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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Living outta 'nasik' bungkus' hehe..

Okay.. to answer Bai's comment on being domestic, I should really admit that NO, I'm not THAT much into cooking. The 'jarangness' of it is reflected in my blog where those are the only times I cook from scratch (instead of the instant ones la kan hehe..)

..and to prove it, I'll actually admit that I've been living out of nasik bungkus for 3 days now hehe..

First on Thursday. I only had my breakfast and by time it was 5.00pm, my tummy was rumbling like mad. Knowing that a hungry stomach and cooking don't go along together quite well, I knew I had to go find something to eat, preferable some rice-y stuff and I remembered Bamboo Inn's nasik tomato. My fav! Hehe.. me and kak Kt used to go buy it for iftar and since the last time I ate it was before Ramadhan, I went straight there after office hours..


Too bad I was too hungry to take the picture BEFORE coz by the time I was full, suda licin my plate hehe..

Then on Friday, had some cravings for Nasik Beriyani kedai Nuar for lunch after skipping my breakfast. When Pojie and Lie were here, we used to frequent that shop but now dah takde gang ah so the last time I ate there was.. Ntah! Can't remember la pulak..

This kedai wasn't like the other commercial kedai mamak and was more family-type. Sedap wooooo.. they had a special menu every day of the week and beriyani ayam was on Friday. Their nasik wasn't the meriah type, with not much nuts and raisins but rempah dia MasyaAllah, memang sedap. And the curry for it, tak leh nak describe, you had to taste it yourself. So tadaaa..

Was a bit disappointed though, even if the was a big almond in my nasik. Firstly, the usual workers dah takde and the special daily menus pun were missing. Then I noticed that nasik beriyani wasn't their Friday special anymore so udah ilang the specialness there. Pastu the kuah dalca, the yummy one I loved so much pun tarak.. and the person yg amik my nasik pun tak buah kuah byk like usual.. sedey! But still, takde la tak sedap dahhh..

Then Saturday morning, after the disappointment of my fav nasik beriyani, I decided to buy some beriyani from my 2nd fav shop, A Rahman. This one was the meriah type of beriyani, with all sorts of nuts and raisins and I usually ate it with telur sotong and kuah sotong.. yummy!

Alas, once again I was disappointed sbb NASIK BERIYANI DIORG TAK BUAT LA PULAK ARITU.. uwaaaaaaaaaaa.. so had to take nasik kosong. Even my fav telur sotong pun tadek so I took the ayam madu and some mutton (RM4.80.. murah tuuuuu!)

So outta the three, only was happy with the nasik tomato.. *sigh* Nampak gaye kene gi lagi carik beriyani nih heheh.. <--alasan tul!

Looky what I bought-y! Bought one for Ikram for his belated birthday since dia pun hantu Ben 10 haha.. then kak Yong dia bought another 2 for herself. Sungguh tak logic hehe.. blum rase lagi but Ikram told me manis giler.

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