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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The one who makes me smile ☺

Okay.. enough!

From the day of my previous entry, the troublemaker has been looking for, what else, trouble with all of us non-stop. My patience hasn't gotten the best of me yet but who knows..

So today, whilst I have so mane other things to update, I wanna share a photo that instantly makes me smile (and not only me ☺)

This is my youngest brother Imran.. the one 'who took my favourite name'..

The reason why I like this photo? Well, obviously we love him la kaannn.. but the other reason is because this is THE ONLY picture of him with a hint of a smile haha.. he's actually a VERY HAPPY baby and very easy to mind. He rally loves to smile and laugh BUT when it comes to cameras, he usually scrunches up his forehead and frowns.. its so hard to take a picture of him until this one ☺

It was taken by Iskandar during Adi and Ana's akad nikah. I was suprised to find this photo amidst all the photos taken that day and even Umi was happy with this picture.

..and since he's a really good brother who's so easy to mind, it really makes me smile to have this picture in my possesion.

I just hope he smiles so much more for the cameras next time ♥

1 comment:

Drama Mama said...

comei la imran...mata dia macam ur dad.btw exactly bila again wedding adi ngn ana and kat mana????

i hope tak lepas lagi. huhu