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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tummy tum tum..

Its 7.00 am and I'm wondering what I'm doing in school mase ayam pun tak bangun lagi (kate si Nabil laaa..)

Truth is, I had trouble sleeping last night. After tossing and turning until 1am, I decided to read this boring book I had bought years ago.. somehow, last night the book didn't seem that boring, thus dashing my hopes of making it help me sleep. Then around 1.45am, the power went out and I was left in total darkness.. sheesh!

I tried reading with my flashlight, but reading with your flashlight looks good only on tv, or when you were smaller. Before long, my hands were tired from holding on to the flashlight, so once again I tried to sleep.. without succeeding that is! The next thing I knew, it was time for sahur and after Subuh, I still couldn't sleep.. thus explaining the reason why lil' Miss Ayu seems a little bit rajin to come early today.. *sigh*

Sitting infront of the pc, I think I have to write something (Dr Farhan said,"You have left your writing for too long now.. you should start practicing!" Hmmm, wonder if blog writing counts heheh..)

Yesterday morning, I woke up to sahur with an uneasy stomach. A quick calculation made me realize it was nearly my time of the month anyhow.. but somehow, this tummy ache felt a bit different.

As I tried to get some shut eye before Subuh, my tummy became a bit more uncomfortable so when I heard the azan (without getting a chance of a nap), I decided to head to the toilet and get done with it once and for all.. hah!!

Turned out, it was pure torture!!!!!

Adi had diarrhea a few days earlier and sounded so weak when I called him.. this time it was my turn I guess. But seriously, I've never felt anything like this before.. gile sakit perut mase tu! I felt like crying.. (tipu, dah nangis pun haha..)

I'm not sure what I ate. I mean, I was avoiding eating the chicken soup again for iftar that day so I had bought maggi goreng ayam at A.Rahman after my class.. which btw, I have bought numerous times before. I just dunno what happened..

When it started, I really felt like fainting. Seriously! I was holding on to the tap till my knuckles were white as I was afraid of falling down. Cold sweat broke all over my body and before long my pyjamas were wet.. and I wasn't wearing a thin nightdress ke ape ke.. I was wearing cotton pyjamas that could be squeezed as it was so soaken (ade ke word ni?) through. Then I started vomitting.. sheesh! And the cramps in my bowels hadn't even stopped though I think I had nothing else in me anymore.. but the pain was terrible!!!!

I was whimpering in the end.. pathetic! But seriously, I've never been in such pain :(

When the duration between the cramps got a bit more longer, I managed to walk slowly to my room to change my wet pyjamas but the cramps came again so I just wrapped my towel around me and went back to the bathroom and before long, even the towel was wet with my sweat.. adeh!

I tried to lie down but everytime the cramps came, I started whimpering again.. oohhh, seriously pathetic this time!

It was around 7am that the cramps finally stopped and I didn't feel nauseous anymore. Then only did I manage to perform my Subuh prayers while hoping that the pain was FINALLY gone. I then slept for 4 hours straight (didn't go to school in the morning then..) and woke up feeling better with no temperature whatsoever except for a bitter taste in my mouth..

I seriously don't know what is it that I ate, but I guess I'm gonna skip A.Rahmans maggi goreng for a while.. I certainly DON'T want to experience THAT again!!

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