Thursday, April 30, 2009

Estarás siempre en mi corazón *mode berangan*

Iyer, sy tau, mentang² la adik sy nak kawen, dan² la sy asyik jumpe lagu jiwang² hahah..

Actually, I heard this song a few years back when I ws still a loyal listener of Mix.FM. Around the time I started switching to FlyFM (sbb time tu Mix byk sgt iklan and Fly sgt kurang iklan, tp kini suda terbalik hehe..) I heard this song..

Yeay yeah, I know! Ni just commercial type punye song and not much to remembered by tp I suke jugak :p Mau pulak ade bahase tidak ku fahami yg terase sgt sexy.. purrrr! Hahah :p

But searching for the MP3, I never did find it. For years I tried searching tp tak jumpa.. mau pulak I bukan tau the exact title of the song. klau tau pun, mesti salah eje ke ape ke kan.. UNTIL last Sunday! Kebetulan otw to Abah's for Adi n Ana nye merisik, I heard this song. Yeay! Kembali happy but I didn't catch the title and artist. Balik sch, bermule lah usaha mencari.. somehow, I always thought Frankie J yang nyanyi (Iyer, sy tau sy merepek.. dia mane pandang lagu camni :p)

Then I remembered. I used to surf MixFM nye website to find lyrics and within minutes after years of frustrations, I finally found the title and artist.. a group I never heard of plak tu haha.. but I STILL LIKE IT! :p

So, rasenye ini jugak termasuk dlm soundtrack kawen Ayu yg ntah bile itu.. boley?

Tu Amor ~ RBD

Mi amor I'm not sure of the right words to say
Maybe these simple words will do best to best explain
What I feel in my heartWhat I feel more each day
How to make you see
How to let you know
How to say, how to say
How I love you so
With words you understand
Words that get right though to your heart
Here's the place to start

Tu amor, I will always be
Tu amor, means the world to me
Estarás siempre en mi corazón
You're the one in my soul
And I live for tu amor, tu amor.

Mi amor love you more with each look in your eyes
Maybe these simple words will do best to best describe
What I feel in my heart
What I'll feel for all time
How to make you see
How to let you know
How to say, how to say
How I need you so
With words you understand
Words that get through to your soul
Words that will let you know

You're the one that I need in my arms
Believe me these words I say
Are words that come straight from my heart
How do I make you believe
Nothing else means as much as what you mean to me


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of 'poyo'ness and 'ciwi'ness.. and "Ayu tanak kawen"?!?!

I came to school early today.. then cabut back home haha.. I've still got tonnes to do regarding the spring cleaning and somehow, I can't just start-->stop! I keep stopping every now and then haha.. sungguh teruk!

Anyway, the room is starting to look like a study now.. to MY eyes la! To other peoples eyes, I don't care haha :p My area, my suka laaaaa :p

I got to buy a bookcase at a shop near my tuition centre. Mahal gilaaaaa.. RM98! Hmm, I think mmg harge dia camtu kot.. Its just that a few years ago, I bought a similar one at Carrefour for RM49.90.. but it WAS on offer la time tu.. *sigh*

Takpe lah, the mahalness of it aside, guess what I put in there.. on the TOP shelf hehe.. (Actually dah not a suprise sgt since I had MMSed the photo to almost everyone ptg tadi hahah..!)


Hehe.. suke! I actually nak tayang my Goku tp everyone asyik tanye, "Dah complete ke?" Cehhh.. tengok pun tau lum complete lagi :p~

Takpe².. I ♥!

Among the people yg wajib ku MMS bende alah itu are Misa and Amoi la, my gang pengumpul komik satu zaman dolu. Misa seperti ku agak, akan jeles hehe.. jgn risau Misa, ni sy kumpul balik ni. Sy idak le terre nyimpan collection yg lame time kite kumpul dulu. Udah ilang dibuat dek adik² ku sob²..

Cikgu Amoi plak, sbb dah abis time skolah, rajin la dia melayan my sms. We were talking about our 'dream' dulu nak kumpul all the comics and figurines and make a special place for it in our own libraries. She told me she was lucky since her husband also liked collecting these comics so he didn't mind her buying them.

I told her, I wish I'd find someone like that since I don't wanna throw them all away again.

Tau ape dia reply? (word by word, letter by letter)

"Sy ingat lagi masa sek awak ckp xnak kawin, tp nak bby. Hehe kelakar kan.."

Aiyak! Did I say THAT out loud dulu?!?!

"Ye lah. byk kali plak tu. Sbb tu sy ingat.."

Erkk.. and I thought that was my deepest and darkest secret dulu hahah.. Tp to Misa and Ami (sbb same class with me time F4 and F5) AND Bai+Bart+Illis (kot la time F1~F3 sy dok ckp bende yg same), betoi ke sy ade ckp camtu byk kali kat sumer org? Sungguh konpius! I seriously thought that was my private thought and I never told anyone haha.. Tetibe rase malu! Hahah.. :p

Alaaaa.. mule la nostalgia ingt time sekolah²..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Study room update :p

Huhu.. terase ciwi :p

Last night stayed up again, but this time more to clearing up my bedroom since terdapat sgt byk habuk ditinggalkan oleh rak² di dalam bilik :D Left me sneezing tp padan la muke kan, sape suh sapu je selame ni hehe..

..and uwaaaaaaaaaaaa! Now my bedroom seem so bare, its almost depressing!

My bedroom used to be my safe haven. I had my bed (of course!), my closet, my study desk, my pc desk and my 3 book racks. I could stay locked up in the room without going out and still survive (klau tak makan laaa..).

Last night, after mopping up the room, beating the mat (bamboo one but still need beating sbb somehow it still berabuk) and rearranging my colourful boxes in place of my book rack, I realized my room was almost HALF EMPTY!


Seriously, I could even hear echos in the room.. uwaaaaa! I could play football in the room if I wanted sbb giler lapang.. and terase kehilangan when I don't have my books near me :(

Now I'm trying to figure out apekah yg perlu ditambah so my room doesn't seem so.. empty!

A new bed?
Huh! Tidoq sorg pun nak tamak katil besau ke?

A bigger closet?
Baju awak byk sgt ke Ayu?



(senyap sunyi tanpe idea..)

Anyway, as for the room hehe.. Since I haven't bought new book shelves, I just stacked my books up lah dulu. Like this..

..and this!

Ni plak my comic (re)collection update :p

Hehe, was patting myself on the back around 4.30am this morning, happy that I've already moved all the books in my so-called study.



..until I arrived at the living room. Kunun nak wind down tgk CD jap laaa..

I saw another stack of campur² books hidden behind the settee.. AND my Harry Potter collection.. AND my Anne of Green Gables collection.. AND my current tuition referance books! Itu tak termasuk my Conan collection (yg separuhnye ade with my students hehe.. Cikgu apekah Ayu ini ye?)

Aiyakkk! Konpem gonna hafta go buy at least some simple colour boxes this weekend..


Got this from kak Jah who got them from the Dean, Prof Hamidi who just came back from the project in Makkah :) Semangat kak Jah nak bg different flavours for me to taste hehe..

Nyum², chocolates! Thanx kak Jah :) Nnt sy wat potato salad cam aritu nye utk kak Jah, k

Monday, April 27, 2009

Peanuts anyone?

Yesterday was the 1st phase of turning the backroom into my study. I didn't stop til nearly 5am and by then, I was so tired.. not sleepy, but tired. Took a bath before crashing on the living room settee and only woke up when Leong called.

Anyway, the room is now not as empty as before. Thought of taking out the landlords cupboard but since it won't do to be in any other room (the middle room is a bit full and my room has furniture with wood finishings as opposed to the grey paint of the cupboard) so I decided to leave it in the room but move it nearer to the window. I've stacked some boxes on top of it (boxes that'll help me when I'm moving outta here la kan, so tak leh la buang)

Then I moved my pc desk outta my bedroom and into this room, before transferring my study desk into this room too. I managed to move my one and only proper book shelf in to this room as well as two colour boxes I've used as book racks. Still haven't got enough time and money to go find other book shelves yet.. and it WAS tiring! Had to mop the floor several times sbb bilik tu dah lame tak bercuci kan.. giler tul! The water from ONE mopping bleh buat ink utk my tuition markers (Okay, exagerrating here :p)

Still have a lot to do but I'll update later with picture (Ciwi!)

Anyway, while doing the 'tranferring', I noticed something I've quite forgotten. Its something I used to collect when I was smaller.

You remember the cartoon Peanuts? Or maybe some of you prefer SNOOPY? Hehe..

Sunshine used to sell these Peanuts collectibles and I used to save my pocket money for them (as well as my comics!) I had a whole collection of stationery and others. I even had this Snoopy bag I used for tuition which cost me RM 49.90. Why do I remember the price? Well, on an allowance of RM2 per day (inclusive of bus fare AND lunch tau!), that amount was very large for me. Took me a few months to save up.. budak² skrg, mntk je dpt kan? We used to save up for anything we wanted, right? <--Now I'm sounding matronly like and old lady hahah :p

I was so proud of my collection :)

But when I moved away from home, starting from matriculation, I started losing these.. just as I lost my comics la kan. Aishhh, nak wat camne, I have a whole line of siblings younger than me :p

Still, somehow one year, my brother Adi remembered how crazy I was of Snoopy and his friends (I remember one year I got an A on an art project.. and this is Ayu yg tak pandai melukis ni! We were supposed to draw any holiday celebration and I chose Christmas with the Peanuts gang as the characters.. it must've been the one and only A I got for Seni Lukis haha..)

Back to Adi. On my 19th birthday (I think!), after he realized I was a bit upset seeing my Snoopy thingeys lost, he bought me this.. wonder he was looking forward to give me my birthday present that year! :) Thanx! Tengok, I still simpan elok² tau :p

Then another year, I found this @Watsons for a Snoopy promotion they did..

I also realized I still have a Snoopy jewellery box and clock (Just a clock je. Can't use for alarm!)

..and ni paling suke. Went to Popular a few years back and found these. Padehal time tu bukan ade duit, tp sbb takut lain kali dtg dah takde, sanggup ikat perut berminggu haha.. Tak silap they were priced at RM35.90 each and though mase ni I wasn't a school girl with a RM2 daily allowance, I still wasn't in shape to buy anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. Tp beli jugak tuh hehe..

Now I feel 16 again :)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Current projects

..not PhD-wise, may I warn you! Hehe..

1st Project: Kame Hame Haa Project

Actually, even before the movie came out, I'd been planning to re-collect this series.. as well as the Dragon Quest series.. both which are my favourites (along with Misa and Amoi). The three of us used to imagine collecting the whole series along with a few collectibles (We had some figurines back then.. and miniature Dragon Balls too hehe.. tak campur my red Dragon Ball bed sheet Amoi gave me for my 17th birthday!)

However, due to laziness perhaps, and the excuse that those old comic books are kinda hard to find, I kept KIVing that thought. That was until I came across this shop in Jusco Perda which sold all kinds of comis, old and new. Our fav Yuyu Hakusho pun ade.. so konpem la Ayu suke :p

And on my first purchase, I bought these..

Haha.. the boy at the counter cam pelik je kot tgk :p

So now, since the price pun much higher that what it was 12 years ago, kene beli sikit² je la kan, due to availability la jugak. Still, beli skit² pun, I guess dlm RM 50 (I could get around 10 of these) a month boley la kan? Then I'll be able to finish collecting these in a few months (DG 43 issues and DQ 37) :D

Yeay! Hehe.. also planning to buy the figures I saw in SnJ.

P/S Just finished reading one of my fav episodes where Pikor saved Go Han from Bezita.. sgt touching to know he's not a monster :) Hahah.. bleh rase emosi plak time ni, apa raaa Ayu :p Also gelak balik when reading the translator nye translation.. I think it was supposed to be Son Goku Mengamuk but he translated into Son Goku Merajuk.. Merajuk?!?! Heheh.. had a good laugh over this 12 years ago.. and still laughing at it now :)

2nd Project: Mini Library

I've now been living alone for, what? One year?

To tell you the truth, I now prefer living alone. Except for that scare I had at the end of last year when someone came knocking at my bedroom window at 3.30am and the unwanted-four-legged-guest I had a few months ago, I think I'm comfy.

I can do anything I want, cook anything I desire of even not cook at all, don't need to clean much as I don't stay at home much so sampah pun takde la byk sgt cam klau duk reramai kan. I can change the furniture around as much as I want to (not that there's much in the house pun, but I don't have to consider anyone else!), heck, I can go around butt naked if I want to (not that I do!) and no one would care. I could even have a washing day entirely to myself, without queueing up with anyone else to use the washing machine :)

Only one problem: I have TOO much space! Adehhhh!

The house has three comfortable-sized rooms. I've used one room as my bedroom eversince the days I lived with kak Kt and kak Shima so I have another two rooms to spare.

The middle room is now my so-called walk in closet haha.. No! I don't have that much clothes but this is the only room without windows so I can hang clothes without worrying they would fade from the sun. I've put the ironing board and all linen in this room. I've also put a clothes rack for my baju kurungs and blouses, all hanged neatly(?) with hangers..

I've also put my tudung rack here. And all my perfumes (I just realized that I collect a lot of these.. tp bukan la yg mahal² punye :p Just the usual Body Shop and Victoria Secret ones), body lotions, lip gloss (yg cume pakai di pagi hari.. and klau ilang, ilang laaa.. no touch up for me :p) bla bla bla..

.. and just so it doesn't look like I'm taking so much space. I've also put the spare matress here along with an extra towel rack for visitors. I know, why don't I put it in the third room kan? I feel its not only too much of a hassle untuk jage 2 bilik camtu, but also coz the room would seem so bare.. just a matress and towel rack?!

The third room pulak has been bare eversince my last housemate moved back to her hometown. I've always kept the door closed as I hate seeing the empty room actually.. and jugak sbb she left the room without cleaning it up properly AND with a broken cupboard (which is the land lord punye) Sakit ati tul.. The cupboard asalnye in my room but since I had my own furniture, we moved it to the middle room for kak Kt.. and then I moved it to her room when the middle room became empty and I realized she didn't have anything to put her clothes in. I'm pretty sure I gave it to her in a good condition BUT she left with the door tercabut from its hinges.. leceh tul la!

Anyway, not-exactly-recently, I noticed my overflowing books. Now that my book racks in my bedroom pun dah penuh, I've resorted to double-stacking my books in the current racks and also stacking some books on the floor in the living room.. and believe me, those stacks are growing taller every month.

Tambah pulak since now I'm collecting balik my comics.. and I've actually haven't taken the picture of the recent comics I bought last Friday :D So mmg byk la kan (Baru tingt, I also have books from Wanie yg blum bg dia post lagik.. haaaa, tak ke lagi tinggi stack nye nnt)

Pastu pulak, now that its nearly the middle of the year, I also remembered something else. Usually bile dah dekat time pekse, I'll be having students asking for additional private tutoring. Besenye budak form 3 lah ni. I do it for free for them, provided they come to my house la kan. The reason, klau buat additional private tutoring at the tuition centre, the 'boss' nnt suh budak² ni bayar and not all of them can afford additional costs kan.

Anyway, whenever they come, I could only offer the dinning room table for studying. Mmg was thinking of the third room, but I don't have extra tables ke whatsoever..

However, since I'm growing sick of seeing this empty room, I think I'm gonna change it into my mini library and study room.. aci tak? Hahah.. since I'm staying alone pun, I think itu tak jadi masalah, betul tak?

So here's the room..

..and the challenge is to turn the room into something useful! I'm gonna move my pc (yg dah tak berape bergune excpet for men gem jek hehe..) and current study desk in my bedroom here. Gonna have to buy some book shelves jugak la kan. Then maybe nak find those Japanese-kind low tables..

Ideas anyone?

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lembu affair lagikkk.. :p and birthday entry update :)

Seems like evesince I wrote about my lembu affair, ade je bende baru I nak tunjuk hehe..

Yesterday got a few new things but 1st I wanna show this..

..collection of lembu cards. Iyer, sy tau, ade 3 je, ape kes hahah.. One from Ad and the 21 one from Bai. The 'Sorry' one from Wamlah.. chumel kan heheh..

Then this one plak a note/card holder bought @QB. Was walking ngan Bai and saw this. could imagine her rolling her eyes tp dilayankan je Ayu nak benti 'tengok je' before Ayu beli trus. Huh, mesti si Sentot ni kate, "Ayu ni tadak willpower langsung!" Hehe..

Pastu plak, went to Memory Lane, my wajib lawat store hehe.. Bai bought some cards for her anniversary AND friends wedding (Pasal kawen aje..) and I stumbled upon this..

Waaaahhh, suke! Tp konpem tak bg sape pinjam. Its white maaa, nnt kotor camne (Dasar kemut! Abis tu awk beli buat pe, Ayu?!?!) Yesterday dah testing², sangaaaat lembut heheh.. Suke giler!

ALSO! I got another birthday suprise heheh..

Was hungry and Bai belanja me for lunch at Paddingtons! Yeay, dah lame ngidam nak makan sini and I took some pancakes with dory and mashed potatoes.. yummy! Silap la tak amik gambaq coz I was too hungry time ni :"> Len kali lah ekk..

And I got another suprise from Bai and 'adik' Irfan :p

Ape ye?

Tadaaaa.. heheh..

Bertambah la koleksi safari ku dlm kete :p

Thanx Bai.. and thanx 'adik' Irfan yg akan call me 'kak' Ayu until I get married, k (Psttt, Irfan, jgn dengaq ckp Mama klau dia ajaq Irfan panggil 'Aunty' tau :p)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lagu kawen Ayu :p

This is actually an entry I wanted to do last week. I went to this gift shop to buy something for Ana and while I was paying, I heard this song. Lame dah tak dengar lagu ni but no matter how long, its one of my favourite songs :) (Ayu gatal hahah..)

So Adi and Ana, hands off!

Lagu ni I dah chup utk time I kawen, wpun tatau bile kaaaaan hahah.. Sile pilih lagu lain utk kenduri korg ye :p <--Ikut ckp kakak!! Heheh..

Tercipta Untukku ~ Ungu

menatap indahnya senyuman diwajahmu
membuat ku terdiam dan terpaku
mengerti akan hadirnya cinta terindah
saat kau peluk mesra tubuhku

banyak kata
yang tak mampu kuungkapkan
kepada dirimu

aku ingin engkau slalu
hadir dan temani aku
disetiap langkah
yang meyakiniku
kau tercipta untukku
sepanjang hidupku

aku ingin engkau slalu
hadir dan temani aku
disetiap langkah
yang meyakiniku
kau tercipta untukku
meski waktu akan mampu
memanggil seluruh ragaku
ku ingin kau tau
kuslalu milikmu
yang mencintaimu
sepanjang hidupku

aku ingin engkau slalu
hadir dan temani aku
disetiap langkah
yang meyakiniku
kau tercipta untukku
meski waktu akan mampu
memanggil seluruh ragaku
ku ingin kau tau
kuslalu milikmu
yang mencintaimu

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pertemuan 2 family :)

On Sunday, I woke up super early (actually, I don't think I slept haha..). The reason: We were going for the merisik n meminang of Ana, by future sister :)

Was more nervous than Adi n Ana ke sy ni haha.. but I WAS afraid if I didn't wake up since I'm the sleep-late-on-holidays type of person so I didn't dare to sleep. Passed the time by making sardine rolls (1st time, babe! Haha.. lupe nak amik gambo la pulaaakkk..) and crabstick sandwiches. Then nganga jap din know what to do hehe..

Right after Subuh, trus head to Abah's as that was our meeting point. Yg bes tu, I was yg jauh sekali, but I was the only one yg dah siap at that point.. chaiitt!!

Anyway, dah kul 9 kot baru bertolak. Around noon sampai kat tmpt Izati to pick her up and her things. Then went to Adi's to pick him up, baru la gi umah Ana.

Sampai umah Ana dah kul 3pm. Malu je laahhh.. Sampai je trus makan the yummy lunch prepared by her family.. serius sedap hehe.. then after memasin dah kenyang, the elders went inside to 'talk'.. with us terpakse tagging along la kan.. dengar je laaa..

..but the discussion soon turned into 'sakit lutut' and plants (apparantly Ana's father punye favourite subject jugak.. huh, mmg leh gang ngan Abah!). Kitorg pun dah tak concentrate on what they were saying, dok melayan Ana's niece, Nasreen a.k.a Atin yg sgt chumel cam anak mat salleh hehe.. Here's Adi and Atin. Tak leh nak amik gambo bebetul as she didn't stop talking time nih :D

Then we sorta 'pakse' Ana and Mama to take the picture for the 'sarung cincin'.

Actually, ade gambo len lagi but only these je from my phone hehe.. tunggu Ana give the other pictures and I wanna paste the picture of two families nih :)

Balik tu, Ana kasik suprais yg bes.. ape ye?

Jeng.. jeng.. d'Heart cuppies!

Hehe, I've bought cupcakes from her (Ellie) for a lot of people. Untuk Valentines for Adi n Ana, untuk birthday, untuk org abis viva hehe.. but I NEVER tasted her cupcakes myself. Kali ni dpt la merase.. thanx Ana :)

Will update on the picture once I get it :)

My Lembu love affair updated :)

Saturday saw us picking up Izati from UIA before we went to pick up Adi for his 'meminang' business.

Guess what she gave me? Heheh..

Yeay, tambahan collection for my Lembu hehe.. Though the fridge magnet Lembu wasn't my favourite black-and-white Lembu New Zealand and only a typical brown Lembu Malaysia.. but its the thought that her sister loves Lembu that counts hehe..

Ehhh, Ti.. keychain tu pun cantik jugakkkk :) Thanxxxx! :) :) :)

MMC-Gamuda Double Track punye lawatan-sambil-belajar :D

Sebelum ape², adelah sgt perlu untuk sy mengkreditkan gambo² ini kepade En Hasrul.. klau tak mampus kang len kali dia takmo kasik gambo sy mntk dah hehe.. ;p

Anyway, this is the entry thats late 2 weeks hehe.. not that I didn't have time to update, but since I don't own the pictures la kan :p

We went for this site visit on the 8th of April 2009 and mostly were postgraduates and ROs. Leong was the only lecturer who went with us, thus making her the 'guru pengiring' after we realized NO LECTURER was assigned to be our chaperone.. sabo je lah!

Since most of us were from different branches of Civil Engineering, we didn't quite know what to expect and whether the trip was relevant or not in our field. I guess the real reason most of us went was because we were kinda sick of our research (hahah..) and wanted to do something different for a change.

Anyway, since I suck in explaining the technical stuff, I guess we'll just look at some pictures huh.. they tell a thousand words they say (And they save me from saying anything stupid haha..)

So here goes..

We went by the USM bus and arrived at the site near Bukit Merah around 9.30am. This sign greeted us..

Then we were ushered into this room in the site office for some briefing. Bleh tak budak² USM ni sempat je bergambo dlm bilik tu. Kelihatan senyuman lebo dari Fahmi and Dayah sementara waiting for the person-in-charge to start..

Actually byk lagi gambo during this briefing tp sy malas nak kecikkan semua.

Then here's us during the tea break after the briefing. Sy sgt berkenan melihat karipap pusing dan hampir tamak mengambil 2 bijik. Sib baik tak amik.. masin! Dan lihat lah budak² USM ni, sempat lagi posing dlm make-shift bilik jamuan itu.. tsk.. tsk..

This is a group photo of us right after we had our break. Saje poyo je sumer taking the picture in front of the site office before we went for the site visit.

During the bus ride, me, kak Win and Leong talked about our Latihan Industri (LI) being the first and last time any of us experienced anything on an actual construction site. We all remembered that the white safety helmets were usually for the engineers while the yellow ones were for the workers.. usually la! At that site, the workers were wearing white one.. adehhh!

But then we got a nice suprise.. ape ye? Jeng.. jengg..

Apekah itu di dalam kotak?

Heheh.. PURPLE (the colour of USM) helmets for visitors hehe.. memasing jadik sedikit jakun sbb tak penah tgk helmet purple haha..

Of course, a new group photo was required la kaaann hehe..

Then we went to visit the site for the marine viaduct. Kene panjat² wooo.. with the sun right up on our heads. Some of us weren't from civil engineering during the degree years so diorg ni mcm cacing kepanasan jek jadi nye hehe.. sian! Tp kat sini pun sempat gak nmpk kamera heheh.. dlm dok panas tuuu..

Waaaaaaaaa.. terase sungguh kerdil kan? W/pun sy sedo sy tak la setinggi mane.. tp banding ngan bendealah utk piling ni, rase cam ketot semacam jek..

Ni plak signs on site.. hehe, tatau nape Hasrul amik tp sy pun nak letak kat sini gak :p

Then off we went to the other site near Simpang Lima. Naik bas lagi.. sib baik ade aircon after the heat of the day kat luar tu kan..

Nmpk tak memasing merewang kat atas ni. This is actually the base for the 'landasan' so it should be able to hold both approaches for the tracks. About 12 meters wide and 20km in length kot if I'm not mistaken and the piling was done around 40~60m deep sbb sini tanah sgt la lembut. The type yg suke lecak after rain kan.. so no wonder la. But 40~60m?!?! Giler dalam!!! I'm not from Geotechnical engineering, tp Pn Mas, bukankah itu sgt dalam?

Ade la jugak byk gambo taken while the briefing was done but I'll just put the final group photo di kale memasing sedang tahan panas hehe..

..and sekali lagik, budak USM mmg suke bergambo kannn hehe! :p (Salleh, Leong, kak Win and me)

Haaa.. kat sini pun kene panjat² gak but not as high as at the marine viaduct la.. and actually, under the 'landasan' here were workers taking naps hehe.. tp sejuk je pun bwh tu :p

Balik je, trus gi kenduri by the technical staff.. ade pictures, but that will be in another entry :)

Btw, you can get more info on the double track here -->

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In my post :)

This was supposed to be posted before the BBQ as I got it that day. But since we were quite busy right till the end of our BBQ, I didn't have time to update on this..

A day earlier, Wan had YMed me saying I got a parcel and it was on Abg Joe's desk. I took my own sweet time in retrieving it as I was still a bit busy with other things. But then on Friday, while waiting for someone to help out with the food and all other things, I remembered my parcel so I went up to get it.. tadaaa..

This is the folded view right from the parcel itself..

..and this is the poyo-nak-gantung view heheh..

Cantik tak?

Now looking at this, I planned to make it for Adi's wedding nanti since it felt so chumel haha.. but then, on second thought, it BLACK! Buat nye org ingt sy berkabung sbb Adi kawen dulu, camne? Hahahah..

So people, any ideas on when and how to make the baju? :p

Monday, April 20, 2009

Takde mood.. :(

Adoiii.. tatau la arini..

Ingt nak update on BBQ last Friday and Adi&Ana semalam.. tp bgn je ade 'hal'..

Kecik ati?

Sakit ati?


Hmm.. sumer ade. Mcm la kitorg ni tak bertanggungjawab sgt.. cume rase tak adil bile kitorg dituduh tanpe soal siasat. Kot ye pun, tgk² le punce dulu.. bende² hidup berkaler merah tu dari Jumaat dah ade, dan bukan sbb salah kitorg.. tp tak bes tu sbb lum sempat ape, sumer org dah tau..

Bukan ape.. kitorg maybe excited aritu, bz skit and happy.. tp itu tak bermaksud kitorg lupe tanggungjawab dan janji kitorg.. Bile org buat baik kat kitorg, takkan kitorg nak balas ngan bende buruk kot..

Sedey oooo.. :(

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Love Affair with Lembu(s)

Not the usual lembu(s) found merate² di sini ye hehe.. You remember the Fern Leaf advertisement? Where they have these black and white cows, the 'Lembu² New Zealand' adevertisement? Haaa, thats the one :p

A few years ago, my brother Iskandar who has a nose for 'orphaned' kitties bought back this black and white kitten. Its body was the whitest of whites with the blackest of blacks spots around its body.. just like the 'lembu² New Zealand' advertisement. I'd never seen such vibrant (though mono) colours on a kitty. We called him, M'bu, naturally!

Sampai ke beso its colour was like that and EVERYONE who saw him would comment the same thing and would laugh knowingly when they got to know his name :)

Then a few years later, when Ikram came back from his short stint in Japan, he bought back this cow plushie which reminded me of M'bu (who was deceased by then). I fell in love with it at sight but Ikram didn't wanna give it to anyone haha.. only Izati got borrowing privilleages!

With my 'love' unreturned, I resumed my life until I saw this.. a shop near Farah's house! And I fell in love again, but this time, my love was returned haha..
Then on my next birthday, Ramlah gave me a Lembu card with this Lembu keychain! Chumel.. (actually this is the second one she gave me haha.. the first on ter'patah' ekor nye)

And one day while going out with friends, I found this lone Lembu in the window of a shop.. dan lantas diriku membeli nye :)

..with Ramlah, pitying the Lembu being single, bought this other one to accompany the first one hehe..

For my birthday last year pulok, I got two Lembu mugs. One from kak Win and the other from Dgon. Haven't used them though, sayang oooooo :p

If some of you remember, earlier on the first year students had this bazaar and I had bought a few fridge-magnets-cum-paper-clip. Guess which one I kept for myself :p

Then a few months ago, at SnJ, I found these storage boxes.. and of course bought one for myself. Why?

Hehe.. and here's the back view pulak!

As for another Lembu item in my car.. the newest addition :) Chumel tak?

Izati sent me this in an MMS last week.. and I was excited until she told me she didn't buy it pun.. caitt!! So I can just look at the picture je la kan hehe..

So thats my love affair for now. Hehe, hoping to add more things to my collection nanti :)

Btw, my friend Dgon plak I think dah addicted to the cousin of Lembu.. this from the two gifts she gave me before (one for my konvo and the other for my latest birthday..)

Jugak chumel kan :)