Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adieanna ~ Hantaran version

Yes, I know.. I know.. like my PhD, I've also been procastinating on the entry of the first big family event hehe..

Its a month and a day now since I officially gained a new sister. Suke² hehe.. but too many photos to choose from and too little time kan so I decided to separate the whole 'event' into a few parts with this one being the 'hantaran version' one. So here goes..

Actually a few months before, I asked Adi, "You nak theme mcmmane utk hantaran?" With 'theme mcmmane' tu meaning, what colour do you want. His reply was simple: PIRATE!

Terlompat kak Yong dia bile dgr.. adeh! I tau la dia nye keje is in the creative side, tp kakak dia ni tak penah wat hantaran langsung. Setakat tolong² kawan ade la, but to do something dgn theme pelik..

I was like,"You ingat ni birthday party ke nak theme pirate²" and he laughed sbb he was so sure of what he wanted. He could even describe to me a bit of what he wanted and since he was so confident with his choice, sedikit sebanyak sy mencair jugak mengikut kehendak dia.. Aissshhh Adi, sib baik sayang! Klau tak, I buh je lalang bnyk² kat your hantaran hehe..

Nevertheless, in the months after that, I still tried to pujuk² him to go with normal themes (normal to me is gune kotak plastic then lekat je ribbon² ikut theme colour.. yes, I'm THAT uncreative hehe..) but tak berjaya as Adi insisted on what he had already envisioned..

I arrived at Adi's doorsteps on the Wednesday before the wedding. Since it was noon, we went out for lunch with Ana as they were choosing the picture for their guestbook.. here's a pre-wedding photo of them from me (tanpe posing² bagai)..

Back at Adi's home, we assembled the things we already had for the hantaran while making a list of what we needed to go find. Sambil² tu dia menayang his guitar yang asalnye was supposed to be hantaran from Ana to him hehe.. tp last minute was canceled sbb they weren't sure how the elders would make of it. Ni gambo Adi tgh nyanyi kat Ana.. tp ngan suare cartoon.. cittt!

The next day, me and Adi went to go find the things for his theme. We had to find seashells (the theme dah di 'soft'kan sikit dari PIRATE kepade TREASURE CHEST.. Alhamdulillah! Heheh..), sand, 'fishnets' and others. Luckily the treasure chests diorg dah belikan beforehand ☺ Then we picked up Izati kat Mines (?) and had some lunch before sambung shopping. Nak tau ape Adi belanje..

Heheh.. suke!!

We went back to Adi's place dah dekat malam then singgah to one kedai near Adi's house. Ini muke bdk² yg penat bershopping sepanjang hari..

So mlm tu, pas mandi, we went to Ami's kejap. Dekat je rumah Ami and Adi. Suke giler jumpe mak buyut tu hehe.. mule la ckp bnyk tak berhenti and Kimin pun mesti pening tgk bdk² ni non-stop bercakap. Adi yg tak lalu makan pun leh habis mkn bubur kacang Ami, so sile lah bangge ye, Ami!

Then balik tu baru mule with Adi's hantaran. Silap, esok pagi baru mule tp mlm tu getting ready la ngan Annisa pun tolong sekali tamau tido sbb nak 'tolong Alang' haha.. Izati suh dia tido pun dia bleh 'telan' balik her yawn sbb nak tunjuk kat Izati yg dia tak ngantuk hehe..

So this was our first try..

..pakai letak je ni dulu coz we wanted to 'budget' how many choc coins to use and how we were supposed to put the 'diamonds and gemstones'. We had bought some flower thingeys jugak but in the end decided not to use them sbb cam terkelur from the theme. Haha.. okay what for first timers?!?!

Then we decided to assemble main² plak coz Adi kuciwe his guitar tak dpt dijadikan hantaran, so nak amik ati la and berlakon like it is the hantaran.. though terbalik la skit kan sbb we were making the ones to be given to Ana hehe..

The next morning, at FRIM itself baru we gam btul² and lekat btul² and susun btul² all we needed for the hantarans. Pas Subuh, me, Adi and Izati gathered in the living room of the guesthouse to prepare the hantaran, dibantu Imran yg jugak nak membantu kakak² n abang dia itu. So this was what us first-timers managed to do..

Ahahah.. sudah semestinye sy mau letak sy punye cookies. Butter cookies je, not gingerbread man and woman.. but special punye sbb for Wedding Edition. Tuxedo tu terpakse direfer pade lukisan Adi coz I couldn't imagine it offhand.

This one plak, the bottle ala 'message in a bottle' ngan cheque hantaran di dalam and the cute treasure chest was the bekas cincin, courtesy of Feringghi Nite Market ♥

This one is makeup from Body Shop..

..telekung yg kitorg tak pandai nak gubah jadik bunge so just ikat ngan ribbon. Sgt la tak kreatip, sib baik Adi and Ana tak kisah huhu..

..dan ini pule perfume from J-Lo. Ana especially picked it sbb the bottle cam kene je with the theme ☺

..and iPhone (sbb masing² mmg nak tuko phone baru pun hehe..)

..and the duit mas kahwin. The pearl (yg tak nmpk itu tp nak bgtau jugak) in the shell kat atas tu real peral tau. Taken from my pearl bracelet yang putus aritu ☻

Satu bende yang sy tak tahan is the sirih junjung. I ni hantaran tu mcm penah la jugak tolong² but the sirih junjung mmg tak penah. Jenuh la pagi tu baru carik idea nak buat and we only had the white stand and a block of sponge. Hentam je la me n Izati and the result..

Heheh.. actually Salleh told me, you have to choose sirih that the 'urat' are symetrical when you fold it in half. Me n Izati only chose sirih with the same size haha.. adeh! Ini lah org yg tatau tp kene wat jugak for tradition sake.

All in all, okay gak kot kan? Heheh.. Adi was happy his vision agak menjadi and I terpakse akur lah ngan org² yg otak mmg lebih camtu. Who am I to say bende tu takkan jadi sedangkan I sendiri bkn org yg creative kan hehe..

Next edition: The akad nikah! Oh ye, ni satu lagu for them that I think sgt appropriate ♥

From this moment life has begun
From this moment you are the one
Right beside you is where I belong
From this moment on

From this moment I have been blessed
I live only for your happiness
And for your love
I'd give my last breath
From this moment on

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my life with you
Can't wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you
I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment on

You're the reason I believe in love
And you're the answer to my prayers from up above
All we need is just the two of us
My dreams came true because of you

From this moment as long as I live
I will love you I promise you this
There is nothing I wouldn't give
From this moment
I will love you
As long as I live
From this moment on

Cake ala Old School kate Shahnaz

Opsss.. almost forgot another one. This one was actually 'inspired' by the Desperate Housewives when it was 'featured' in one of the episodes. Most of my friends remembered this cake when I posted it in my FB after I made it hehe.. that'll make Mama proud! Someone even called it 'kek Mak Ayu' hehe..

..and tada!

Yup, the evergreen, ever-popular and ever-sought-after type of cake most people know: Pineapple Upside Down! Though the surface is a bit too light in colour for must. Must add more brown sugar nihhh..

And yes, I've added it to the type of cakes I'm gonna sell too since the feedback from my friends were encouraging.. and I enjoyed making it as it reminded me of my childhood. Thank God la kan jadik since the last time I made it was in form 3 ke ape tah =)

So.. any orders? Heheh..

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baking project updates =)

Akhirnye, sudah selamat semuanye hehe.. so patutnye I should FINALLY write about the BIG events on the 29th of May and the 26th of June la kan.. tul? Tapi kan, too many photos to choose from menjadikan saya konpius dan sayang nak men pilih² gambo. Ikutkan hati kecil ku, mahu aje ku pilih sumer heheh..

So next option, godek² pc to find any other ideas and I realized, giler lame tak update on my baking projects kan. So here are some things made in umah number 36 for the whole while my blog berhabuk.. boley?

So I'll start with my first time doing fancy cookies, in preparation for Adi's wedding. This was the result..

I used a cupcake-shaped cutter and covered the whole cookie with royal icing. Chumel la kunun kan hahah.. a friend commented (when I sent this MMS) that he thought something was wrong with my phone camera making my cupcakes look 2D haha.. Anyway, covering it with royal icing was a major mistake.. nape? Sbb iye nye GILER MANIS! Adehhhh..

And since I found out that ONE BATCH of royal icing mixture was A LOT, I decided to do another batch of cooking, with less icing on top. This was to be given to my ever-ready guinea pigs: my students hehe..

Okay! Not much colours since the leftover icing was only in these three colours. Yg ni tak manis sgt coz there was less royal icing on top and my students loved them.. thank God!

Dan ini juge telah membawe sy kepada my actual project for the cookies:

Heheh.. chumel tak? I wanted to do cupcakes at first tp cupcake mcm dah biase je kan for hantaran so I did Bride & Groom cookies here =)

As for cupcakes, I had another request from my student, Shahida. She wanted a pink background with brown writings and I was afraid it won't turn out nice enough but I could only add some jumbo hearts since my other sugar beads and deco didn't seem to fit. Good thing she liked it! For her, I did some orang flavoured cupcakes with choc chips.. my current favourite flavour.

Then I had a request from a masters student who wanted to celebrate her anniversary with her boyfriend. She requested the same design as I did for Dr Fauziah, only she wanted it in purple and I gladly did it as I just bought the purple colour and was dying to try it out hehe..

And lastly (I think la) is a set I did for kak Ros. It was her birthday and I didn't know what to give her. Turns out, she told me she has been wanting to try my cupcakes since she first noticed them in my blog and FB hehe.. for her I did it in this new green colopur I found. I liked the colour but half way through, I realized it was actually a Shrek-like green colour haha.. luckily our kak Ros here has a great sense of humour hehe.. thanx ye kak Ros for liking it :)

Hmm.. I'm actually crossing my finger hoping I won't have to go near my oven for a week or two. Kate org Penang, "Cemuih ehhhh" (Okay, my friends would definitely laugh at me if I said it out loud hahah..) Last week ngadap the oven for a week straight and as much as I ♥ my oven, we still need a break jgk kan :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

The one who makes me smile ☺

Okay.. enough!

From the day of my previous entry, the troublemaker has been looking for, what else, trouble with all of us non-stop. My patience hasn't gotten the best of me yet but who knows..

So today, whilst I have so mane other things to update, I wanna share a photo that instantly makes me smile (and not only me ☺)

This is my youngest brother Imran.. the one 'who took my favourite name'..

The reason why I like this photo? Well, obviously we love him la kaannn.. but the other reason is because this is THE ONLY picture of him with a hint of a smile haha.. he's actually a VERY HAPPY baby and very easy to mind. He rally loves to smile and laugh BUT when it comes to cameras, he usually scrunches up his forehead and frowns.. its so hard to take a picture of him until this one ☺

It was taken by Iskandar during Adi and Ana's akad nikah. I was suprised to find this photo amidst all the photos taken that day and even Umi was happy with this picture.

..and since he's a really good brother who's so easy to mind, it really makes me smile to have this picture in my possesion.

I just hope he smiles so much more for the cameras next time ♥

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sabar Ayu.. sabar!

Setelah sekian lame tanpe entry di blog, make hari ni akan ade entry.. tp bkn entry about things happening around me.. and believe me, there're lots. And happy ones jugak (credit to my new and one-and-only sister in law hehe..) but something happened just now that has made me so mad.. and telah mengamuk di FB haha..

You know how there are some people in your life who somehow manage to make you stoop way down to their level whenever they open their mouth? No matter how much you try to keep your cool and ignore how annoying they are, they still have the power to make you so mad, you just wanna explode.

I know, you should avoid these people.. but what if this is someone you just can't ignore. Maybe they have close ties to you that you just can't do anything about it.. God! Sometime I just hate these kinda people and have to refrain myself from wishing the worst for them!!!

I'm not proud of my outburst.. but man! How I wish I could knock come sense into these people. Boleh tak jangan anggap sumer orang bodoh and give stupid reasons for whatever you're doing.. or avoiding of doing?! And just because we don't say anything regarding those lousy excuses, doesn't mean we believe it.. tolong laaa.. bg la alasan logik skit! Ini tidak, terus menerus je anggap org keliling dia just as s***** as he is! Please laaa.. we keep quiet coz we know whatever response that comes outta our mouths would make you realize that WE KNOW you tried to make a fool outta us. We're speechless not because you give clever excuses, we're speechless coz we can't believe you think we're THAT STUPID!

And I can't believe you said that to THE ONLY PERSON WHO'S BEEN KEEPING YOUR BACK all this while. Takde gratitude langsung. Klau sy, memang bengang giler but this person who always believed you'd change, still sabar. Kadang² kat budak ni pun sy nak marah, coz to me,. you're hopeless. But I really admire this person who never stopped believing you would change even when you continue to menyusahkan hidup semua orang.. giler sabo! As for mine, dah lame hilang..

And tolong la jangan suruh org lain be better siblings. Look around you.. sape yang THE ONLY ONE yang ade masalah with EVERYONE?!?! Dalam camtu pun you still say orang lain yang salah.. bute ape? Don't think I dunno what you've been saying and what you've been doing. All the lies you told everyone about us, all the hurt you caused all of us. And just because now, one of us tends to be a bit aggressive (Ohh.. don't forget what you did to him when he was smaller, coward!) when it comes to you, you put him as the scapegoat for every wrong thing you do! Please laaa.. your friends (the only ones you have left laaa.. yes! I'm being nasty!) might believe you, tp tolong la jangan lupe, TUHAN LAGI TAHU!!

In fact, I DO have something you published some time ago that I can show to you if you DARE to deny.. and yes, every one of your lies in that 'publication', I could rebutt with the truth. But you, being you, wanted everyone to know the lies.. forgetting, the truth comes out in the end even without any effort from our part.. Dulu it was me, now its someone else whom you put the blame on.. tolong la, who's actually in charge of your life? Don't tell me its us when you've been avoiding us all these years.. now it DOES sound like a very lousy excuse on your part doesn't it.. especially if your friends know YOU'RE the one whose (afraid and) avoiding everyone!

Also, stop telling people how good it felt to hit someone who annoyed you.. twice! Even when you saw the blood gushing out of her eyelid, you still continued.. and somehow, I've been hearing a lot about it from HER FRIENDS who didn't hear it from the person hit by you, but rather heard it from you, yourself.. listen to yourself will you!

But most of all, stop assuming we're gullible and stupid and will believe anything you say for any excuse you give us (or give someone else). Start appreciating the person who had always believed in you, coz one day, he might just stop! Remember: What goes around comes around (as in 'dulu ko bully dia, skrg baru ko tau nak takut ngan dia'), and stop blaming others for whatever that suck in your life. Make up your mind on who you really are la.. dulu kate LAGEND (which btw confuses me since no one seems to really know you except your close friends haha.. as opposed to the person who believes in you yang tak penah bercerite of his accomplishments yet we still get the chance to be proud of him when we get to know about it!), skrg dok berdrama sakan la plak.. Soap opera pun tak complicated like this.

Adoi laa.. tadi dah sejuk skit sbnrnye.. tp ni mule panas balik! Tak tahan betul laaa.. and what makes me hate it even more, everytime something like this happens, I'll explode and stoop down to his level.. level yg rendah lagi dari six-down-under, okay!
Haishhhh.. kutip dose je malam² bute camni haha..