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Friday, April 03, 2009

Sy sungguh kebendaan :p

Saya baru sedar satu bende.. sy manusia yg sungguh kebendaan haha.. no matter how much I tell myself I'm a saint yang baik giler (as if!).. tp sebenarnye peristiwe hari ini membuktikan sy manusia yang sungguh kebendaan :p

So this morning, I was supposed to key in the marks for lab EAA203. A bit boring, but I'm paid to do it hehe.. then suddenly Yee came to me and handed me 2 Pos Express packages. I WAS expecting birthday cards from Dgon and Ija anyway.. but in Pos Express packages?

Since I needed a break, I decided to open the packages (Ayu sedang menipu.. sape tak excited bile dpt parcel, sile angkat tangan DGN JUJUR haha..)

..dan sy tersenyum sampai ke telinge!

The crystal bracelet is from Ija.. cantiiiiiikkk! Dan bertambah lah koleksi gelang ku ini.. I thought Ija only wanted to send a card, turned out it was such a nice suprise, I couldn't help grinning (thus the realization of the 'kebendaan'ness in me :p). Been wanting to buy one myself tp takde yg berkenan and now that I've got one from Ija.. waaaa, rase nak terbang ke Sabah dan peluk awak!

The second one was from Dgon.. a birthday card as expected and two gifts. One was this phone holder yg tidaklah sy reti nak assemble so untuk mengelakkan dari memalukan diri, len post akan saya tunjuk (which reminds me, my annual birthday entry tak buat lagik!). But the second one was something I had just seen a few days ago at Memory Lane.

Being a book worm, I also collect all sorts of bookmarks. I've got a whole box of it at home and really love them. A few weeks ago, I saw this new collection of bookmarks at Memory Lane. A few were with poems (another thing I collect haha..) about women, girls, bestfriends.. I wanted most of them haha.. but I really like the one about friends and another one about sisters and was planning on snapping a picture of it while giving the obvious hint to Izati to buy it for me (takkan nak beli bookmark for sister kat diri sendiri kaaannn :p)

Then tadaaaa.. this bookmark fell outta Dgon's package.. and of course, my wide Julia Roberts smile turned even wider.. alien-like! Hahah..

So the whole day, I was smiling.. tak sangke 2 things I wanted 'flew' to me for my birthday. Thanx Ija n Dgon :)

Oppss, doesn't mean I don't like my other presents and cards. Sgt suke (mati sy nanti org len kecik ati hahah..).. and will update in my birthday entry nanti sbb the things sumer kat umah, couldn't snap the photo yet :) Nanti tauuuu..

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