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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Study room update :p

Huhu.. terase ciwi :p

Last night stayed up again, but this time more to clearing up my bedroom since terdapat sgt byk habuk ditinggalkan oleh rak² di dalam bilik :D Left me sneezing tp padan la muke kan, sape suh sapu je selame ni hehe..

..and uwaaaaaaaaaaaa! Now my bedroom seem so bare, its almost depressing!

My bedroom used to be my safe haven. I had my bed (of course!), my closet, my study desk, my pc desk and my 3 book racks. I could stay locked up in the room without going out and still survive (klau tak makan laaa..).

Last night, after mopping up the room, beating the mat (bamboo one but still need beating sbb somehow it still berabuk) and rearranging my colourful boxes in place of my book rack, I realized my room was almost HALF EMPTY!


Seriously, I could even hear echos in the room.. uwaaaaa! I could play football in the room if I wanted sbb giler lapang.. and terase kehilangan when I don't have my books near me :(

Now I'm trying to figure out apekah yg perlu ditambah so my room doesn't seem so.. empty!

A new bed?
Huh! Tidoq sorg pun nak tamak katil besau ke?

A bigger closet?
Baju awak byk sgt ke Ayu?



(senyap sunyi tanpe idea..)

Anyway, as for the room hehe.. Since I haven't bought new book shelves, I just stacked my books up lah dulu. Like this..

..and this!

Ni plak my comic (re)collection update :p

Hehe, was patting myself on the back around 4.30am this morning, happy that I've already moved all the books in my so-called study.



..until I arrived at the living room. Kunun nak wind down tgk CD jap laaa..

I saw another stack of campur² books hidden behind the settee.. AND my Harry Potter collection.. AND my Anne of Green Gables collection.. AND my current tuition referance books! Itu tak termasuk my Conan collection (yg separuhnye ade with my students hehe.. Cikgu apekah Ayu ini ye?)

Aiyakkk! Konpem gonna hafta go buy at least some simple colour boxes this weekend..


Got this from kak Jah who got them from the Dean, Prof Hamidi who just came back from the project in Makkah :) Semangat kak Jah nak bg different flavours for me to taste hehe..

Nyum², chocolates! Thanx kak Jah :) Nnt sy wat potato salad cam aritu nye utk kak Jah, k

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