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Friday, September 28, 2007

Puddings.. yummy!!!

Yesterday I had teased Fared about iftar when he suddenly said he had planned one but he was hoping us girls would come up with the dessert. Yippee, Fared nak masak heheh.. I told Farah of Fared's plan and she told me about this pudding she had bought at a stall, suprises of suprises, just at the corner of my house.

Now, even though we're halfway through Ramadhan, I still haven't got the chance to even set foot in the local pasar Ramadhan.. and last year I went there nearly EVERYDAY. One of my favourite stalls was this mak cik who sold all kinds of puddings so you can imagine my frustration on why I still can't go to the pasar Ramadhan.

However, listening to Farah, I decided to go have a taste at the particular pudding at this stall, imagining it to be a normal kuih stall. However, to my pleasant suprise, the pak cik who looked like a school teacher who owned the stall sold PUDDINGS ONLY.. and I was spoilt with choice. I bought 5 types of pudding yesterday hehehe.. and believe me, were they YUMMY.. hmm mmm!!!

Knowing that since I have class this afternoon, I can't possibly go to the pasar Ramadhan yet.. but today I don't regret it. I've still got a lot more pudding to taste from this kindly pak cik with a twinkle in his eye (why do I think I sound like Enid Blyton?) when he watched me and Farah go ga-ga over the puddings.. yeayyyy!!!

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