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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pertemuan 2 family :)

On Sunday, I woke up super early (actually, I don't think I slept haha..). The reason: We were going for the merisik n meminang of Ana, by future sister :)

Was more nervous than Adi n Ana ke sy ni haha.. but I WAS afraid if I didn't wake up since I'm the sleep-late-on-holidays type of person so I didn't dare to sleep. Passed the time by making sardine rolls (1st time, babe! Haha.. lupe nak amik gambo la pulaaakkk..) and crabstick sandwiches. Then nganga jap din know what to do hehe..

Right after Subuh, trus head to Abah's as that was our meeting point. Yg bes tu, I was yg jauh sekali, but I was the only one yg dah siap at that point.. chaiitt!!

Anyway, dah kul 9 kot baru bertolak. Around noon sampai kat tmpt Izati to pick her up and her things. Then went to Adi's to pick him up, baru la gi umah Ana.

Sampai umah Ana dah kul 3pm. Malu je laahhh.. Sampai je trus makan the yummy lunch prepared by her family.. serius sedap hehe.. then after memasin dah kenyang, the elders went inside to 'talk'.. with us terpakse tagging along la kan.. dengar je laaa..

..but the discussion soon turned into 'sakit lutut' and plants (apparantly Ana's father punye favourite subject jugak.. huh, mmg leh gang ngan Abah!). Kitorg pun dah tak concentrate on what they were saying, dok melayan Ana's niece, Nasreen a.k.a Atin yg sgt chumel cam anak mat salleh hehe.. Here's Adi and Atin. Tak leh nak amik gambo bebetul as she didn't stop talking time nih :D

Then we sorta 'pakse' Ana and Mama to take the picture for the 'sarung cincin'.

Actually, ade gambo len lagi but only these je from my phone hehe.. tunggu Ana give the other pictures and I wanna paste the picture of two families nih :)

Balik tu, Ana kasik suprais yg bes.. ape ye?

Jeng.. jeng.. d'Heart cuppies!

Hehe, I've bought cupcakes from her (Ellie) for a lot of people. Untuk Valentines for Adi n Ana, untuk birthday, untuk org abis viva hehe.. but I NEVER tasted her cupcakes myself. Kali ni dpt la merase.. thanx Ana :)

Will update on the picture once I get it :)

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