Aik.. hahah.. sejak bile I have a reputation of screaming/screeching/whatever else yang berkaitan?

Then I remembered, Zarul (another student) calls me a 'skuad leader' while this group of students who were talking at the back while I was teaching last year once said, "Cikgu, cikgu jangan la jerit kuat sangat. Kitorang janji, tak sembang dah pasni.. asalkan cikgu tak kuat sangat cam tadi.."

Erkk.. looks like another item on my new years resolution list: Pelan kan volume hehe..


Another item: brush up on my loghat Penang!

I thought I was doing well. But a few days ago while going out with Bart, we had gone to McDs and I was eating the prosperity burger. After finishing up the burger, my hands were smeared with the black pepper sauce so I went to wash my hands before finishing up the fries.

Bart: Ayu, awat basuh tangan? Kan nak makan lagi..
Ayu: Ni haa, tangan saya tadi.. ape ni.. haaa, berselemuih!
Bart: *gelak terkekek² sambil pegang perut*

Ayu ngange jap..

Ayu: Bart, saya still salah sebut ek perkataan tu?
Bart:*lum abis gelak*