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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baking project updates =)

Akhirnye, sudah selamat semuanye hehe.. so patutnye I should FINALLY write about the BIG events on the 29th of May and the 26th of June la kan.. tul? Tapi kan, too many photos to choose from menjadikan saya konpius dan sayang nak men pilih² gambo. Ikutkan hati kecil ku, mahu aje ku pilih sumer heheh..

So next option, godek² pc to find any other ideas and I realized, giler lame tak update on my baking projects kan. So here are some things made in umah number 36 for the whole while my blog berhabuk.. boley?

So I'll start with my first time doing fancy cookies, in preparation for Adi's wedding. This was the result..

I used a cupcake-shaped cutter and covered the whole cookie with royal icing. Chumel la kunun kan hahah.. a friend commented (when I sent this MMS) that he thought something was wrong with my phone camera making my cupcakes look 2D haha.. Anyway, covering it with royal icing was a major mistake.. nape? Sbb iye nye GILER MANIS! Adehhhh..

And since I found out that ONE BATCH of royal icing mixture was A LOT, I decided to do another batch of cooking, with less icing on top. This was to be given to my ever-ready guinea pigs: my students hehe..

Okay! Not much colours since the leftover icing was only in these three colours. Yg ni tak manis sgt coz there was less royal icing on top and my students loved them.. thank God!

Dan ini juge telah membawe sy kepada my actual project for the cookies:

Heheh.. chumel tak? I wanted to do cupcakes at first tp cupcake mcm dah biase je kan for hantaran so I did Bride & Groom cookies here =)

As for cupcakes, I had another request from my student, Shahida. She wanted a pink background with brown writings and I was afraid it won't turn out nice enough but I could only add some jumbo hearts since my other sugar beads and deco didn't seem to fit. Good thing she liked it! For her, I did some orang flavoured cupcakes with choc chips.. my current favourite flavour.

Then I had a request from a masters student who wanted to celebrate her anniversary with her boyfriend. She requested the same design as I did for Dr Fauziah, only she wanted it in purple and I gladly did it as I just bought the purple colour and was dying to try it out hehe..

And lastly (I think la) is a set I did for kak Ros. It was her birthday and I didn't know what to give her. Turns out, she told me she has been wanting to try my cupcakes since she first noticed them in my blog and FB hehe.. for her I did it in this new green colopur I found. I liked the colour but half way through, I realized it was actually a Shrek-like green colour haha.. luckily our kak Ros here has a great sense of humour hehe.. thanx ye kak Ros for liking it :)

Hmm.. I'm actually crossing my finger hoping I won't have to go near my oven for a week or two. Kate org Penang, "Cemuih ehhhh" (Okay, my friends would definitely laugh at me if I said it out loud hahah..) Last week ngadap the oven for a week straight and as much as I ♥ my oven, we still need a break jgk kan :)


Anonymous said...

Ala miss ayu.... too bad i'm not ur student anymore. I want to be ur guinea pig oso~ T_T

-miss prelawrian from uitm merbuk-


Ayu Ikhwani said...

Aiman.. ahahah.. not like I bring to class everyweek pun =p