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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Love Affair with Lembu(s)

Not the usual lembu(s) found merate² di sini ye hehe.. You remember the Fern Leaf advertisement? Where they have these black and white cows, the 'Lembu² New Zealand' adevertisement? Haaa, thats the one :p

A few years ago, my brother Iskandar who has a nose for 'orphaned' kitties bought back this black and white kitten. Its body was the whitest of whites with the blackest of blacks spots around its body.. just like the 'lembu² New Zealand' advertisement. I'd never seen such vibrant (though mono) colours on a kitty. We called him, M'bu, naturally!

Sampai ke beso its colour was like that and EVERYONE who saw him would comment the same thing and would laugh knowingly when they got to know his name :)

Then a few years later, when Ikram came back from his short stint in Japan, he bought back this cow plushie which reminded me of M'bu (who was deceased by then). I fell in love with it at sight but Ikram didn't wanna give it to anyone haha.. only Izati got borrowing privilleages!

With my 'love' unreturned, I resumed my life until I saw this.. a shop near Farah's house! And I fell in love again, but this time, my love was returned haha..
Then on my next birthday, Ramlah gave me a Lembu card with this Lembu keychain! Chumel.. (actually this is the second one she gave me haha.. the first on ter'patah' ekor nye)

And one day while going out with friends, I found this lone Lembu in the window of a shop.. dan lantas diriku membeli nye :)

..with Ramlah, pitying the Lembu being single, bought this other one to accompany the first one hehe..

For my birthday last year pulok, I got two Lembu mugs. One from kak Win and the other from Dgon. Haven't used them though, sayang oooooo :p

If some of you remember, earlier on the first year students had this bazaar and I had bought a few fridge-magnets-cum-paper-clip. Guess which one I kept for myself :p

Then a few months ago, at SnJ, I found these storage boxes.. and of course bought one for myself. Why?

Hehe.. and here's the back view pulak!

As for another Lembu item in my car.. the newest addition :) Chumel tak?

Izati sent me this in an MMS last week.. and I was excited until she told me she didn't buy it pun.. caitt!! So I can just look at the picture je la kan hehe..

So thats my love affair for now. Hehe, hoping to add more things to my collection nanti :)

Btw, my friend Dgon plak I think dah addicted to the cousin of Lembu.. this from the two gifts she gave me before (one for my konvo and the other for my latest birthday..)

Jugak chumel kan :)

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