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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saya sedang marah!!

Bongok giler!

Bangang nak mampus!!

Seriously.. what the hell are you talking about?!!?

Mangkuk ayun!!! Silap².. mangkuk tandas yang tak flush bertahun!!!

..(Okay, thats about all swear words I know huhu.. so orang lain, sile isi your own favourite swear words here!)

Eee, geram tul! I always didn't mind HIM sgt coz he was always friendly (or pretentious, as most of the people here would describe him haha..) But I can't accept this!!!

Okay, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I should have put down the 'sign' I put out of my cube a few months ago.. but hello! Its the ONLY thing I could do to prevent the coffee-splattering-my-cube incident. Besides, I specified that only MY CUBE is off limits to those who wanna drink.. pi la cube sendiri, bongok!

Okay.. try take a look here.. do you think its offensive ke? Maybe sy yang bute, tak paham sgt ettique.. but this sign is only @ MY CUBE, bukan nye sy tampal kat cube org lain. And I only tampal AFTER some jerk curah some coffee/tea around my cube, rosakkan my notes and birthday cards yg sy tampal kat cube.. please tell me? Salah ke sy?

Tu sy nye okay lagi.. yang the assumed same jerk TUANG the drink ON IZ's PC AND PRINTER TU PE HAL?!?! Buatnye kawan tu bukak pc dia ke, meletup ke ape ke.. Pastu nak kate, what I'm doing ni shows that Malaysians suke cari gaduh.. sambil quote about the Sabir Bangang case (yg dia ni memang cari gaduh ngan sumer org.. trust me! Dari dia MSc lagi, bukan main lagi dia nyusahkan kitorg.. and I can swear, selame ni kitorg senyap je ape dia buat! Marah dlm diam je!!) and Umar the S***** Harraser (huhu, cam ejaan yg salah je hahaha..) yang sebut kat my friend, "I feel like I wanna rape you!!!".. AND DIA NAK SAMEKAN KITORG NGAN KAMBING² NI?!?!? Nak samekan sy ngan bongok² ni.. Ya Allah, marahnye!!!

Yes, I'm naming names now.. and I DON'T CARE!

Actually, I was thinking of taking down the sign.. tp pas HE came here saying all those things, TO HELL LA WITH YOU!!! Takdenye sy nak bukak.. I still think I'm not doing anything wrong, and I'm damn sure those words aren't offesnive langsung.. except utk sape yg makan cili and mmg suke kotorkan cube org len la kaaaannnn..

But then again.. am I over reacting?

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