Sunday, September 14, 2014

Had I Actually Forgotton I Had a Blog?!

Recently a friend posted something on his FB page. The main point of his post is now lost somewhere in the 'just-going-through' part of my brain, but something else he slipped in the post made me laugh.

In order not to offend some individuals, and also to help his let out some steam he'd been holding in, he had ranted in his FB. The reason: his blog was too public!

Why I laughed: Coz I'm the complete opposite of that!

My blog, with only a select few who even know of its existence, is my private cave. It is here that I can rant and scream and cry and bawl my eyes out, if I wanted to. Not many people know of it and thats how I prefer it to be.. so I can be myself!

Its my FB that is a bit too public.. for me! I've got all walks of life in there. From grand uncles to my wee lil' students (whom are carefully scrutinized before I approve.. not wanting my sorta private life overrun by them.. bahh!) and young nieces/nephews. From my extended family to the sea of friends I've had the privilege to know. From acquaintances to people close enough to have their own spot in my heart.

That is why, I don't lke sharing the real me in FB. Too many eyes, to many fingers clicking here and there.

Oh, I know! People sometimes think I over-share in FB, as if I don't want a private life.. and yes, I do agree on the over-sharing part of it. I even share pictures of what I cook.. mostly to convince MYSELF that I can feed myself haha..

Truth is, I like what people describe me as they see me in my FB. They tell me I'm a happy-go-lucky person, Bubbly! Happy to the extent of it being infectious. Positive.. so positive!

Ok.. I don't just like it, I LOVE being described that way..

..but wait till these same people get a peek at this blog here! They'd wonder on how different these two being are.

As these past few weeks, I've been wallowing in self-pity and a tiny bit of depression, which secret blog as it may, I'm not sharing it here. At least not yet.

I forgot, I have this blog!

And I ALMOST (which is more in hoping that its an almost *crossing fingers*) merged these two personas into one in my FB. I forgot to separate the two.

I guess I'm lucky I sorta got to my senses now, before any more damage was done. And I should really thank (silently tho..) my friend for writing about his piece of mind that made me remember, I have my own little world in my own lil' blog here..

Man! I miss writing.. and to think my 2014 Not-So-New-Years-Now Resolution was to write once a week.. at least! I owe, what? 30 entries?!?!

Well, here's to me hoping I won't forget myself anytime soon now.. =)