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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My raya

Hmm.. raye? Raye ye.. nak cakap ape ye pasal raye?!?!

This years raya is a bit.. what do you say?.. boring for me kot.

The most exciting part was the day before raye where my brothers Adi and Ikram came to Parit Buntar for some baju raya hunting. And may I say, those guys are more fussy than Izati. Sheesh! It took hours for them to find a baju melayu they liked and they were 'quarelling' throughout the 'shopping spree'.. ohhh, kakak mereke terase sgt malu huhu.. but since I had promised to pay for their baju melayu (Adi wanted to use his for his graduation and Ikram, well, he HAD helped pay for my new phone kan heheh..), I had to endure all the humiliation of being their one and only big sis.. adeh!

Then as we were about to pay, they spotted some butang baju melayu.. and once again, it took half an hour for them to choose which one they liked (and to my annoyance, it was the first one they had each picked! Ceh..). You know, I had always remembered those thing as being around RM5 per set, so you could imagine my suprise to find that they now cost at least RM30 per set. Gile tul.. my brooch pun murah lagi..

After that, we walked from Haji Fauzi right through to Billion, while stopping at nearly every shop on the way. Ikram and Adi wanted to buy some decent pants (with Adi who only owns jeans feeling he had to have something formal, and Ikram whom I just realized, doesn't like or even own jeans!) They finally managed to find good pairs of pant but by that time, I was already feeling like I wanted to go sit down somewhere. Then Adi, seeing my tired face asked me where the shoe department was. To my suprise, he wanted to buy me some shoes.. yeay!!!

BUT, I had to buy ONLY what he chose.. hehe, takpe la, free kan hehehe..

Anyway, he choose these high heeled sandals, much to my protests but he dared me to wear them and I told him, I fell flat on my face on raya, it will be his fault!

After that we went to Longwan as Ikram insisted he wanted to buy t-shirts there.. and boy did he buy them. I counted 7 t-shirts and another two pairs of pants! Adi bought two t-shirts too..
Then we went to the pasa Ramadhan to buy some pudding but the pasa Ramadhan had already lost its appeal so we headed back to my house to pray then went to Carrefour to buy Mama's
fav cake.

We had our iftar there and only arrived home in Penang at around 10pm.

The next morning was the most boring raya ever for me. We didn't go ANYWHERE as Abah had asked us to wait for him and Umi (and Annisa and Irfan!). We didn't even take any pictures except the one above where I insisted on taking one even when Adi, Ikram and Iskandar were missing in action..

We went back to Kuala Kangsar the next day with Abah making us promise to meet him at Juru's Shell around 8am. In a-not-so-suprising turn of events, Adi and Ikram woke up late
making the three of us the last to get outta the house (Mama had gone first with Izati and Iskandar, not wanting Abah to wait for us!)

As we were late, I had rushed through the toll before we thought of calling Mama. It was nearly 10 by then and guess what: Abah hadn't even arrived yet and Mama was still at Juru. Since we were hungry, the three of us decided to stop at the nearest RnR and have a leisurely breakfast. We took picture of us eating haha, then sent it to Izati whom we knew was hungry and a bit annoyed at Abah for being late :D

Arrived at Taiping at Mak Yang's house for lunch(?) then headed to Kuale to go for raya. It was around 8 that we decided to finally stop at Wan Chik's, with our stomachs full, mind you! Ayah Chik stared at me and asked me about my loss of weight (?) By God, it hasn't been that long, OR that much weight lost pun but I guess he hasn't seen me for a long time la kot but his comment bought tears to my eyes.. a year ago, I would've been whooping with joy if anyone said that to me, but considering the circumstances, I really felt like crying but pretended to play with my nephews who kept wanting to show me their toys.

Then we went to Mak Yong's house (after a bit of drama from Ikram.. well, I must admit, I agree with him.. but then again, who are we anyway *shrugs*) before finally calling it a day and
headed back to Penang. God, was I sleepy!!!

Anyway, there it is.. my boring raya! Huh.. I dunno, guess I'm just not enjoying things much anymore, huh?

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