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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Current projects

..not PhD-wise, may I warn you! Hehe..

1st Project: Kame Hame Haa Project

Actually, even before the movie came out, I'd been planning to re-collect this series.. as well as the Dragon Quest series.. both which are my favourites (along with Misa and Amoi). The three of us used to imagine collecting the whole series along with a few collectibles (We had some figurines back then.. and miniature Dragon Balls too hehe.. tak campur my red Dragon Ball bed sheet Amoi gave me for my 17th birthday!)

However, due to laziness perhaps, and the excuse that those old comic books are kinda hard to find, I kept KIVing that thought. That was until I came across this shop in Jusco Perda which sold all kinds of comis, old and new. Our fav Yuyu Hakusho pun ade.. so konpem la Ayu suke :p

And on my first purchase, I bought these..

Haha.. the boy at the counter cam pelik je kot tgk :p

So now, since the price pun much higher that what it was 12 years ago, kene beli sikit² je la kan, due to availability la jugak. Still, beli skit² pun, I guess dlm RM 50 (I could get around 10 of these) a month boley la kan? Then I'll be able to finish collecting these in a few months (DG 43 issues and DQ 37) :D

Yeay! Hehe.. also planning to buy the figures I saw in SnJ.

P/S Just finished reading one of my fav episodes where Pikor saved Go Han from Bezita.. sgt touching to know he's not a monster :) Hahah.. bleh rase emosi plak time ni, apa raaa Ayu :p Also gelak balik when reading the translator nye translation.. I think it was supposed to be Son Goku Mengamuk but he translated into Son Goku Merajuk.. Merajuk?!?! Heheh.. had a good laugh over this 12 years ago.. and still laughing at it now :)

2nd Project: Mini Library

I've now been living alone for, what? One year?

To tell you the truth, I now prefer living alone. Except for that scare I had at the end of last year when someone came knocking at my bedroom window at 3.30am and the unwanted-four-legged-guest I had a few months ago, I think I'm comfy.

I can do anything I want, cook anything I desire of even not cook at all, don't need to clean much as I don't stay at home much so sampah pun takde la byk sgt cam klau duk reramai kan. I can change the furniture around as much as I want to (not that there's much in the house pun, but I don't have to consider anyone else!), heck, I can go around butt naked if I want to (not that I do!) and no one would care. I could even have a washing day entirely to myself, without queueing up with anyone else to use the washing machine :)

Only one problem: I have TOO much space! Adehhhh!

The house has three comfortable-sized rooms. I've used one room as my bedroom eversince the days I lived with kak Kt and kak Shima so I have another two rooms to spare.

The middle room is now my so-called walk in closet haha.. No! I don't have that much clothes but this is the only room without windows so I can hang clothes without worrying they would fade from the sun. I've put the ironing board and all linen in this room. I've also put a clothes rack for my baju kurungs and blouses, all hanged neatly(?) with hangers..

I've also put my tudung rack here. And all my perfumes (I just realized that I collect a lot of these.. tp bukan la yg mahal² punye :p Just the usual Body Shop and Victoria Secret ones), body lotions, lip gloss (yg cume pakai di pagi hari.. and klau ilang, ilang laaa.. no touch up for me :p) bla bla bla..

.. and just so it doesn't look like I'm taking so much space. I've also put the spare matress here along with an extra towel rack for visitors. I know, why don't I put it in the third room kan? I feel its not only too much of a hassle untuk jage 2 bilik camtu, but also coz the room would seem so bare.. just a matress and towel rack?!

The third room pulak has been bare eversince my last housemate moved back to her hometown. I've always kept the door closed as I hate seeing the empty room actually.. and jugak sbb she left the room without cleaning it up properly AND with a broken cupboard (which is the land lord punye) Sakit ati tul.. The cupboard asalnye in my room but since I had my own furniture, we moved it to the middle room for kak Kt.. and then I moved it to her room when the middle room became empty and I realized she didn't have anything to put her clothes in. I'm pretty sure I gave it to her in a good condition BUT she left with the door tercabut from its hinges.. leceh tul la!

Anyway, not-exactly-recently, I noticed my overflowing books. Now that my book racks in my bedroom pun dah penuh, I've resorted to double-stacking my books in the current racks and also stacking some books on the floor in the living room.. and believe me, those stacks are growing taller every month.

Tambah pulak since now I'm collecting balik my comics.. and I've actually haven't taken the picture of the recent comics I bought last Friday :D So mmg byk la kan (Baru tingt, I also have books from Wanie yg blum bg dia post lagik.. haaaa, tak ke lagi tinggi stack nye nnt)

Pastu pulak, now that its nearly the middle of the year, I also remembered something else. Usually bile dah dekat time pekse, I'll be having students asking for additional private tutoring. Besenye budak form 3 lah ni. I do it for free for them, provided they come to my house la kan. The reason, klau buat additional private tutoring at the tuition centre, the 'boss' nnt suh budak² ni bayar and not all of them can afford additional costs kan.

Anyway, whenever they come, I could only offer the dinning room table for studying. Mmg was thinking of the third room, but I don't have extra tables ke whatsoever..

However, since I'm growing sick of seeing this empty room, I think I'm gonna change it into my mini library and study room.. aci tak? Hahah.. since I'm staying alone pun, I think itu tak jadi masalah, betul tak?

So here's the room..

..and the challenge is to turn the room into something useful! I'm gonna move my pc (yg dah tak berape bergune excpet for men gem jek hehe..) and current study desk in my bedroom here. Gonna have to buy some book shelves jugak la kan. Then maybe nak find those Japanese-kind low tables..

Ideas anyone?

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