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Monday, April 27, 2009

Peanuts anyone?

Yesterday was the 1st phase of turning the backroom into my study. I didn't stop til nearly 5am and by then, I was so tired.. not sleepy, but tired. Took a bath before crashing on the living room settee and only woke up when Leong called.

Anyway, the room is now not as empty as before. Thought of taking out the landlords cupboard but since it won't do to be in any other room (the middle room is a bit full and my room has furniture with wood finishings as opposed to the grey paint of the cupboard) so I decided to leave it in the room but move it nearer to the window. I've stacked some boxes on top of it (boxes that'll help me when I'm moving outta here la kan, so tak leh la buang)

Then I moved my pc desk outta my bedroom and into this room, before transferring my study desk into this room too. I managed to move my one and only proper book shelf in to this room as well as two colour boxes I've used as book racks. Still haven't got enough time and money to go find other book shelves yet.. and it WAS tiring! Had to mop the floor several times sbb bilik tu dah lame tak bercuci kan.. giler tul! The water from ONE mopping bleh buat ink utk my tuition markers (Okay, exagerrating here :p)

Still have a lot to do but I'll update later with picture (Ciwi!)

Anyway, while doing the 'tranferring', I noticed something I've quite forgotten. Its something I used to collect when I was smaller.

You remember the cartoon Peanuts? Or maybe some of you prefer SNOOPY? Hehe..

Sunshine used to sell these Peanuts collectibles and I used to save my pocket money for them (as well as my comics!) I had a whole collection of stationery and others. I even had this Snoopy bag I used for tuition which cost me RM 49.90. Why do I remember the price? Well, on an allowance of RM2 per day (inclusive of bus fare AND lunch tau!), that amount was very large for me. Took me a few months to save up.. budak² skrg, mntk je dpt kan? We used to save up for anything we wanted, right? <--Now I'm sounding matronly like and old lady hahah :p

I was so proud of my collection :)

But when I moved away from home, starting from matriculation, I started losing these.. just as I lost my comics la kan. Aishhh, nak wat camne, I have a whole line of siblings younger than me :p

Still, somehow one year, my brother Adi remembered how crazy I was of Snoopy and his friends (I remember one year I got an A on an art project.. and this is Ayu yg tak pandai melukis ni! We were supposed to draw any holiday celebration and I chose Christmas with the Peanuts gang as the characters.. it must've been the one and only A I got for Seni Lukis haha..)

Back to Adi. On my 19th birthday (I think!), after he realized I was a bit upset seeing my Snoopy thingeys lost, he bought me this.. wonder he was looking forward to give me my birthday present that year! :) Thanx! Tengok, I still simpan elok² tau :p

Then another year, I found this @Watsons for a Snoopy promotion they did..

I also realized I still have a Snoopy jewellery box and clock (Just a clock je. Can't use for alarm!)

..and ni paling suke. Went to Popular a few years back and found these. Padehal time tu bukan ade duit, tp sbb takut lain kali dtg dah takde, sanggup ikat perut berminggu haha.. Tak silap they were priced at RM35.90 each and though mase ni I wasn't a school girl with a RM2 daily allowance, I still wasn't in shape to buy anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. Tp beli jugak tuh hehe..

Now I feel 16 again :)

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