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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Sabar Ayu.. sabar!

Setelah sekian lame tanpe entry di blog, make hari ni akan ade entry.. tp bkn entry about things happening around me.. and believe me, there're lots. And happy ones jugak (credit to my new and one-and-only sister in law hehe..) but something happened just now that has made me so mad.. and telah mengamuk di FB haha..

You know how there are some people in your life who somehow manage to make you stoop way down to their level whenever they open their mouth? No matter how much you try to keep your cool and ignore how annoying they are, they still have the power to make you so mad, you just wanna explode.

I know, you should avoid these people.. but what if this is someone you just can't ignore. Maybe they have close ties to you that you just can't do anything about it.. God! Sometime I just hate these kinda people and have to refrain myself from wishing the worst for them!!!

I'm not proud of my outburst.. but man! How I wish I could knock come sense into these people. Boleh tak jangan anggap sumer orang bodoh and give stupid reasons for whatever you're doing.. or avoiding of doing?! And just because we don't say anything regarding those lousy excuses, doesn't mean we believe it.. tolong laaa.. bg la alasan logik skit! Ini tidak, terus menerus je anggap org keliling dia just as s***** as he is! Please laaa.. we keep quiet coz we know whatever response that comes outta our mouths would make you realize that WE KNOW you tried to make a fool outta us. We're speechless not because you give clever excuses, we're speechless coz we can't believe you think we're THAT STUPID!

And I can't believe you said that to THE ONLY PERSON WHO'S BEEN KEEPING YOUR BACK all this while. Takde gratitude langsung. Klau sy, memang bengang giler but this person who always believed you'd change, still sabar. Kadang² kat budak ni pun sy nak marah, coz to me,. you're hopeless. But I really admire this person who never stopped believing you would change even when you continue to menyusahkan hidup semua orang.. giler sabo! As for mine, dah lame hilang..

And tolong la jangan suruh org lain be better siblings. Look around you.. sape yang THE ONLY ONE yang ade masalah with EVERYONE?!?! Dalam camtu pun you still say orang lain yang salah.. bute ape? Don't think I dunno what you've been saying and what you've been doing. All the lies you told everyone about us, all the hurt you caused all of us. And just because now, one of us tends to be a bit aggressive (Ohh.. don't forget what you did to him when he was smaller, coward!) when it comes to you, you put him as the scapegoat for every wrong thing you do! Please laaa.. your friends (the only ones you have left laaa.. yes! I'm being nasty!) might believe you, tp tolong la jangan lupe, TUHAN LAGI TAHU!!

In fact, I DO have something you published some time ago that I can show to you if you DARE to deny.. and yes, every one of your lies in that 'publication', I could rebutt with the truth. But you, being you, wanted everyone to know the lies.. forgetting, the truth comes out in the end even without any effort from our part.. Dulu it was me, now its someone else whom you put the blame on.. tolong la, who's actually in charge of your life? Don't tell me its us when you've been avoiding us all these years.. now it DOES sound like a very lousy excuse on your part doesn't it.. especially if your friends know YOU'RE the one whose (afraid and) avoiding everyone!

Also, stop telling people how good it felt to hit someone who annoyed you.. twice! Even when you saw the blood gushing out of her eyelid, you still continued.. and somehow, I've been hearing a lot about it from HER FRIENDS who didn't hear it from the person hit by you, but rather heard it from you, yourself.. listen to yourself will you!

But most of all, stop assuming we're gullible and stupid and will believe anything you say for any excuse you give us (or give someone else). Start appreciating the person who had always believed in you, coz one day, he might just stop! Remember: What goes around comes around (as in 'dulu ko bully dia, skrg baru ko tau nak takut ngan dia'), and stop blaming others for whatever that suck in your life. Make up your mind on who you really are la.. dulu kate LAGEND (which btw confuses me since no one seems to really know you except your close friends haha.. as opposed to the person who believes in you yang tak penah bercerite of his accomplishments yet we still get the chance to be proud of him when we get to know about it!), skrg dok berdrama sakan la plak.. Soap opera pun tak complicated like this.

Adoi laa.. tadi dah sejuk skit sbnrnye.. tp ni mule panas balik! Tak tahan betul laaa.. and what makes me hate it even more, everytime something like this happens, I'll explode and stoop down to his level.. level yg rendah lagi dari six-down-under, okay!
Haishhhh.. kutip dose je malam² bute camni haha..


Drama Mama said...

what has he done this time????!!??

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Besa la Baizurah.. the usual drama.. the usual s***** self.. tgk la kat my FB, punye la usaha nak malukan me.. nak je I ckp kat dia, dia frust ke bile FB dia sunyi sepi.. like seriously, takde sape heran kat dia, ok! At least if people come to my FB sbb they hate me, ade gak kan.. dia tu cam org tadak emotion pun.. takde perasaan pun nak pi tgk dia hahah <--yeah! Being nasty again sbb sampai hari ni dia still wat perangai, siap addressing "To ur friends' sbb nak suh my friends bace and sebarkan his lies.. mangkuk!

Kannan said...

Good blog.

Anonymous said...

Just to let someone baca to know the true lies. Congrats, for showing how s***** u r. My friends x perlu bising kat sume org how great we are sbb we x payah bgtau, org akan tau klu diam. Ni sume hebat nk post kat FB tp salah xnk pulak bising kat FB, camna tu. Wakaka, tulah how smart u really are....

Anonymous said...

U r not even the greatest in the world, but you seem to act to much like you are. Come back to earth...

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ahahahah.. bace plak!! Takpe la, berape kerat your friends nak percaye yg mane tu.. and besides, if I'm stupid, who was stupid first sbb tulis kat blog dia and then citer kat my friends kunun his side of the story while stupidly believing they'll believe him.. same² stupid bnut at least I wasn't the first one to make the stupid move.. same la cam your so called friends yg bynk la sgt tu kan, mestu la percaye ape you ckp so fair la.. mine percaye kat me and yours percaye kat you. Fair world!

And yes, I'm on earth.. ade org je rase above it all and bgtau fardhu kifayah utk mengaku rosakkan anak dara org hahahahahaahahahah.. and just if you don't understand English, mntk la sesape tolong translate and tell me WHICH SENTANCE I NGAKU I'M THE GREATEST IN THE WORLD. At least I tak ckp, "I WAS A LEGEND BACK THEN" tp bile tanye bdk PFS, takde la yg kenal sgt pun kecuali gang² sendiri.. giler pandai wat lawak.. I like!!!

Ana said...

Legend? HAHAHAHA!..kelakar ok!!!~

Anonymous said...

Same to u. Macam u kutuk baizurah masuk SGGS then kata english dia x betul. Then member tula yg backing you gila2... Wakaka, mcm abah slalu kata, you are not bright, sbb tulah you pantang dgr org lebih dari u sejak dulu. You kenal bdk PFS? Samala mcm you buat pd bdk Al-Mashoor, sume ur adik beradik teruk, that's what u said. Wakaka...

Anonymous said...

Lupa nak add, I hit the person who was actually 'Syaitan'. Perbezaan manusia dan Syaitan adalah mengganggu org ketika sembahyang. Am I afraid of Ikram? Waka waka, sentuh me pun dia x berani lagi. Klu dia berani kenapa dia x cari me. I was always kat Sbrg Jaya, for more than a year. Very close to Penang, in fact bnyk kali I sampai umah Sg Ara, xde pun anything jadi kat me? Nk tipu org, biar berasas, bkn buat2 hebat kat sume org. Mmg masa that person berdarah kena hentam dgn me, mmg masa I tgh sembahyang if u still remember, tp mmgla u forget sbb tu u yg buat. The only thing I know, let's see how sincere u are to ur family after this. Sbb org yg bersubahat dgn pernikahan yg x sah akan kena denda rm2000 or 6 months penjara. So, let's see if u r the one yg kononnya bijak.

Anonymous said...

Lupa plak nk tambah lagi, "Legend", u tanya kat bdk PFS yg mana? U tanya dgn nama apa? In fact masa ur friends kata I lagi tinggi dari u pun u kata 'Dia perasan dia lagi tinggi'. Tu fakta, so same thing applies, klu org kata 'betul' pun u tetap akan kata 'tak'. And klu I xde kawan, why is it YOUR FRIENDS yg bagitau pasal entry ur blog? Take of ur mask....

adie said...

sape punye pernikahan yg tak sah?

Ayu Ikhwani said...

Ohhh.. ade langau berterbangan di blog ku ini.. sgt insignificant tp dok ngeng sane ngeng sini nak dgr dia nye bunyi

Drama Mama said...

To anon : memang lah my English tak betul, and ]it's only right kalau ur sister say that. cakap benda betul. but knowing her..i could never imagine her saying such things about her friends. :-)

and even if she did, i'm not mad at all. :-) because human make mistake. sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit. laki bini pun boleh tersilap cakap. tambah among friends. adik beradik pun boleh have dispute kan. biasa lah human..u should know lah kan iwan. ;-)

anyway after this i hope takdak la you nak laga2 kan ayu with her friends k. leave us out of this ya. thanks in advance. :-)

Ewok the Legend said...

Jom kita ikut dari perenggan ke-5. Kat situ secara x langsung dah mengaku mmg racun adik beradik dari dulu lagi. Tapi that person x terima, sbb dia sendiri pun tau how much I helped him to help u. Mana you nak sedar bila too stuck up. Dari the whole thing dah kata yg level of thinking high. X ke tgh kata 'best in the world'.

And using the word 'coward'. Is it because your little brother tu disobey u so u actually know that I will chase him with ur provoke? Yup, Ikram dgn u ada masalah on the 26th of Jun, mmg I xde masalah jumpa dia, klu x I xkn turun berkali2 ke Sg Ara.

Now, PFS boy's yg u jumpa mesti adalah yg paling awal kuar dari PFS either sblm PMR or selepas. Those are the ones yg masuk skolah lain and dah x amik tahu hal PFS. Yg tu ke yg u tanya? Wakaka, same as u, the only Al-Mashoor friends yg smpai SPM kat Al-Mashoor yg stick dgn u pun very few. The rest still contacts me. And ur friends yg tulah yg gitau what ur usual story kat sana was.

Owh, I forgot, my level of thinking is lower than u, I just UPSR, and u Ph.D. Ina anak Pak Samad Sg Ara blum pun ada Ph.D, just Masters Degree and never been stuck up, but at least she has written 2 books, I repeat TWO BOOKS according to her studies which has been revised by a few USM Professors. She is something, now back to the Ph.D holder which graduated before Ina. How many books have u written? Just like urself, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!

Ur old friends said u were 'bossy', yup couldn't deny that since u've been 'bossy' at home itself. Like one of ur siblings wanted to bring back some 'bunga telur' with cookies in it for some of our friends-of-family members, u said 'Dh habis', then when almost everyone arrived at ur house, ada pulak lagi 'bunga telur' yg disorok. U said 'untuk kawan2 kat sini'. So, that's how u put ur friends before ur family. Just for kawan2 sini, u said bunga telur dh habis to ur own sibling.

Everytime I pinpoint 1 truth, wow look at the script, 10 lies u tabur. Owh, again I forgot, my level of thinking cuma UPSR, urs Ph.D. Xleh faham apa u cakap. Tp I layakla klu pun I hidup surviving, as 4 u, surviving? Ph.D pn still hidup surviving? Hurm, susah nak cakap.

U nak kata sapa rosakkan anak dara org? Ada bukti, bukti DNA skali? Klu ada I sanggup kena kasi ikut Akta Perlindungan Wanita, tp klu terbukti xde langsung 'my' anak kat muka bumi ni, I nak ur lidah so u benti buat fitnah, and ur jari so u stop type fitnah. Ada I baca in an article about accusing. Normally people accuse others with what they think, because apa yg they think is who they really are. You dah rosak ke?

And macam the name 'ANA' tu, klu u nak lagakan me dgn Ana wife Adi, think again. Ana ada ID dia kat sini, xkanla dia yg type. Anyway speaking of laga, just like Zubaidah. Dia x pernah bercakap dgn me, dia x pernah duduk semeja dgn me, even on phone dia x pernah cakap dgn me, and asal ur brother dgn dia bergaduh, dia asyik sound ur brother "Awak takut abang awak!". Aik, x pernah jumpa pn dh kait nama. Then bila dh melampau sgt, according to my level of thinking, I demanded respect if dia nk jadi part of the family. Dia keras2 xnk bg. Tu sume jadi lps dia SPM.

So, setakat ni je my UPSR level of thinking. U as Masters Degree and beyond holder, mesti a lot more to say. Xpe, this will be my last pun here, as long as u forgot the truth in the whole entry. I have nothing to say now. Just I x pernah lari from anyone or avoid anyone. I dh lama kat penang, u just know about it. Jangan nak cakap pandai ada mata ke apa ke sedangkan x tau how many times I turun sana. I x perlu saksi, ada SATU saksi yg sejati.

MiszNurulhuda said...

uwaahhh... panasnyer kat cni... kenapa yea... i dont like these things.. but please be careful for whatever you say.. because one day you wont be able to say or to correct it anymore..

so speechless...... kak ayu sabar yea.. adi pon sabar yea.. hanya diri sendiri tahu apa yg diri sendiri buat dan pk(selain Allah swt yg lebih mengetahui... )

Bewok Da Berlapok said...

aku nak gelak! aku xdak niat nak komen tp aku xtahan baca argument bodo kowg ni. dlm bnyk2 benda bole buat gado, ni paling aku xtahan

hahah, cibai, aku teka la, ko ni mesti yg anonymous atas tu kan? patot la bunyi cam owg xdak pelajaran, mmg ko xdak ropanya. patot la beriya tules pepanjang, ko bwat aku gelak btol la. aku suka. aku suka. lama aku xgelak panjang

paling aku xtahan apasal kowg gado pasal bunga telo? pes tyme aku dgr. kalo ko tu tetamu, ko xrasa malu ka dok mntk2 mcm tu. sukati tuan umah la nak bagi apa pun. tp aku agak, ko ni mesti femili kan. ko mesti xtolong sbb tu ko xtau mana derang simpan bunga telo. kelakar btol la.

tp aku ada satu lagi teori la asal ko bole terfikir nak timbulkan isu bodo camni. aku rasa la, telo ko tu berbunga, jd ko sorok la xnak org lain tau. pastu bila ko cari balik, telo ko dah hilang. tu yg ko kecoh sgt pasal telo ko yg hilang tu. btol x haha. mcm haraaaammmm

apapun, tima kaseh bg aku gelak malam ni. aku mesti ingat benda ni sampai bebila

Ewok said...

Aku x berniat nk buka blog ni smpai bila2, tapi bila org smpaikn info, aku buka jelah. Alright, ni janji aku pada pemilik blog ni, ni betul2 last comment.

Wakaka, kepada anjing yang cuma tau menyalak bila pagar tertutup, tp bila pagar buka, lari tercirit, lain kali baca fakta dulu sebelum serbu, xdela menghabiskan duit mak bapak anta belajar tinggi2 tapi fakta pun xleh cari.

Yang minta bunga telur tu, org yg sama2 buat bunga telur tu, bukan aku. Apasal aku di kelilingi org yg belajar tinggi2 tp bodoh nak mampus. Wakaka, anjing, biasala. Aku x pernah bawa balik bunga telur kenduri mana2 pun. Suka hati mak bapak ko aja buat assumption. Sia2 belajar tinggi2 tapi perhabis duit mak bapak. Hahaha, tulah, len kali tanya jugak tuan punya blog.

Org mcm ko ni yg cuma tau menyalak kat internet tapi bila berdepan, mencicit lari ni confirm '3 line'. Aku xde kena mengena dgn group tu, jadi aku xde 'baju'. Sebagai penghargaan, ni alamat rumah sewa aku,

Blok D9,556-C Lebuh Tuna,
Seberang Jaya.
13700 Perai, Penang.

Mengikut info yg Ayu dpt dari org sini yg kononnya digelar 'Man Nasi Ayam', aku kat sini bergelar 'Robot', pastu aku cuma a nobody kat Seberang Jaya. Jadi klu ko dgn 'geng' ko nk turun sini mmg xde masalah, sebab ko boleh mintak duit kat mak bapak utk belanja turun sini. Aku mmg x bergantung duit pada mak bapak, tu yg aku susah nak turun tmpt ko. Lagipun mmg jenis menyusahkan mak bapak. Berbalik pada topik asal, klu kata2 'Man Nasi Ayam' tu betul, xde sapa akan tolong aku langsung kat Seberang Jaya. Tp, klu tanya 'Kenal Robot x?' hanya golongan pondan Seberang Jaya yang panggil aku macam tu sbb aku x layan derang. X tau la klu 'Man NAsi Ayam' tu spesis camtu jugak kot. Tanyala dgn nama 'Robot' dulu, klu xde yg kenal, bru tanya 'Ewok' pulak. Tu sbg fakta sblm ko pun percaya kata2 'Man Nasi Ayam' yg kata org, nama tu x wujud kat Seberang Jaya. Sume kenal dia cuma dgn gelaran, 'Member Mat', 'Member Kucai', dan terbaru 'Member Ewok'. Dia org Seberang Jaya, tp xde pun org kenal dia.

Jd, klu rasa masuk 'Uni' pun still xleh bezakan fakta, isi, bentila belajar, membazir ja duit mak bapak. Aku dh bagi alamat aku, aku miskin ja, tu yang xde duit nk turun tmpt ko, tp aku pun cuma nobody kat Seberang Jaya, ikut info yg Ayu dpt dr 'Man Nasi Ayam' la. Tp, klu dh nama anjing dlm '3 line' mmg penakut. Aku jalan kaki sorg2 ja kesana sini kat Seberang Jaya, klu kena pun aku sorg ja. Jd pada saudara 'anjing' yg dh bazirkan 'ammo' bapak ko, lu pikirla sendiri...

Anonymous said...

ksian tul kat org atas ni..
simpati tul kat dia ni..


Bewok da Berlapok said...

Huwahuwahuwa.. aku dah agk, cibai mcm ko ni nak sgt da last word sbb ko rasa yg sapa dpt last word tu pemenang. aku sengaja folo entri ni sbb aku nak tgk dan nyata aku betul

'bazirkan ammo bapak'? wakakakakaka tu je ko bole come up? ko mmg pathetic ko tau x. pathetic yg xpenah aku jumpa. ko ckp pasal facts padahal suma apa ko dok tulis tu cam haram.

aku bg ko satu fact: ko ingt aku kenal ke minah ni? aku haram xkenal dan xpnh baca blog ni pun tp kebetulan aku baca blog yg random, aku nmpk comment ko yg bodoh xtau nak ckp. jadi ko ckp la pasal ayu ke man nasik ayam ke man laksa ke man ganja ke ewok telo berlapok ke, ko ingt aku kesah? xabis2 ngan telo ko yg ilang tu, apahal

aku xhina org yg tak blaja tinggi, aku ramai kwn yg lepas spm tak bole nak blaja dah tp kebanyakkan hero aku sbb derang bole berdiri atas kaki sendiri. ada workshop sendiri, manage business femili/sendiri. ko ni yg memalukan derang sbb org jenis mcm ko ni yg jadi blacksheep untuk kejayaan derang

aku jugak ramai kawan yg sambung blaja dan aku tau, hidup pelajar postdegree bkn senang. xsuma dpt scholar dan ramai kawan aku yg sambung blaja keja kat shell, kfc suma tu. keja apa pun bole asal derang xmencuri. so nmpk sgt la ko mmg xpnh blaja sbb ko sorg je ckp student ni kaya raya bapaaaaakkk. bodo nak mampus tapi nak tunjuk pandai. xpayah la. mcm aku kata: PATHETIC

pas2 satu lagi penunjuk pathetic ko. yg ko kena buh alamat ko kat sini kenapa. gila glemer kot. ko ingat ada owg kesah ko dok mana. tuna ke sardin ke paul da octopus ke. aku simpati, ko terpaksa buat cam2 supaya owg sedar kewujudan ko. owg yg mmg hebat, xpyh pun, suma owg tau kawasan dia tanpa dia perlu tumpang glemer di blog owg len.

dan fyi, ko ingat aku nak buang duit minyak n masa drive 5 jam cari ko. ko tu sampah! alamat ko xda makna pun kat aku dan aku yakin owg len yg baca ni dah gelak sakan ngan taktik murah kot tu. xda keja aku nak habiskan masa aku kat piece of shit mcm ko. ko sedar la. memetik ayat ko, ko 'menyalak' kat sini pun, aku tgk xda sapa kesah pown.

aku xkan janji yang ini las tyme aku d blog ni sbb aku mmg akan folo apa lagi 'fact' yang ko cuba nak tonjolkan. ko fikir satu je, 'fact' yg ko nak reka sgt tu, ramai lagi yg tau kebenaran. ramai lagi yg rasa dan ramai yang terasa dgn pembohongan ko. xpayah la ckp pasal benda yg ko xtau n stick to what you know. kalo x, ko akan risk looking like a fool again!

dan oleh kerana ko 'hero' tumbang yang perlu da last word wpun brapa kali dah ckp 'ini last komen' -dasar munafik tak tunai janji-, aku tunggu!

aku yg struggle blaja said...

trimas kpd abg BDB krn membela kami yg masih student. sy sndri dah lama nak reply pd kejahilan saudara yang kononnya lagend itu tp dihalang oleh k.ayu. maaf pd k.ayu krn sy tak setuju apabila k.ayu tidak membenarkan sy 'menerangi kegelapan' hati saudara di atas itu yg hanya tahu berckp konon berfakta tp hanya berisi sampah semata. mungkin saudara itu hendak menyakitkan hati k.ayu tetapi nyata lebih ramai yg sakit hati dgn 'fakta'nya kononnya kami ini bila belajar bnyk duit dan juga tentang penulisan buku yg jelas menunjukkan kejahilan yg amat. sy harap saudara itu memeriksa semula 'fakta' nya dan memastikan adakah ianya sbnrnya penulisan kertas saintifik yg merupakan perkara biasa untuk pelajar seperti kami atau adakah hanya co-author untuk buku, yg juga menjadi amalan biasa untuk kami di sini. krn semua org tahu, pelajar tidak boleh menulis buku dan hanya dibolehkan menjadi co-author shj. juga kpd 'fakta' yg kami bnyk duit. kebynkan kami berkerja untuk menampung kehidupan kami dan sbg pelajar, kami tidak boleh berkerja sepenuh masa. sy sendiri membantu penyelidikan pensyarah lain (dgn bayaran hanya RM800 sebulan, kayakah sy?) dan seperti kata abg BDB, ada juga kawan sy yg bekerja di pertronas dan sebagainya. k.ayu mmg dari dulu mengajar tuition dan di samping itu dia juga menjual cupcake yg pada sy tidak menunjukkan 'kekayaan'nya terutamanya bila tiba masa untuk kami membayar yuran kami sendiri. sy tidak membela k.ayu tp perasaan ini bkn hanya pada kami pelajar satu institusi dgn k.ayu tp juga untuk rakan2 pelajar di institusi yang lain kerana ini ialah perkara biasa dan kami tidak pernah sesal. sy setuju dgn pernyataan abg BDB, asalkan kami melakukan kerja halal dan tidak mencuri, kami masih happy dgn kehidupan spt ini. jadi kpd saudara di ats, sy cdgkan anda cerminkan diri anda dan periksa 'fakta' anda.

p/s k.ayu, I'm sorry. sy tak tahan nak komen.