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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Whats in my mail?!

(Ayu ni.. kate bz, tp nape cam byk update skrg?!!?)

Anyway, had a so-and-so week. Ok in some parts, but thumbs down in some departments.. but I'll live hehe..

Wanted to share some things I got in the mail recently. First and foremost is, of course, the books I've been waiting for. Please note (again), I only used my phone camera. My digicam still mogok and already thinking of buying a new one (that was before I realized I MIGHT have to buy a new wrist watch. Mama's watch which I've 'borrowed' for 13 years now suda uzur hehe.. wanted to change the battery yesterday but turned out the battery was still okay! Adehh! Melayang la beratus lagik duit pasni.. uwaaa!)

Now where were we? Haaa.. my books lagik (Oppss, forgot to update, I already bought Dorothy Koomson's My Best Friend's Girl @ Popular yesterday.. Ad suda gelak tengok sy membeli buku itu tapi sy buat muke seposen je :p) So here are the three books (which makes it 9 books this month aje)..

Travelling Pants tu Baizurah was the one who introduced it to me. Memang la, its a teenage novel, tp sy punye suke la? Have a problem with that?!?! Heheh.. Ayu cube jadik gangster :p Ayat² Cinta tu memang dah lame nak beli after Bart bought it the other day and also cause Salimin told me the book was better than the movie (Yup! To those who remember, I DO have the soft copy of the book in my PC but to those who know me, mesti tau yang sy tak suke bace bende yang sy tak boleh pegang :p) Freedomland tu plak Wanie promoted to me, the Books Galore girl. I like her taste in books so I trust her judgement and so far, I'm never disappointed :)

Second thing is a bag. Hahah.. iyer, sy tau, walaupun some people kate sy ni girly, tp sape yg kenal sy tau sy sgt tak suke gune handbag. I usually use my slingbag, even when its formal. Except for kenduri's je I whip out the handbag Asyraf (bless his dear heart mem'perempuan' kan Ayu haha..) sent me for my birthday. So I was more suprised than others when I decided to buy this bag.

Actually, I like it coz it looks small, tapi sebenarnye banyak harte karun boleh sy sembunyik kan di sini.. so I likey hehe.. bleh bawak gi tuition and sumbat my purse (Adi and Ana's birthday present pulak), my pencil box with 1001 unused pens, my bulky calculator, my girly pouch for girly things (birthday present jugak.. from kak Shima, kak Kathy, kak Zura and kak Yun), my spectacles case, my shot of Nescafe Latte, my VS body mist (nape tah bawak haha..).. and I like it because it has pink trimmings haha.. selalu je sy takmo ngaku sy suke kaler girly sebegini dan lebih suke kaler biru tp keychain kereta sy dan phone sy pun kaler pink, lagi tak mo ngaku kaaa Ayu?!?!

And the third thing is some bracelets I got on EBay (Sile salahkan Adi dan Ana yang menyebabkan sy terjerumus di lembah EBay :p)

Actually, the one on the left tu I bought from kak Zai, not EBay. Batu dia cantik tapi kamera sy ini tidak dapat meng'capture' it *sigh* The other four from EBay la, though :). The fourth one tu maybe sedikit melebey haha.. haven't worn it yet as I feel a bit 'mak datin'ish with it! Camne la leh terbeli haha.. but I love the othe three. The last one on the right is my favourite. In the picture on EBay, takde la nampak cantik sangat, but when I got it, I think I like it the best. That night itself dah trus pakai when I went out for the movies :)

Hmm.. tu je la kot nak share! Hahah.. Ceh Ayu ni, macam bagus! :p

But to my friends: Please remind me, NO MORE indulging again!

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