Friday, September 28, 2007

Puddings.. yummy!!!

Yesterday I had teased Fared about iftar when he suddenly said he had planned one but he was hoping us girls would come up with the dessert. Yippee, Fared nak masak heheh.. I told Farah of Fared's plan and she told me about this pudding she had bought at a stall, suprises of suprises, just at the corner of my house.

Now, even though we're halfway through Ramadhan, I still haven't got the chance to even set foot in the local pasar Ramadhan.. and last year I went there nearly EVERYDAY. One of my favourite stalls was this mak cik who sold all kinds of puddings so you can imagine my frustration on why I still can't go to the pasar Ramadhan.

However, listening to Farah, I decided to go have a taste at the particular pudding at this stall, imagining it to be a normal kuih stall. However, to my pleasant suprise, the pak cik who looked like a school teacher who owned the stall sold PUDDINGS ONLY.. and I was spoilt with choice. I bought 5 types of pudding yesterday hehehe.. and believe me, were they YUMMY.. hmm mmm!!!

Knowing that since I have class this afternoon, I can't possibly go to the pasar Ramadhan yet.. but today I don't regret it. I've still got a lot more pudding to taste from this kindly pak cik with a twinkle in his eye (why do I think I sound like Enid Blyton?) when he watched me and Farah go ga-ga over the puddings.. yeayyyy!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bangun lambat!!!!

As I was lamenting yesterday, the night before I couldn't sleep at all, resulting me in going to school at the wee hours of the morning (7am still considered 'wee hours' ke?)

Then, arriving at school, I just remembered I had promised Farah to help her in her lab.. and I made the mistake of wearing a silk baju kurung.. adeh! Still, a promise is a promise. Uhhhh, no wonder Farah needs help, doing a reseach in concrete technology isn't exactly my cup of tea. Her blocks weighed around 13kg each and we had to haul them around the lab on both floors.. Gimme a traffic cont under the scorching sun anyday!

So naturally, last night I was VERY tired. I must've hopped into bed around 11pm.. Nope, make that 12am. I had called Adi first..

And I had a most peaceful sleep in a very long time..

So peaceful that I didn't wake up at the sound of the alarm at sahur..

And even when a friend had sent an sms (and believe me, Iskandar's phone has the most boisterously noisy tone for a received sms!!!), I still didn't wake up.. sheesh!!! And I was counting on those sounds to wake me up.. uwaaaaaaa!!!

I only woke up at 7.35am..

Ohhhh.. lapoooo!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tummy tum tum..

Its 7.00 am and I'm wondering what I'm doing in school mase ayam pun tak bangun lagi (kate si Nabil laaa..)

Truth is, I had trouble sleeping last night. After tossing and turning until 1am, I decided to read this boring book I had bought years ago.. somehow, last night the book didn't seem that boring, thus dashing my hopes of making it help me sleep. Then around 1.45am, the power went out and I was left in total darkness.. sheesh!

I tried reading with my flashlight, but reading with your flashlight looks good only on tv, or when you were smaller. Before long, my hands were tired from holding on to the flashlight, so once again I tried to sleep.. without succeeding that is! The next thing I knew, it was time for sahur and after Subuh, I still couldn't sleep.. thus explaining the reason why lil' Miss Ayu seems a little bit rajin to come early today.. *sigh*

Sitting infront of the pc, I think I have to write something (Dr Farhan said,"You have left your writing for too long now.. you should start practicing!" Hmmm, wonder if blog writing counts heheh..)

Yesterday morning, I woke up to sahur with an uneasy stomach. A quick calculation made me realize it was nearly my time of the month anyhow.. but somehow, this tummy ache felt a bit different.

As I tried to get some shut eye before Subuh, my tummy became a bit more uncomfortable so when I heard the azan (without getting a chance of a nap), I decided to head to the toilet and get done with it once and for all.. hah!!

Turned out, it was pure torture!!!!!

Adi had diarrhea a few days earlier and sounded so weak when I called him.. this time it was my turn I guess. But seriously, I've never felt anything like this before.. gile sakit perut mase tu! I felt like crying.. (tipu, dah nangis pun haha..)

I'm not sure what I ate. I mean, I was avoiding eating the chicken soup again for iftar that day so I had bought maggi goreng ayam at A.Rahman after my class.. which btw, I have bought numerous times before. I just dunno what happened..

When it started, I really felt like fainting. Seriously! I was holding on to the tap till my knuckles were white as I was afraid of falling down. Cold sweat broke all over my body and before long my pyjamas were wet.. and I wasn't wearing a thin nightdress ke ape ke.. I was wearing cotton pyjamas that could be squeezed as it was so soaken (ade ke word ni?) through. Then I started vomitting.. sheesh! And the cramps in my bowels hadn't even stopped though I think I had nothing else in me anymore.. but the pain was terrible!!!!

I was whimpering in the end.. pathetic! But seriously, I've never been in such pain :(

When the duration between the cramps got a bit more longer, I managed to walk slowly to my room to change my wet pyjamas but the cramps came again so I just wrapped my towel around me and went back to the bathroom and before long, even the towel was wet with my sweat.. adeh!

I tried to lie down but everytime the cramps came, I started whimpering again.. oohhh, seriously pathetic this time!

It was around 7am that the cramps finally stopped and I didn't feel nauseous anymore. Then only did I manage to perform my Subuh prayers while hoping that the pain was FINALLY gone. I then slept for 4 hours straight (didn't go to school in the morning then..) and woke up feeling better with no temperature whatsoever except for a bitter taste in my mouth..

I seriously don't know what is it that I ate, but I guess I'm gonna skip A.Rahmans maggi goreng for a while.. I certainly DON'T want to experience THAT again!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ayu and her soup ahaha..

I'm not the type who actually spends my days cooking. In fact, I usually only cook during Ramadhan or when I'm bored with bought food or when I'm at home and feel like, what the Malays say as, bagi dapoq berasap hehe..

I'm not saying that I'm a good cook too.. just so and so. Enough for me to survive. Though I do love trying out new recipes that catch my attention. However, there is one dish that I really suck at making.. and you may be suprise when I say that I suck at making soup!

Yup.. the simple clear soup.. and I dunno how to make it. Laugh at me if you want to, but thats the truth.

However, a few weeks prior Ramadhan, I had made up my mind to at least be able to make edible soup, thus started my journey toward the enlightenment in soup-making ahaha..

And I found out, just as everyone says, its not really that hard. I'm beginning to wonder why I was never confident enough in soup making before. Not that I find out my soup is outta this world, far from it! But at least it tastes like everyone else soup.. but made by my own two hands.. yeay!!!

The reason I was happy for this was because I love chicken soup with lots and lots of mushrooms and the pasar malam is usually bursting with these fresh ingredients so now I don't have to go to Bagan Samak for a dose of soup (except when I want delicious soup la.. as opposed to my biase² soup). The second reason is, as a potato lover, I've always loved potatoes when cooked in soup or spicy curries.. yummy! At home, when I make the chicken curry for the family, I put an abundance of potatoes in it.. and I won't need rice. Just a plate of steaming chicken curry heaped with potatoes and maybe a slice or two of bread.. Ooohh! Even my tummy is grumbling at the thought of it..

Anyway, last Friday, I was suddenly craving for some chicken and mushroom soup (besides the fact that I wanted to improve my soup making skills hahah..) so at noon, I went home and sauteed the shallots and garlic then proceeded to make soup kosong first with only potatoes (well, potatoes DO take long to soften, don't they!) I hadn't bought any chicken or mushroom yet as I didn't have a fridge at home but since my class ended at 6.30, I expected to be able to pop to the pasar malam for some chicken (there's this stall that sells cut up chicken where you can choose whichever part you want.. and they've cleaned the chicken too!) and mushrooms then head home and leave them to boil in my soup kosong while I take my shower or something.

However, I was disappointed to find the particular stall closed, much to my dismay. Shessh! Now I had to buy chicken which I had to wash myself haha (ayat pemalas). At first I thought of cancelling it all, but then I remember, I had already prepared the soup at home so nak tanak, terpakse la beli ayam jugak. And you know la the usual stalls sell chicken by the whole thing or paling sikit pun you have to buy half the chicken.. which was what I had to do! Gile banyak.. sape nak makan???

Back home, I had to add some seasonings to my soup as the prepared soup was actually for just a small portion, then I had to cut and wash my half-chicken before dumping them into the soup. Then, I realized the pot I had used was too small thus I had to dump all its contents into a larger pan.. uwaaaa!!! Sangat gile banyak dah ni..

As a result, I got what I wanted.. but on a larger scale. Gile tul, I had chicken soup for that iftar, then for sahur the next day. Then for iftar on Saturday and sahur on Sunday.. AND for iftar on Sunday and sahur on Monday. The differance was just that some days I took it with bread and some days I took it with pasta. By then, I was sick of chicken soup. On Sunday, the potato lover in me couldn't even take another potato in soup anymore so I fished out all the potatoes and fried them and ate them with ketchup hahah..

So yesterday, I told abg Fadzil and Farah of my soup weekend (being just eaten another bowlful of soup that morning for sahur *ughhhh*). Abg Fadzil even asked me, when I had told him about the fried potato incident, "Awat hang tak buat cucoq ubi ka.. begedil (burger-dil kate Pojie hehe..) ka.. wedges ka.. kan hang suka ubi.. amik la semua ubi kat hang!!" Uwaaaa..

That afternoon, while we were sitting quietly in our cubes (Farah in Choong's cube), abg Fadzil suddenly asked us what we were having for iftar?

I for one know, whatever it is, it WON'T be chicken soup!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

*contented sigh* & drums in my head


Its been days since I last felt at least this bit of contented. Since last week, it has felt as if I' m in a lost world.. lonely and dark. The reason: I don't have my pc with me!!!

Last week, I came to school full of hopes of being able to start on my proposal and papers (Tipu!!! Niat nak main game dulu tu..). As usual, when I get into my cube, I switch on the pc first before putting down/arranging my bags on the seat beside me. Usually, by the time I turn around, my pc is already on. However, on that particular day, I was met with a blank screen..

Aik.. ingat dah switch on..

So I switched it on again only to find out something wrong with my pc which refused to be switched on. Asking abg Fadzil for help, he suggested I call Hurman and that was what I did. Hurman then godek² my pc whilst I had to help this final year student with her thesis. Around half an hour later, after Hurman had tried all the tricks in his trade, he concluded that I had to replace the power supply.. and since the one at school was too big for my cpu, I had to send it to the shops outside of USM.. sheesh!!!

I had already seen Hurman try to replace mine with the one in school and it only took him 5 minutes. However, I had to leave my cpu at the shop itself and I knew it was gonna take days.. uwaaaaaa!!!

For days I wandered around aimlessly <--Ayu exaggerating hahah..

Anyway, I just got my pc back today.. yeay!!! Wanted to do a 'Welcome back' party complete with banners, balloons and food, but since its Ramadhan, I just welcomed it back with a cleaner desk (gile byk habuk bawah pc tu selame ni..) hehe..


This morning, I had this splitting headache that I definitely don't wanna experience again. Have you ever seen cartoons with natives banging large drums? Well, I felt as if I had a group of them in my head.. and not only that, they also had other drum beaters banging on THEIR respective drums ala dragon boat drums style, giving encouragement for those natives to bang even louder! I could even imagine someone doing the tarian naga in my head to the beat of those drums.. and its was a very energetic tarian naga there..

Okay, my imagination is getting the better of me here..

Still, it hurt like h***! When I went to take my wudhu' this morning, the bathroom felt like it was swaying and by the time I wanted to raise my head, it felt as heavy as lead :(

It didn't help that I haven't had enough sleep throughout the weekend. I mean, tossing and turning but eventually going to sleep (even if its at 3am) is soooo much different than staring at the ceiling without being able to sleep at all right till sahur. I managed a few winks while waiting for Subuh for those three days (including this morning la..) but thats about it..

No wonder my head hurts like mad!!

And I was starting to regret my decision to never counsume any panadols or pain killers when the rain suddenly came down very lebat la around 6.10am. The noise kinda was in rythm with the beating of drums in my head.. though it just hurt much more, it was kinda therapeutic..

Gasp!!! Look at Ayu.. me thinks she's already lost it!!!!

Haha.. anyway, luckily right now, the headache has gone away for quite awhile. Still, that doesn't account for another 'headache' I'm having right now regarding something I'm trying to 'repair'..

Well, wish me luck guys.. and pray that I'll get to sleep tonight, will ya?

Monday, September 17, 2007


Hmmm.. today is the 5th day of Ramadhan and to all Muslims, I'd like to wish all of you a blessed Ramadhan with hopes and prayers that by the end of this holy month, we'll be better Muslims :)

I'd also like to ask for forgiveness for all wrong that I've done, intentionally (which I hope didn't actually do) or unintentionally and may the ukhuwah bestowed upon us be stronger and better.


Hmm.. being the 5th day of Ramadhan, I've been unfortunate enough to not get a chance to perform the tarawikh prayers at the mosque nor musolla..

The first night, I had a class that my 'boss' didn't allow me to change the time of it. Sheesh! Luckily, my students backed me up so the next class for this particular group has been moved to a more suitable time.

The second night was with a class with no Muslims whatsoever.. so no chance of the students backing me up, huh? *sigh* Good thing these classes are only till the end of this month :)

The third night, I had promised my family to go for iftar at Abah's place. However, I was stuck in the traffic on the highway and only arrived at Abah's place at 8pm. By the time Abah wanted to go for tarawikh, I still hadn't taken my shower so I had to decline going along with him and Iskandar.

The fourth night was more because of the rain. It had been raining non-stop all day and though it wasn't actually flooding, water was rising along the roads dangerously. Even the short drive from my tuition centre back to my house ended in my car giving out strange noises that I didn't dare go out.. the rain didn't even stop the next day..

The fifth night, I was finally thinking I'd get to go to the musolla but just at 7.09pm, Murphy's Law decided to give me a visit so naturally, I heard my phone (more like Iskandar's phone.. yup, he still won't give my phone back!) ringing while I was in the bathroom, struggling with my hair which had too much shampoo making my head resemble a McDonald's sundae.. without the chocolate fudge that is! I scrambled trying to wash it all of when I heard it stop ringing but just as I was starting to relax, it rang again. Turned out it was kak Yun reminding me about iftar at her house.. sheesh! I totally forgot about it. Then, as usual, when there's a lot of people, there'd be so much to talk about that by the time I returned home, it was already way past Isya'.. so I missed it again.

Hmm.. I'm crossing my fingers that I'd be able to go tonight.. wish me luck!!!


Now about the pasar Ramadhan, this is also another Ramadhan specialty which I haven't been able to go to.. *sigh*

The first day was because I had class in Bagan Serai, so I thought I'd be able to go to the pasar Ramadhan over there. However, much to my suprise, they had changed the venue to only-God-knows-where! Had to iftar with KFC.. uwaaaaaa!!!! Didn't feel like puase la when iftar with KFC.. I want ayam percik! I want all kinds of pudding! I want nasik kerabu!!! :'( <--I sound tamak gile kan?!? Hehe..

The second day, like I said earlier.. iftar on the highway otw to Abah's. Luckily I had bought an apple with me.. uhhh, tapi syahdu je berbuke camtu.. tak proper langsung...

The third day, determined to break fast with kuih, I decided to go to this stall I had noticed otw to my class and though it was raining heavily (like I said, nearly flooding), I braved the rain to get my hands on the only kuih left at the stall. A curry puff, two fried popiahs and and agar² santan.. yeay!!! By the time I reached home, my car was giving out strange noises, being in the rain I guess, and I was soaked to the skin.. gile ah! Even my underwear was soaking wet, so you can imagine how wet my jeans were.. and they're supposed to be heavy duty, huh? But, I had a prized possesion in my hands.. kuih!!!! :)

The fourth day, I went for iftar at kak Yun's. Originally I had wanted to go to the pasar Ramadhan but then I noticed that my apples were to the last one. Knowing the only place I could buy good apples was at the pasar malam, I decided to head to the pasar malam instead (which turned out to disappoint me as the fruit vendors were ALL missing!!!) By the time I got back home, it was too late to go to the pasar Ramadhan so I had settled myself to just make a sandwich or something. However, kak Yun called hehe.. We had fried ikan merah, vegetable soup with lots and lots of mushroom (yummy!) and stir fried prawns. Kak Na bought along with her tempoyak masak that is outta this world (I like it but I usually eat only a tiny bit coz my Pah love to cook lem with shreded daun kunyit that I'd have to pick out when I wanna eat it.. but kak Na didn't use those leave and I found myself eating A LOT of the sambal tempoyak masak.. waaahhh, sedap gile!!!!) and bubur kacang. For fruits, we had guava and mangoes :)

Today? Hmm, I'd really love to go to the pasar Ramadhan but I've got a class till 6.30pm which translates into: You've got no time at all to go to the pasar Ramadhan! I'm thinking of making a tuna sandwich though *sigh*

Tomorrow I've also got a class.. at Bagan Serai. And the next four days also full with classes right before or right after iftar so I'll just toss the thought of going to the pasar Ramadhan outta the window, huh?

*sigh* I wish I could go... uwaaaaa!!!


A few days ago, I noticed that the tissue box in my car was empty. remembering that I had no more tissues at home, I quickly went to Billion to buy those packets of tissue boxes. I love using Kleenex heheh.. not only are they soft enough to use when I have one of my sneezing fits, the boxes come in a variety of designs hehe.. this time I choose these boxes with rose motives (I haven't seen them before).. really sweet!

When I arrived home, I arranged the extra boxes in my room and suddenly noticed that there seemed to be more boxes than usually and I was wondering why when I suddenly remembered the reason I was feeling that way.. see, usually when I buy theses packs of tissue, I'd give half of it (2 boxes from the 4) to this fella who insisted on using pink serviettes for his nose whenever he has his sneezing fit. This time, I don't share it with anyone, so thats why it seemed like so much hehe..

I didn't know whether to laugh.. or to cry at the memory of it! But still, it bought a smile to my face so I guess, I'll just do that :)


Anyway, enough of my laments heheh.. Selamat berbuke puase everyone :) :) :)

I've been having a blissful sleep these couple of days.. okay la, tipu skit! Blissful sleep ONLY when I get to fall asleep la, and provided that we ignore the fact that I ALWAYS get up at 3.30am.. sheesh!!!

Anyway, the reason was because I just changed the sheets (suda lebey 3 minggu tak tuko ahahah <--anak dare pemalas!) AND washed my blanket. Like I said in my tag, I can't sleep with my blanket and since I just washed it it smell mmm-mmm hehe..

I use the normal Softlan for everyday clothes coz the smell is just heavenly. But I also love using the Lavender Softlan Ultra that I use solely for my telekungs, towels, bedsheets and blanket.. and the smell has been lingering for days.. waahhhh, like sleeping in a field full of flowers (okay, Ayu suda mule merepek heheh..) Seriously, you should try it out.. though I should warn you: I didn't believe that you didn't have to use much of the Softlan Ultra and proceeding to use a tad more than recommended. The results: I had to wash my telekungs all over again as the smell was too overpowering haha..

*Softlan should pay me for the free advertisment!!!*

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kekasih Gelapku

Kekasih Gelapku - Ungu

Ku mencintai mu, lebih dari apapun
Meskipun tiada satu orang pun yang tahu
Ku mencintai mu, sedalam-dalam hati ku
Meskipun engkau hanya, kekasih gelap ku

Ku tahu ku tak kan selalu ada untukmu
Disaat engkau merindukan diriku
Ku tahu ku tak kan bisa memberikanmu waktu
Yang panjang dalam hidupmu

Yakinlah bahwa engkau adalah cinta ku,
Yang ku cari s'lama ini, dalam hidup ku
Dan hanya pada mu ku berikan sisa cinta ku,
yang panjang dalam hidup ku,hidup ku…

Ku mencintai mu, sedalam-dalam hati ku
Meskipun kau hanya, kekasih gelap ku
Kekasih gelap ku…

*Lagu ni sgt bes.. tp sangat sedih jugeeekkk*

Friday, September 07, 2007

The 'rojak' entry

...dream... makes us feel better... and lying to ourself is more easy than to other but it's a deeper wound than u know... being lied in the face when u know its a lie but pretending nothing happens... or lying to someone when she or he knows you're lying... which is deeper?

Read that in Adi's blog. I felt a tug at my heartstrings when I went through those words.. Ishhh, Ayu being sentimental haha.. Must've struck a nerve somewhere..

Adi, must you make me cry in the early hours of the morning?


This morning I went to buy some nasik lemak kuning. Its been a long time since I last went there and I was suprised to see that they have extended their shop just a bit.. to accomodate their 'herds' of customers la kot hehe.. and I was also suprised when the adik and pak cik there still remembered me..


Abg Fadzil told me, he finally DID sing that Lelaki Ini song to kak Nor ahahah.. and kak Nor told him he was a romantic :D Huhu, orang dah lame kawen, tapi still cam baru bercinta.. chumel!!!


Ooohhh, did you guys hear about this girl's phone?

Its an ancient phone she's been using since 2003, I think. the phone's been giving her problems but she hasn't given up on it (Come to think of it, she seldom's give's up on things that she REALLY should, anyway :( )

Anyway, a few days ago, when a friend had called her, she noticed once again the screen on the phone 'vanished'. Sighing, she just picked up the phone which was luckily NOT from someone she didn't actually wanna talk to hahah.. then as the call ended, her phone was stuck.. you know, like when you computer hangs? Well, THAT's what happened to her phone?


When she managed to switch it back on, the key pad were not working properly at all.

Double s***!!!

Yeah², I know.. I can hear someone saying, "I know you're talking bout your own phone!" Hahah..

Yup, my phone is trying to send signs to its owner to make her understand that it wants to retire.. but then I'm pretending to not understand haha.. But sheesh, its so hard to deal with a phone like this. I mean, it'll work for a couple of hours, then mogok again where I can't use it for texting messages or anything..

Went home a couple of days ago and told Ikram and Mama of my plight and they gave me the obvious solution: Buy a new phone! Thats not to mention what my fellow friend here tell me to do haha.. but I'm broke la *sobs*

Then, what do you know: This morning, Mama otw to Tangkak came to my house. Along with her was Iskandar who was waving one of his phones (Yeah, my brother who's 15 owns more phones now than I ever did in my whole lifetime!). When I asked what did he mean by doing that, he promptly took my aging phone and transferred my entire phonebook into his unused phone before handing me his phone..

Ayat dia: Ndar sian tengok phone kak Yong!


Then, Mama told me, Ikram had resolved, for his next pay check, he's gonna buy me a new phone. And not just any phone, but the phone he knows I've been eyeing for quite a while (more like nearly a year now hahah..) He's always been asking WHEN am I finally gonna buy the phone anyway and even calls it phone Mr Bean as he had seen the phone on the recent Mr Bean movie which the French actress was using.

Of course la I declined! Not only do I think the phone is too expensive for him to buy for me (more than RM1k IS expensive for me!!!) but also sangat malu laaaa hahah.. I'm 6 years older than him la, I should be the one buying HIM phones hehe..

But like Mama said, thats his way of showing how much he loves me and if I don't go and buy a new phone quickly, I should expect him to buy it for me already with his next pay check..

What she meant: Pegi la beli cepat² klau kesian kat adik tu!!!! Hehehe..

Double and triple and quadruple ADEH~~

I only have half the price of the phone in my 'tabung tepon kak Yong'! Hmm, maybe I should jual kuih pagi² to top it up heheh.. (Pandai ke wat kuih, Ayu?)

P/S Iskandar's phone is very 'unfriendly'.. sakit jari nak text sms. But don't tell him, or he'll think I don't appreciate his help huhu..

Ohhh my brothers.. I love you guys too :)


Erwan told me some updates on the allowance for postgraduates. It seems that the allowances are being raised. From RM 1300 to RM 1500 for M.Sc and RM1500 to RM1800 for PhD candidates..

To someone who has never had a real pay check (my RO period tu tak kire), THATs a lot. Leh wat macam² tu and for Erwan, he's glad as he wants to get married with his girlfriend as soon as possible..

Hmm, wonder what I would do with that extra money???

*Suare hati yg sedo diri: You should start saving balik la, silly girl! Your account yang dulu simpan tu dah nearly nil ape???*


Oh ye.. yesterday when coming back from tuition, I noticed a lizard just right outta the car at my door.

It was looking at me intently as if asking me to drive slowly as it was hanging on to its dear life at my door. But then..

If there's something else I hate as much as I hate frogs, its lizards! Especially since an incident when I was a wee girl of 7 or 8. I had worn my favourite blue dress and Mama had asked me to take the trash out. As I closed the lid on the large bin outside our home, I looked down and saw a lizard clinging to my dress right on my chest looking up at me. I screamed all the way inside the house before throwing the dress of me..

I never wore that dress again..

But back to the present day.. when I arrived at home, I tried my best to knock from the inside of my car to try to shoo it away from the door. I didn't want it coming INSIDE the car, did I? But the lizard was as stubborn as Iskandar haha.. I had to climb outta my car through the passenger door and try to shoo the lizard away with a roll of paper.. very LONG roll of paper!

Aaaahhh, why can't those creatures leave me alone? :( <--Ayu sounds stupid here heheh..

And last but not least: I have a new housemate!!!

Not that I was looking anyway. Truth is, I had thought that I was better off staying alone. I'm sick of housemates who make me annoyed haha.. I never talked about it before coz they were still my housemates, but could you believe one of them taking away my precious potato peeler (those who know me, KNOW I'm a potato freak hehe..) and some knives.. and some forks and spoons.. aiyak! Tu pun nak amik ke? Sangat tak paham.. thats not to mention other missing things..

Thats why I wanted to stay alone. At least Mama or anyone in my family can come whenever they want to.. even Ikram or Iskandar can come spend the night if I'm staying alone. I had already converted the middle room into a guest room and was planning to convert the third room into my library. Besides, staying alone means I can go dancing butt naked throughout the house while putting the radio on full blast haha.. NOT that I do it laaaaa.. just to show how 'private' being alone could be.. I mean, I'd be free! Hahah.. I don't have to think of anyone besides ME, ME, ME! (Now I sound like Syuhada's blog hehe..)..

You see, having a housemate would mean having my privacy invaded hape..

Anyway, this girl is my junior but I just got to know her a few weeks ago as Dgon's friend. She told me she couldn't find a house and asked if I still wanted to find a housemate (I had asked around, at first, when my previous housemate left..). Seeing that she couldn't possibly find another house in the short period of time (she only had a few more days to stay in her previous house), I guess I just agreed. Besides, she looked decent enough :)

So I've had a housemate for almost a week now.. hmm, ok la! Just hope she thinks I'M ok too la hehe.. I'd hate it if she doesn't like me.. kan..


Yikes! I havent prayed yet!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Fire drill and 'Lelaki ini' (?)

Hohoh.. last night was a pure example of langkah kiri for me..

You see, its been a long time since I last went to the hostel. However, yesterday I was feeling a bit 'nostalgic' and I guess I just needed a friend. Then remembering that Farah had text me earlier about sending her to the airport this morning so I thought I'd just hop off to the hostel for a while.

When I arrived at the hostel, I noticed a few guards around but knowing that they usually come to check in the hostel at night (it was nearly midnight then), I just smiled at them and went to find Huda's room.. though deep inside me, a long forgotten instinct was screaming to me hahah..

When I had found Huda's room, I just went in and me, Huda, Farah and Midah went on talking and laughing. Huda was just mentioning about how exhausted I looked when we heard in the near distance (from the boys' block I think) a familiar sound.. the alarm!

Sheesh! Then I remembered the guards and just as I was mentioning it to the girls, the alarm for that block was suddenly screaming.. of all days!!!! Why did they pick they day I decided to drop in the campus???!!?!

We had to run and queue up near block 4.. and just my luck, I had an icky frog (make that TWO.. though i'm not sure if its actually the same frog!) jump around me.. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Then the guards along with kak Yun (though I hid from her hahah..) gave their usual you-guys-are-never-serious lecture and all that. It was nearly 3am, I think, before they let us go..

God! Kut and Yana laughed at me when they saw me and Farah queuing up with the rest (Farah was staying in Huda's room.. I was the most 'unlucky' one haha..)

Next time, I'm gonna hafta check with kak Yun if she wants to do another fire drill..


Two days ago, while talking with Farah and abg Fadzil in the post graduate room, I received a file from Fared. It was a song he had apparently forwarded to most of us. Since I was in the midst of talking, I just accepted the file without a second glance. However, abg Fadzil had actually looked at the title of the song and he was smiling while saying he liked that particular song.

It was then that I looked at the title of the file "Lelaki Ini" and instantly I said..

Ayu: Ape tajuk lagu ni.. macam marah je..

Abg Fadzil: Apa hang cakap ni.. tu bukan lagu marah la..

Ayu: Ye la.. tajuk dia cam "Ish.. laki ni laaaa" *with a certain tone to it*

Abg Fadzil: Hahah, hang punya nada salah tu..

Ayu: Abih tu, camne?

Abg Fadzil: Hang dengaq la dulu..

So, I listened to it. My first reaction: typical Anuar Zain song.. no offense, I like his songs. He has a great voice for those kinda songs.. but I didn't see anything special in it..

Abg Fadzil: Hang tau, kawan abg Fadzil ramai kata teringin ada org nyanyi lagu ni kat depa..

Ayu: Ye ke?

Abg Fadzil: Betul! Pagi tadi pun kat radio, Nana cakap benda yang sama..

Ayu: Bes ke lirik dia?

Abg Fadzil: Hang google la *this is actually his favourite expression to me whenever I ask anything to him*

So here it is :)

Lelaki Ini - Anuar Zain

Kasih, kenanganku
Ingatkah saat saat dulu
Kasih, apakah dirimu
Merasakan semua itu

Ke mana pun langkahku pergi
Ku masih melihat bayanganmu cintaku
Dan kemana pun arah anginku berlari
Hati ini masih kau miliki

Lelaki ini yang selalu mencintamu
Selalu, tanpa ragu
Lelaki ini yang selalu memuja
Hanya dirimu
Yang bertakhta dalam sanubariku
Sanubari ku
Aku yang mencintakan mu
Hanya dirimu…

Karena cintaku, tak berbatas waktu
Karena cintaku, tak mengenal jenuh hatimu

Huhhhh.. jiwang siuuuttt!!! Heheh.. no wonder la :)

Abg Fadzil: Amacam Ayu, bes tak?

Ayu: Bes² *grinning*

Abg Fadzil: Abg Fadzil nyanyi kat kak Nor bleh tak? Dia cayaq tak?

Ayu&Farah: *pretends to be nauseous*

Hohoh.. cayaq².. tapi kan abg Fadzil, nak jugak orang nyanyi lagu ni kat sayaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Ahahahaah.. :p~

Monday, September 03, 2007

'Bout Adi and "How do I" *updated*


To those I have tagged, please (ni bukan actually 'please' as in 'pretty please' but more like I'm forcing you guys to do it haha..) put in 8 random facts about you that you think not many people know hehe.. because I'm in the busy body mood to know about things about you guys that I previously didn't know..

For example, some of you have been asking why I didn't write about being a bookworm.. Since Ana had written that it was supposed to be unknown facts, I had to refrain from writing about my book fetish which all of you dear friends already know :)

Thats also the reason why I didn't write about being a chocoholic, as judging from the still much left-over chocolate from my convo that is still on my dining table, even my students know I'm crazy for chocolates. So being it a known fact, I was forbidden to wirte that down too.. :D

Alaaa.. c'mon la you guys.. humour me :p~

Hahah.. I have a hampeh adik :)

Adi and Ana had tagged me as in the previous entry and to 'ngelat', I had pasted the same entry in two of my blogs (this blog and my Yahoo! 360 blog). Ye la, they told me I had to answer two times, aci le kirenye paste je kat due blog.. kire jawab 2 kali pe hehe..

Anyway, in my Yahoo! blog, Adi had actually put in a comment I can't help but share with you guys in this blog hehe..

akekek... you kene tag 2 kali... so x2... 16 random facts... so i nak tambah la yg tak cukop tu... hehehe...

1. kak yong suke buat mulot cam gamba bawah skali tu.. i perasan mase nak lukis your gamba mase kecik.. susah nak lukes... tak jadi... hehehe... (Hoho, mane de, tu mulut yg Tuhan bg :p.. I know someone with very sexy lips, but don't ask me who.. not telling! But serius, his mouth sangat cantik heheh <--Ape Ayu tgk ni??)

2. kak yong dulu teramat la garang... tapi nak maki hamun tak reti... balek2 "hoi!!!! bodoohh!!" tu je.. takde bakat... (tu kene gune bakat ke?)

3. kak yong kalau ngelabah suke giget jari... (Mane de.. erkk, ade ke?)

4. kak yong suke wat tangan kanan jari best dan tangan kiri wat peace... sambel ketok stereng...

5. kak yong suke nyanyi kuat2 dalam krete... tak kesah org kelileng... (No comment hahah..!)

6. kak yong ade zoo kat dalam kerete... (Cettt..)

7. kak yong nak belikan Wing of Redemption Spawn for me 5 Oktober ni... (Aik, nape I tatau pun I kene belikan mende alah ni for you???)

8. kak yong slalu menang peraduan surat khaba... kebanyakan CD dalam kereta die tu free.. hehehe... (Oiii, CD² tu banyak menang kat radio laaa :p)

Hahah.. fat chance la Adi! 5 October, I beli you sweet cukup.. pastu you gi men jauh²! :p

Hehe, THAT's my dear brother :)

P/S Hey, I DO buy my own CDs gak la.. bukan yg free je tau, Adi :p


Tadi mlm tgk citer ConAir.. Hmm, its been a long time since I last watched this movie that I've even forgotten how the storiy goes hehe.. Still, I enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed it once upon a time ago.

Anyway, one of the things that stick to you in this movie is the song. Waaahhh, I really love this song. In fact, I could listen to it again and again if I want to.

The first time I really enjoyed this song was duiring an English Camp at Tasik Chenderoh when I was in KMK. One night, as we were sitting in our groups, we were all asked to sing two songs. One was a malay song that we had to translate and another was an english song.

For the malay song, my group translated one of the hit songs by KRU during that time, Apa Saja (Hmm.. still like this song, but try as might, I can't remember the song that much and I've been trying eversince this morning haha..) but for the english song, my group chose this song. No marks in guessing whose group was a hit that night haha, but it was (yes, I realize that!! :p) mostly because of the popularity of the song that made the whole camp sing along with us.. thee hee..

"How Do I Live"
How do I get through one night without you
If I had to live without you
What kind of life would that be
Oh and I, I need you in my arms
Need you to hold
You're my world, my heart, my soul
If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away everything good in my life
Without you there'd be no sun in my sky
There would be no love in my life
There'd be no world left for me
And I, baby I don't know what I would do
I'd be lost if I lost you
If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away everything real in my life
And tell me now
How do I live without you
I want to know
How do I breathe without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I, how do I
Oh, how do I live
If you ever leave
Baby, you would take away everything
Need you with me
Baby, 'cause you know that you're everything good in my life
And tell me now
How do I live without you
I want to know
How do I breathe without you
If you ever go
How do I ever, ever survive
How do I, how do I
Oh, how do I live
How do I live
Without you baby

How Do I Live Lyrics