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Sunday, April 12, 2009

On food.. again! :)

Second entry for the day hehe..

The chubby me feels even more chubby right now! Hah!!

My first meal of the day was at Abah's around noon. Today is my sister Annisa's birthday. She's 4 today :) So I had some spaghetti there (I'm beginning to like Angel hair hehe..) and some birthday cake la of course. Umi wanted to buy the Black Forest or Chocolate Strawberry (yg ade buah katenye) but Annisa insisted on the chocolate moist (Icha nak kek koko!) Hmm, ikut ckp birthday girl la ek..

I bought a cute peek-a-boo book for her along with a Disney Princess clock I told her to force Abah to put on her wall (Ohhh, kak Yong nye sungguh ampeh!) and this is the birthday girl :) Tak baper sihat sgt dia arini and Mama kate due for operation..

Anyway, thanx to the late brunch, I was full when I headed back here. Still, made a pit stop at Secret Recipe for Ikram's Ben 10 cake (Tipu! Kak Yong pun nak jugak haha..) Then I saw the cornish yg original tinggal satu je lagi so quickly asked the girl to tapau that one too.. planned to keep it for tomorrow or eat it klau ilang rase kenyang yg membuak² rasenye tadi..

Sampai sini, went to school to pick up some papers and journals to read sambil² scan my pc yg dah lame tak scan. Then updated my blog with the previous entry before heading back home. Sampai je umah, 2 message masuk sekali..

One from Ad.. the other one from Sharil. Upenye both messages adelah tande rezeki nak masuk hehe..

Actually, I had already tapau-ed some spicy fried chicken from Tok Chu's house. They had some leftover from yesterday so everyone was 'told' to take some back since they were worried it'll get spoilt. I was planning on ONLY munching on these fried chicken for my dinner. But guess what I got from Ad around 6.30pm tadi..

Heheh.. nasik tomato with ayam kerutup. Specialty orang pantai timur kan? Nyum², sedap wooo.. she gave me a very large portion of it plak tu.

Then not 10 minutes after she left, Shahril plak dtg with my favourite pulut kuning plus chicken curry yang baru je ngidam siang tadi. Cam tau² jek hehe.. Tu pun same, large portion telah diberi..

Now I was in a dilemma. The fried chicken mmg takkan tahan sampai esok dah ni since it was yesterdays (but stil yummy!) but the nasik tomato and pulut kuning tu kan sedap makan mase tengah panas lagi and baru lepas masak! Adeh!! Susah tulll..

So in the end, I made a very difficult decision..

Heheh.. giler tamak kan? Hahah.. still have a fridgeful of food termasuk la nasik tomato+kerutup and pulut kuning+curry (sedap ooo dia ni buat.. time raye dulu dah rase! Mak dia kate dia buat, terre woo mamat nih!) yang boleh sambung makan esok luse.. and serius, sebu perut (and actually ayam tu tak abis pun.. some were a bit 'mencurigekan' so I didn't eat all..)

Rase murah giler rezeki smlm kan? :)

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