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Monday, October 01, 2007

My guest room..

This past weekend have been quite good for me. Hehe, a lot of thins have happened but I'll take my time to write it.. IF I have the time anyway..


What I'd like to 'flaunt about' in today's entry is about the extra room in my rented house.

As some of you know, I had at first decided that I wanted to stay alone but when Rusya wanted to find a room, I decided to let her in. But then this house has 3 rooms so I decided that I'd take the extra room (and pay two-thirds of the rent, of course!). The reason: Yun, Dgon and Izati visit here frequently and when they do, they usually sleep on the couch or if its Izati, she'd prefer a sleeping bag in my room.

I had actually decided to convert the middle room into my library and the other room into a guest room (if I was staying alone, that is..) but since Rusya has taken the other room, I had to do a bit of plan-changing.

The extra books in my room now sit in the living area in two new book racks.. Kunun like an intellectual person living there la tu kot ahaha.. so now my bedroom, though still full with books, its no longer too full with them.

The middle room was my next project. If before, it was quite bare and empty.. but now heheh..

It took a few weeks and some careful planning on my budget (I don't exactly snort out gold coins, do I?). Basically, this weekend was the buy-assemble-and-prepare the room phase.. and yippee!!! I finally made the room look.. well, like a room heheh..

The room now sports a matress peninggalan Yana my old housemate hehe.. (I'm not gonna buy a bed la for that room, a bed for myself cukup le..) complete with my old pillow and bedsheet. I bought a bamboo mat and a full length mirror (my friends always say, "Umah Ayu ni takde cermin la.." Sowi, I don't really use mirrors hahah <--no wonder my tudung always looks berserabut, huh?) for it too.

Then I had moved the ironing board (we usually iron near the laundry area as all rooms were usually occupied) and iron into the room and bought this clothes rack.. you know, the two-tiered one where my guests (huhuh..) could hang their towel on the lower tier and their clothes on the upper one.. and yes, had to buy new clothes hangers for the rack too..

Okay, it might not seem much, but for someone belonging to the lower income group, since I'm not actually working yet, I'd take it as an accomplishment. Now I don't mind having overnight guests as opposed to always wondering where on earth am I gonna put my friends in case they come here..

Huh.. but it sure is tiring (and not to mention, reducing the weight and volume of my pink purse hehe)! And I think I'm gonna get some shut eye in the musolla.. cheerio!!

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