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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Another feather in my cap hehe..

Yesterday, feeling a bit adventurous, me and Farah decided to head to Seberang Jaya and take Dgon along with us for iftar at Nandos in Sunway Carnival. Provided that all the while, the nearest Nandos was at Juru Autocity, we decided to check out the latest (2-3 months old 'latest', that is) outlet here.

We had actually planned to go there today but since kak Nor (abg Fadzil's wife) wanted us to iftar at their house today, we had to 'reschedule' our outing. I was wearing a kebaya I seldom wore (ye laaa, ingat tak kuar dah pas balik from school) and terase sedikit malu to go out wearing it but since kak Nor insisted, adeh, I had to make myself comfy

On the way, Azam decided to join us so we planned on meeting at the said Nandos itself. Went to pick up Dgon then we went straight to Sunway Carnival.

Now, I don't really like eating hot things coz my face would go all sweaty and turn red while I try to grab as much glasses of water as possible. Usually, my pick is either Lemon and Herb or Mild but eversince I had tasted (and collected the lil' flag for) Hot, I was actually feeling more adventurous than ever.. though I'm cowardly enough not to order the quarter chicken, instead I opt for EXTRA HOT pita hohoh.. The gleaming red flag was getting more and more alluring to me as iftar neared :D

However, we got our orders a bit late, with mine being the last one. Still, at approximately 7.25pm on the 8th of October 2007, I was already the proud owner of all four lil' flags from Nandos.. hahah, an accomplishment you may ask?

Yup!!! That's my answer :D

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