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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

..and ANOTHER nice suprise!

Waaahhh.. a week full of suprises! I likey hehe..

First of all, this morning, while trying to find a nice shaded parking space under the DK complex, I saw abg Joe talking on the phone, his faithful scooter (?) beside him, full with letters and parcels as usual. I waved to him and suddenly saw an empty space dan telah memarkir kerete ngan jaye nye hehe..

Anyway, even if the DK complex is just in front of my school, still kene jalan la kaaann.. then while walking, I heard the famliar sound of abg Joe and his ride and while I was turning toward him, he made a gesture as if trying to throw a parcel to me..

Aiik.. parcel?!?!

Wasn't expecting one but turned out, it was for me :)

Sampai je kat atas, noticed it was from Ana and since I knew they had just come back from Perhentian, I was expecting a t-shirt (from the parcel, mmg sah la it was some sort of fabric) but when I bukak.. jeng jeng jeng.. kain pasang upenye. She bought from Terengganu when she went home aritu la kot or mase gi Perhentian.. Still hoping for Terengganu silk from Adi for the langkah bendul fine :p Hahah.. but I like it! Sgt lembut but I dunno the name of the fabric.. yg bes tu, Ana pun tatau heheh.. takpe Ana, pakai je hehe.. dah dok pilih² tmpt mane la nak gi tempah baju nye hehe..

Notice the small newspaper wrapped bundle on top of it. Kate Ana, "Adiah mystery from Adi" tp kak Yong nye dah leh agak and tau..

Tadaaa.. fridge magnet hehe.. suke! Especially since tak penah pegi kaaaann hehe.. tq Adi. Ingat gak dia ape kakak dia suke kumpul :p Siap semangat cari yg ade map of Perhentian since he knows its the kind I like for local islands. Last time he came home for the 'discuss', he gave me this fridge magnet he bought for one charity ni.

Then, dengan senyum di muke yg blum ilang, I settled down to compile the marks for the light structural lab. GA and fellow yang lain pun were bz doing this.. I was a bit lucky tak yah marking, tp agak la jugak pening nak isi marks tu so sib baik la tak yah marking hehe..

Blum pun ilang rase excited still dpt adiah lagi (kan dah kate, sy ni kebendaan sungguh la semenjak dua menjak nihhh!) evnthough dah nearly two weeks of my birthday, Bashir plak, a Palestinian in our room came and handed me a paper bag.. 'For your birthday' katenye haha.. alooooo, tetibe segan plak! Diorg ni bukannye byk duit sgt pun and seriusly, sy tak mintak tau! But I appreciate it.. so what did he give me?

Hehe.. actually, I DON'T own a face mirror. Serious! At home, I used this old compact powder mirror before I bought the full length mirror for the guest room. So now, I can put this mirror in MY room hehe.. thanx Bashir!

And last but not least, Yee came back from lunch with some cakes for me. She said she didn't know what to buy for me, even asked me if I wanted anything hahah.. so in the end, she bought me these cakes. Cute haha.. and its the thought that counts.. tul tak? :)

So sekali lagi, my birthday entry tertangguh haha.. nanti la, I also wanna update on my 'masak²' hehe.. Just finished compiling the marks and gave them to Sheena for her part. Malas la plak nak compose panjang² :p Tomorrow plak we're going to Kamunting kot, to Gamuda's double track tunnel site kot klau tak silap (kate Wesam laaa..) so the update would have to wait..

Till then.. I'm still smiling heheh..

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