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Friday, April 10, 2009

Last weekend.. (Bkn nak masuk new weekend dah ka, Ayu?)

Yea yeaaahhh.. I know, its the beginning of a new weekend and I'm writing about last weekend.. sungguh lembap ini budak kan? Hehe..

Well, just a quick entry..

Oppss, before that! Sorry to Un haha.. name dia tercicir in the birthday entry.. jgn majuk ek mak cik :)

Back to the topic in hand. I think I had a fruitful weekend.. but not thesis/PhD-wise la.. :D

Firstly, what is this? Hehehe..

Hehe, don't you just love cheese?!? I spent some time in front of the tv grating the block of cheese I'd been saving in my fridge. Untuk buat ape ye? Jeng.. jeng.. jeng.. compliments of Un (sbb tu kene kate sowi siap² haha..)

Yummy! telah menjeleskan Izati yg mmg hantu baked macaroni.. esp klau byk cheese. But she sempat kutuk la betape buruknye baked macaroni kak Yong dia ni. Sorry, outta practice (lousy excuse!). Last time I did this was in form 5 ke ape ke.. I'd even forgotten the exact recipe, so took Un's recipe with slight modifications. Her recipe called for spiral pasta but since I pun named this Baked Macaroni kan, no prizes la for guessing what kinda pasta I used :p I also added eggs sbb recipe Un tak gune pun and I was afraid nnt dia tak melekat sgt.

Still, gile beso dia nye portion haha.. like I said, the exact recipe along with measurements I dah lupe. So I was left with TWO huge bowls of macaroni and terpakse wat bende ni 2 hari berturut and since the portion seriously beso, I could divide it into 5 smaller portions utk bg kat org. The first batch selamat la sampai to Shahril, Aje, Fadhil and Adyani. The second batch which I did on Tuesday pulak selamat sampai ke Shahril lagik hehe, Ija, Fahmi, Syawal (my ex student who's birthday was the day before) and Naim yang tolong buang the unwanted 'guest' berkaki empat in my house a few weeks ago hehe.. kunun ngenang budi la tu haha.. :p

Sesape nak the recipe, I leh bg kot ek Un. Can't give you her URL though sebab dia privatekan blog dia :) P/S To Ija, nnt akak kasik tau :)

Second thing I did was something I'm a bit 'jakun' of haha.. I've always loved wrapping gifts but I'm not the creative type of people who can do A LOT with a roll of wrapping paper. I only wrap them in the normal boring way.. tp kemas tau! :p

Then a few weeks ago, I found this cute pencil stand in this shop and when the person offered to gift wrap it, I was watching her do the paper bag thingey in just 5 minutes. Ternganga jap.. but like I said, sy je yang tak reti. I know some of you musti sudah terre buat bende ni so please understand, sy cume kagum sbb sy tatau buat je tau! :D

So back home, I was deciding what to do with the wrapping papers from my birthday gifts.. then I remembered this hehe.. so thats what I did :p.. sy tak terre ye. Tp bangge sbb akhirnye tau buat ape yg org len dah tau buat sejak sekian lame.. tadaaaa!
Mind you.. though the salesgirl took 5 minutes to do one.. I took almost two hours to do these, along with another two yang dah gi simpan dlm kotak before I thought of taking the picture. Sgt lembap kan hehe..

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