Sunday, February 15, 2015

Of.. errr, inappropriate hashtags!

Some viral hashtags are cute.. others, well, should be given second thoughts!

Consider this: You post a picture of your mouth-watering meal and hashtag 'foodporn' & 'foodgasm'. While the picture is 'like'-worthy, your hashtag? Not so much. Yeah, they're popular hashtags, 'everyone' uses them nowadays! Live up, will you, Ayu!!


Here comes your 5-year-old, who just learnt how to read. He/she takes you phone/iPad/tab from you and proceeds to try reading you FB/Instagram and when he/she comes to the end of you post, he/she pauses. He/she gives you their sweetest smile and asks..

"Mummy, I know food is makanan, right? What does the other word mean?"

Dang! Now what! You stammer some reply while racking your brains for a good answer and finally settle with something like this..

"Its just something we add to show we really like it, dear!"

Then kids being kids, they love to show off any new words they learn. So in the field while playing catch with friends, "This is gameporn!" Or sharing their favourite Postman Pat book with their grandparents,"This is bookgasm!" Or while watching their favourite cartoons on tv..

Face palm, much? Or maybe I'm the one who's being backward thinking.. bu in a time where kids now grow up way too fast, being exposed to things way to easily, maybe, just maybe, you'd want to consider this next time.. ;)