Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First day at school!! Today?!?! Waaaaaa.. takuuttt!


Ok.. don't look! Its not like you're going public with it pun, Ayu oiiiii heheh..

I keep wanting to write (being my 2nd most favourite thing after reading.. thus, the actual reason for this blog years ago) but all ideas seem to abandon me each time I sit in front of the PC. And FB games do not help at all haha..


The reason of the 'rajin'ness in somehow trying to revive my blog is because of the sleepless nights I've been having this week.. NOT because of anything bad though.

This week is the beginning of a new experience for me in teaching. An NGO (though the ones involved in this activity are mostly my 'kakaks' from Bahan) has decided to use their money to help under-privileged students for some extra classes and I'm one of the tutors for this programme. I'm kinda nervous actually..

Whatttt..?!?! Neves?!? Biar btul Ayu ni!! Hehe..

Well, in tuition is different. With the exception of my Form 1 class, my classes usually consist of a few ex-students whom I've taught the previous year. Since I already know them (and they already know me), I'm usually on a comfortable ground. I know what to expect and most importantly, THEY know what to expect (so they can warn their friends of this dear teacher's quirky temperament). In short, we both know where we stand.

But here I am facing a whole new different group, where they have never heard about me and I, of them. Its kinda scary (Ohh, c'mon.. I'm always scared in the first week of classes, even at the tuition centre). I don't know what to expect.. and I don't know what they're expecting from me.. takuuuuuutt~~

Especially since this is a social service programme, I am so afraid if I'll mess up. Not that kak Nisak (from Bahan) told me she expects anything from me. They just want teachers who would sincerely give some of their extra time to help these students.. but here I am, expecting the worst!

I was supposed to have my first class yeasterday but the school cancelled the classes for the whole week so I'll only be starting this afternoon. Doesn't really help on my nerves, though, as I'm just feeling like more of a wreck ever.

I just hope that I would be able to help them.. and that I won't go home crying haha..

Well, wish me luck! Hopefully by 6.00pm (thats when the class would end) I'll be someone looking forward to meeting this kids again next week *crossing fingers*