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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MMC-Gamuda Double Track punye lawatan-sambil-belajar :D

Sebelum ape², adelah sgt perlu untuk sy mengkreditkan gambo² ini kepade En Hasrul.. klau tak mampus kang len kali dia takmo kasik gambo sy mntk dah hehe.. ;p

Anyway, this is the entry thats late 2 weeks hehe.. not that I didn't have time to update, but since I don't own the pictures la kan :p

We went for this site visit on the 8th of April 2009 and mostly were postgraduates and ROs. Leong was the only lecturer who went with us, thus making her the 'guru pengiring' after we realized NO LECTURER was assigned to be our chaperone.. sabo je lah!

Since most of us were from different branches of Civil Engineering, we didn't quite know what to expect and whether the trip was relevant or not in our field. I guess the real reason most of us went was because we were kinda sick of our research (hahah..) and wanted to do something different for a change.

Anyway, since I suck in explaining the technical stuff, I guess we'll just look at some pictures huh.. they tell a thousand words they say (And they save me from saying anything stupid haha..)

So here goes..

We went by the USM bus and arrived at the site near Bukit Merah around 9.30am. This sign greeted us..

Then we were ushered into this room in the site office for some briefing. Bleh tak budak² USM ni sempat je bergambo dlm bilik tu. Kelihatan senyuman lebo dari Fahmi and Dayah sementara waiting for the person-in-charge to start..

Actually byk lagi gambo during this briefing tp sy malas nak kecikkan semua.

Then here's us during the tea break after the briefing. Sy sgt berkenan melihat karipap pusing dan hampir tamak mengambil 2 bijik. Sib baik tak amik.. masin! Dan lihat lah budak² USM ni, sempat lagi posing dlm make-shift bilik jamuan itu.. tsk.. tsk..

This is a group photo of us right after we had our break. Saje poyo je sumer taking the picture in front of the site office before we went for the site visit.

During the bus ride, me, kak Win and Leong talked about our Latihan Industri (LI) being the first and last time any of us experienced anything on an actual construction site. We all remembered that the white safety helmets were usually for the engineers while the yellow ones were for the workers.. usually la! At that site, the workers were wearing white one.. adehhh!

But then we got a nice suprise.. ape ye? Jeng.. jengg..

Apekah itu di dalam kotak?

Heheh.. PURPLE (the colour of USM) helmets for visitors hehe.. memasing jadik sedikit jakun sbb tak penah tgk helmet purple haha..

Of course, a new group photo was required la kaaann hehe..

Then we went to visit the site for the marine viaduct. Kene panjat² wooo.. with the sun right up on our heads. Some of us weren't from civil engineering during the degree years so diorg ni mcm cacing kepanasan jek jadi nye hehe.. sian! Tp kat sini pun sempat gak nmpk kamera heheh.. dlm dok panas tuuu..

Waaaaaaaaa.. terase sungguh kerdil kan? W/pun sy sedo sy tak la setinggi mane.. tp banding ngan bendealah utk piling ni, rase cam ketot semacam jek..

Ni plak signs on site.. hehe, tatau nape Hasrul amik tp sy pun nak letak kat sini gak :p

Then off we went to the other site near Simpang Lima. Naik bas lagi.. sib baik ade aircon after the heat of the day kat luar tu kan..

Nmpk tak memasing merewang kat atas ni. This is actually the base for the 'landasan' so it should be able to hold both approaches for the tracks. About 12 meters wide and 20km in length kot if I'm not mistaken and the piling was done around 40~60m deep sbb sini tanah sgt la lembut. The type yg suke lecak after rain kan.. so no wonder la. But 40~60m?!?! Giler dalam!!! I'm not from Geotechnical engineering, tp Pn Mas, bukankah itu sgt dalam?

Ade la jugak byk gambo taken while the briefing was done but I'll just put the final group photo di kale memasing sedang tahan panas hehe..

..and sekali lagik, budak USM mmg suke bergambo kannn hehe! :p (Salleh, Leong, kak Win and me)

Haaa.. kat sini pun kene panjat² gak but not as high as at the marine viaduct la.. and actually, under the 'landasan' here were workers taking naps hehe.. tp sejuk je pun bwh tu :p

Balik je, trus gi kenduri by the technical staff.. ade pictures, but that will be in another entry :)

Btw, you can get more info on the double track here -->

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