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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In my post :)

This was supposed to be posted before the BBQ as I got it that day. But since we were quite busy right till the end of our BBQ, I didn't have time to update on this..

A day earlier, Wan had YMed me saying I got a parcel and it was on Abg Joe's desk. I took my own sweet time in retrieving it as I was still a bit busy with other things. But then on Friday, while waiting for someone to help out with the food and all other things, I remembered my parcel so I went up to get it.. tadaaa..

This is the folded view right from the parcel itself..

..and this is the poyo-nak-gantung view heheh..

Cantik tak?

Now looking at this, I planned to make it for Adi's wedding nanti since it felt so chumel haha.. but then, on second thought, it BLACK! Buat nye org ingt sy berkabung sbb Adi kawen dulu, camne? Hahahah..

So people, any ideas on when and how to make the baju? :p

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