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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Discovery 2

Actually planned to do the birthday update.. Irfan dah tanye tak update adiah depa kaaa heheh..

But then tadi, came back from the MMC-Gamuda Electralized (cam salah je my spelling.. nnt I recheck!) Double Track site visit feeling very exhausted. Not that we did much but we went to two sites which I'd like to talk about here.. takut lupe the facts nanti but with the sun right on top of us for the whole morning till noon, felt a bit.. hazy!

Then came back to school for the tahlil and feast by the technical staff. Fahmi ajak basuh pinggan so there we were washing all the dishes, pots and pans along with Salleh, Khairul (?) and Syafiq(?) [Sorry, just introduced to them tadi so but i'm sure I got both their names right]. And after more than an hour of washing, I just wanna go home, wash up, solat and take a nice looooongg nap.

Anyway hehe.. about the discovery!

I've always known USM as Universiti Sains Malaysia.. right? Malaysians sumer tau kan? :)

Then at the site office, I got to know another meaning of USM: UnSuitable Material..


Huh.. sabo je lahhhhh...

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