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Monday, September 17, 2007


Hmmm.. today is the 5th day of Ramadhan and to all Muslims, I'd like to wish all of you a blessed Ramadhan with hopes and prayers that by the end of this holy month, we'll be better Muslims :)

I'd also like to ask for forgiveness for all wrong that I've done, intentionally (which I hope didn't actually do) or unintentionally and may the ukhuwah bestowed upon us be stronger and better.


Hmm.. being the 5th day of Ramadhan, I've been unfortunate enough to not get a chance to perform the tarawikh prayers at the mosque nor musolla..

The first night, I had a class that my 'boss' didn't allow me to change the time of it. Sheesh! Luckily, my students backed me up so the next class for this particular group has been moved to a more suitable time.

The second night was with a class with no Muslims whatsoever.. so no chance of the students backing me up, huh? *sigh* Good thing these classes are only till the end of this month :)

The third night, I had promised my family to go for iftar at Abah's place. However, I was stuck in the traffic on the highway and only arrived at Abah's place at 8pm. By the time Abah wanted to go for tarawikh, I still hadn't taken my shower so I had to decline going along with him and Iskandar.

The fourth night was more because of the rain. It had been raining non-stop all day and though it wasn't actually flooding, water was rising along the roads dangerously. Even the short drive from my tuition centre back to my house ended in my car giving out strange noises that I didn't dare go out.. the rain didn't even stop the next day..

The fifth night, I was finally thinking I'd get to go to the musolla but just at 7.09pm, Murphy's Law decided to give me a visit so naturally, I heard my phone (more like Iskandar's phone.. yup, he still won't give my phone back!) ringing while I was in the bathroom, struggling with my hair which had too much shampoo making my head resemble a McDonald's sundae.. without the chocolate fudge that is! I scrambled trying to wash it all of when I heard it stop ringing but just as I was starting to relax, it rang again. Turned out it was kak Yun reminding me about iftar at her house.. sheesh! I totally forgot about it. Then, as usual, when there's a lot of people, there'd be so much to talk about that by the time I returned home, it was already way past Isya'.. so I missed it again.

Hmm.. I'm crossing my fingers that I'd be able to go tonight.. wish me luck!!!


Now about the pasar Ramadhan, this is also another Ramadhan specialty which I haven't been able to go to.. *sigh*

The first day was because I had class in Bagan Serai, so I thought I'd be able to go to the pasar Ramadhan over there. However, much to my suprise, they had changed the venue to only-God-knows-where! Had to iftar with KFC.. uwaaaaaa!!!! Didn't feel like puase la when iftar with KFC.. I want ayam percik! I want all kinds of pudding! I want nasik kerabu!!! :'( <--I sound tamak gile kan?!? Hehe..

The second day, like I said earlier.. iftar on the highway otw to Abah's. Luckily I had bought an apple with me.. uhhh, tapi syahdu je berbuke camtu.. tak proper langsung...

The third day, determined to break fast with kuih, I decided to go to this stall I had noticed otw to my class and though it was raining heavily (like I said, nearly flooding), I braved the rain to get my hands on the only kuih left at the stall. A curry puff, two fried popiahs and and agar² santan.. yeay!!! By the time I reached home, my car was giving out strange noises, being in the rain I guess, and I was soaked to the skin.. gile ah! Even my underwear was soaking wet, so you can imagine how wet my jeans were.. and they're supposed to be heavy duty, huh? But, I had a prized possesion in my hands.. kuih!!!! :)

The fourth day, I went for iftar at kak Yun's. Originally I had wanted to go to the pasar Ramadhan but then I noticed that my apples were to the last one. Knowing the only place I could buy good apples was at the pasar malam, I decided to head to the pasar malam instead (which turned out to disappoint me as the fruit vendors were ALL missing!!!) By the time I got back home, it was too late to go to the pasar Ramadhan so I had settled myself to just make a sandwich or something. However, kak Yun called hehe.. We had fried ikan merah, vegetable soup with lots and lots of mushroom (yummy!) and stir fried prawns. Kak Na bought along with her tempoyak masak that is outta this world (I like it but I usually eat only a tiny bit coz my Pah love to cook lem with shreded daun kunyit that I'd have to pick out when I wanna eat it.. but kak Na didn't use those leave and I found myself eating A LOT of the sambal tempoyak masak.. waaahhh, sedap gile!!!!) and bubur kacang. For fruits, we had guava and mangoes :)

Today? Hmm, I'd really love to go to the pasar Ramadhan but I've got a class till 6.30pm which translates into: You've got no time at all to go to the pasar Ramadhan! I'm thinking of making a tuna sandwich though *sigh*

Tomorrow I've also got a class.. at Bagan Serai. And the next four days also full with classes right before or right after iftar so I'll just toss the thought of going to the pasar Ramadhan outta the window, huh?

*sigh* I wish I could go... uwaaaaa!!!


A few days ago, I noticed that the tissue box in my car was empty. remembering that I had no more tissues at home, I quickly went to Billion to buy those packets of tissue boxes. I love using Kleenex heheh.. not only are they soft enough to use when I have one of my sneezing fits, the boxes come in a variety of designs hehe.. this time I choose these boxes with rose motives (I haven't seen them before).. really sweet!

When I arrived home, I arranged the extra boxes in my room and suddenly noticed that there seemed to be more boxes than usually and I was wondering why when I suddenly remembered the reason I was feeling that way.. see, usually when I buy theses packs of tissue, I'd give half of it (2 boxes from the 4) to this fella who insisted on using pink serviettes for his nose whenever he has his sneezing fit. This time, I don't share it with anyone, so thats why it seemed like so much hehe..

I didn't know whether to laugh.. or to cry at the memory of it! But still, it bought a smile to my face so I guess, I'll just do that :)


Anyway, enough of my laments heheh.. Selamat berbuke puase everyone :) :) :)

I've been having a blissful sleep these couple of days.. okay la, tipu skit! Blissful sleep ONLY when I get to fall asleep la, and provided that we ignore the fact that I ALWAYS get up at 3.30am.. sheesh!!!

Anyway, the reason was because I just changed the sheets (suda lebey 3 minggu tak tuko ahahah <--anak dare pemalas!) AND washed my blanket. Like I said in my tag, I can't sleep with my blanket and since I just washed it it smell mmm-mmm hehe..

I use the normal Softlan for everyday clothes coz the smell is just heavenly. But I also love using the Lavender Softlan Ultra that I use solely for my telekungs, towels, bedsheets and blanket.. and the smell has been lingering for days.. waahhhh, like sleeping in a field full of flowers (okay, Ayu suda mule merepek heheh..) Seriously, you should try it out.. though I should warn you: I didn't believe that you didn't have to use much of the Softlan Ultra and proceeding to use a tad more than recommended. The results: I had to wash my telekungs all over again as the smell was too overpowering haha..

*Softlan should pay me for the free advertisment!!!*

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