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Monday, January 19, 2009

Congrats kak Wahid

Tetibe baru terpk, I've know kak Wahid for almost 10 years now!


I got to know her when we were in the same group for Geomatics, and have been friends eversince. She's a bookworm too.. and she's the one who taught me to switch from Hitz.FM to MixFM when we were in our 2nd year hehe..

I know her parents and sy sangat tak malu when going to her house requesting her mother to make this and that haha.. tp seriously, mak dia pandai masak oooo.. no wonder Izati, during raya a few months back asked me, "Bleh tak nak pegi umah kawan kak Yong yang mak dia masak sedap tu?" Hehe..

I've so many memories with her, what with me and her sharing almost all our classes and always going there together. She's the president of our ****** 'club' during final year (haha..), my library buddy where we'd be among the earliest to go there during final minute studying, my cycling buddy along with Arif sampai the pak guard pun kenal the three of us and would ask whenever they see only two instead of three 'cyclists'.

Kitorang penah tinggalkan basikal at Toroque's house coz, while savouring our favourite Char Koay Teow in Taman Pekaka, a rainstorm suddenly appeared making us almost stranded klau bukan sebab Jida became the hero of the day when she coincidently came to Taman Pekaka in her car.. yeay! then it took almost a week for us to go get our bikes balik sebab kitorg sangat lah malas nak jalan kaki ke umah Toroque to get the bikes. Even when Cik Wa offered to drive there pun kitorg malas hehe..

She was also the one who shook me awake when I, for the first time ever (Hey, dulu sy selalu bgn AWAL tau!!) woke up late for a test at 8am.. and I woke up at 7.50! She was waiting for me in her room and deciding something was wrong, she came to my room to see me still in my blanket. She could've gone to class first, considering we had a test and I was making her late.. but she didn't! She waited while I rushed to the showers and got ready.. and the both of us were 15 minutes late for Dr Farhan's 1-hour test. But then again, both of us managed to finish the test in half an hour.. AND were amongst the top scorers for that test.. yeay!

We also had an episode during one weekend when, while hanging out in her room, Ika and Maya (both her roomates) suddenly had this sudden urge to ditch our books and go somewhere that required the usange of the PLUS highway.. well, we didn't exactly go far pun but when they heard that I'd never been to Carrefour, that was reason enough for all of us to go out. Unluckily for us, the car we rented had a faulty fuel gauge and our car STOPPED RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A SIGNALIZED INTERSECTION! Memalukan.. but what I would never forget is kak Wahid's idea to hide inside the car hoping people won't notice there was anyone in the car hahah.. gila apa! Sah² la kitorg ade dlm kete tu kan, takkan hantu kot bwk kete tu but when I remember her face when she said that, I can't help but laugh :)

Seriously, the times I had with her that would make me laugh is countless..

But she was also there when I was sad. I still keep the card she sent me almost 5 years ago when someone broke my heart (make that more than 1 person if counting what happened after Abah married again).. and I'm still soothed by the words in there whenever I'm in danger of being lost in those memories.

Last Saturday was her day though :) And I'm happy for her. She's finally a MRS and I'm glad I was there. She's the only child and since I'm what she sometimes calls, her 'adik', I guess there was no question on whether I should be there or not.

I went there after Subuh prayers, going outta my house at 6.45am and arriving around 7.30am. Saki-baki idup kak Wahid as a Miss hehe.. waited for the aunt so we could go to the bridal for her make up (and she lost her IC for a while here hehe.. time nak IC sgt laaaaaaa dia bleh ilang!). So here's her..

Then we went to the mosque at Kg Makam(?) for her solemnization. I've been to a lot of these (ye laaa, my friends kan ALL married.. sy je tertinggal ketapi heheh..) but this is the first time I felt a mixture of happiness for her as well as feeling a bit sad, knowing I have to 'share' her after this. No more going to her house at odd hours, or suprising her that I'm in Penang for lunch (as if la byk kali sgt buat camtu kaaaannn.. :p)

After the ceremony, went back to her house for pictures and while I was smiling at the back (of course la her extended family ade kat depan tu kan), I was called to be the 'pengapit'..



Errkk, I wasn't ready to be anything than her friend on that day.. though suprisingly, the baju I wore was the exact colour of her hantaran.. but I swear, I didn't know!

Was pretending on not hearing them calling me but Fisya called to me jugak. Lupe plak nak citer, the photographers for her wedding were both Fisya and Apit, themselves newlyweds jugak! When I heard kak Wahid talking to 'Nur' on the phone and after she told me this 'Nur' was a staff at EE, I imediately texted Fisya to confirm it was her. So w/pun agak happy sebab ade gak org sy kenal dlm majlis tu nanti, sedikit nasib tak baik la kan sbb photographer kenal and bile family kak Wahid suh tolong jadi the bidan terjun pengapit, ngan Fisya sekali la suruh.. adeh!

And there I was, the red-faced one while the actual bride and bridesgroom relax je amik gambo hahah..

By 1 o'clock, I had to go back as I had my favourite class in Jawi that 2.15pm. After taking some pictures with kak Wahid, while being laughed at by the on-lookers on seeing how much I was hiding from the camera (Adeh! Apit kate, "Camne kak Ayu nak kawen ni nanti klau asyik lari dari kamera?"), I bid goodbye to my dear friend.. oppss, that was AFTER kak Wahid's mum tapau'ed for me her famous salad kuah kacang.. yummy! Like I said, sy mmg tak malu bile gi umah kak Wahid hehe..

Anyway, congrats to kak Wahid! May you find happiness in all the steps you take in your new life and may I get an anak sedare from you ASAP :D

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