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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Of 'poyo'ness and 'ciwi'ness.. and "Ayu tanak kawen"?!?!

I came to school early today.. then cabut back home haha.. I've still got tonnes to do regarding the spring cleaning and somehow, I can't just start-->stop! I keep stopping every now and then haha.. sungguh teruk!

Anyway, the room is starting to look like a study now.. to MY eyes la! To other peoples eyes, I don't care haha :p My area, my suka laaaaa :p

I got to buy a bookcase at a shop near my tuition centre. Mahal gilaaaaa.. RM98! Hmm, I think mmg harge dia camtu kot.. Its just that a few years ago, I bought a similar one at Carrefour for RM49.90.. but it WAS on offer la time tu.. *sigh*

Takpe lah, the mahalness of it aside, guess what I put in there.. on the TOP shelf hehe.. (Actually dah not a suprise sgt since I had MMSed the photo to almost everyone ptg tadi hahah..!)


Hehe.. suke! I actually nak tayang my Goku tp everyone asyik tanye, "Dah complete ke?" Cehhh.. tengok pun tau lum complete lagi :p~

Takpe².. I ♥!

Among the people yg wajib ku MMS bende alah itu are Misa and Amoi la, my gang pengumpul komik satu zaman dolu. Misa seperti ku agak, akan jeles hehe.. jgn risau Misa, ni sy kumpul balik ni. Sy idak le terre nyimpan collection yg lame time kite kumpul dulu. Udah ilang dibuat dek adik² ku sob²..

Cikgu Amoi plak, sbb dah abis time skolah, rajin la dia melayan my sms. We were talking about our 'dream' dulu nak kumpul all the comics and figurines and make a special place for it in our own libraries. She told me she was lucky since her husband also liked collecting these comics so he didn't mind her buying them.

I told her, I wish I'd find someone like that since I don't wanna throw them all away again.

Tau ape dia reply? (word by word, letter by letter)

"Sy ingat lagi masa sek awak ckp xnak kawin, tp nak bby. Hehe kelakar kan.."

Aiyak! Did I say THAT out loud dulu?!?!

"Ye lah. byk kali plak tu. Sbb tu sy ingat.."

Erkk.. and I thought that was my deepest and darkest secret dulu hahah.. Tp to Misa and Ami (sbb same class with me time F4 and F5) AND Bai+Bart+Illis (kot la time F1~F3 sy dok ckp bende yg same), betoi ke sy ade ckp camtu byk kali kat sumer org? Sungguh konpius! I seriously thought that was my private thought and I never told anyone haha.. Tetibe rase malu! Hahah.. :p

Alaaaa.. mule la nostalgia ingt time sekolah²..

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