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Friday, October 05, 2007

Fared cooking???

Fared had suddenly asked all of us 2 days ago if we were free today. Feeling a bit cheeky, I told him we were only free if he'd cook for iftar to whcih he suddenly smiled and told me that an iftar was actually what he had planned, thus another day of makan free hehe..

He wanted to borrow my (unused haha..) plates, pots and pans and whatever cooking utensils he could borrow, knowing fully well that my house is complete with all those utensils.. what is missing is a dedicated chef(ette) that cooks everyday hehe.. The reason was because he was planning on going back to his hometown since he had just goit a job there so he wanted to treat us to makan² before he went.

When I went to his house to sent the items he wanted to borrow, I was greeted with a sight most girls would love to see. The house was full with guys (Remy, Fared, Rashwan, Rai, Azam, Fadli, Lie and a few boys I didn't know) all sitting around in the living area chopping onions, milling the spices, making currypuffs and so on.. wow! THAT's a sight to behold! (Sile jangan percaye gambo Remy di bawah. Dia berlakon je tu hehe..)

I would've loved to stay tapi malu laaa.. I'm a girl remember! I decided to head off to school AFTER I left my camera with Remy so he'd capture those moments haha.. Anyway, they had already started cooking but I think I'd put those pictures in my fotopages one of these day (bile la nak ade mase update fotopages ni, Ayu?)

Here's a pic of Fared at the stove. (I want credit for the pots and pans he's using hehe..) He said all the guys helped with the cooking but knowing him (having cooked with him once), he's the head chef (yang sangat leceh and cerewet, if you ask me hehe..)

By the time we arrived, at nearly 7pm, everything was ready. We girls were suprised by the spread and here is a snapshot of the food on our side of the spread. There was definitely a whole lot more food than that but I could only snap this much hehe.. Yummy, huh? We were definitely full by the time we staggered outta his house :)

Btw, Fared solo lagi.. Sape nak? Please contact me and I'll give your contact num and details to him heheh..

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