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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Adi yang degil..

Hmmm.. truth is, it wasn’t supposed to be this way!

Problem is, I have a stubborn brother hahah..

Ok, those of you who’ve read my earlier entries would’ve noticed me quoting Adi on 8 things about me. One of which he said I was gonna buy him that Wings of Redemption Spawn for his birthday. He meant if as a joke (bleh caye ke?) but it got me thinking..

Anyway, after brooding on the subject for a few days (and peering into my measly savings), I decided, what the heck, at least I’d be able to buy him something he really wants for his birthday. However, since I wasn’t familiar with these figurines, I had to ask his girlfriend, Ana, for help. Turns out, Ana was also thinking along the same lines, but being it in the middle of Ramadhan and nearing Syawal, she didn’t have enough money for it. My heart sank when she said this (read: Mahal ke?) and I asked her what was the lowest price she had found on EBay (it seems that it is now a collectors item as it is no longer sold on the shelves) and she told me it was more than RM300.

*Gulp* There goes my already measly saving that would be starving to death if I bought that ‘berhala’ (Abah’s expression on Adi and my collection of toys huhu..) for him.

Then Ana came with the idea for us to both share the cost for it, and it brightened by day instantly hahah.. I wanted to suggest it but malu laaaaa heheh..

So it was up to Ana to bid the ‘thing’ while I had to come up with ways to support us financially (the final date for the bid was before Ana’s paycheck). Ana did most of the hardwork as she had to build a whole new EBay account since we knew the said WOR Spawn was in Adi’s watchlist so he could ‘see’ who else wanted to bid on it. Then, when we ‘won’ the WOR Spawn, she had to fake a stomachache and all that just so Adi won’t follow her when she went to see the seller.

We were ecstatic when it was in our hands.. but it was still around 10 days to Adi’s birthday. It was so hard to keep a secret, knowing Adi would definitely love his present.

Then, something came up..

Adi had found another WOR Spawn on EBay which was a loose item, therefore much cheaper than the price me and Ana had paid. While we paid more than RM300 for the Spawn, Adi found one at RM98. Shesshh!! Just our luck. Like I said to Ana, “Gile camtu, maknenye kotak dia je dekat RM300!

Adi was excited and wanted to bid. As I had learnt, these bidders prefer to bid at the last minute, just to make sure they get the best price or something like that so Adi was waiting for the 2nd of October (3 days before his birthday) to bid for the item.. Me and Ana were panicky already at this development.

Silently cursing the seller, we had to make other plans. Somehow, we knew that we had to tell him earlier to we settled on telling him on the 2nd, right before he went to bid on the item.

Then, another thing happened. Adi had bid on this figure and it turned out, the seller was the same guy we had bought the WOR Spawn. Once again we panicked. I kept thinking, this Spawn really is cursed haha.. Ana was worried the seller would recognize her and our cover would be blown so last minute adjustments: we had to tell him that night.

We decided right after iftar would be the best time and since Izati was with them, she was bought into the plan too. Whenever Adi bought up the subject of wanting to bid for the item, Ana, Izati (and Maeil, Ana and Adi’s officemate) would make all sorts of excuses to stop him from doing it. It came to a point that Adi felt hurt on why people were not letting him spend his own money. I had called him a few nights (every night) prior to that day pretending I was interested in his collection just to make sure he didn’t bid on it.. we had decided that if Ana or Maeil was the one who asked, he’d guess our plan!

However, as reported by Izati, Adi started to sulk before iftar as Ana kept telling him to postpone his plan to bid on the WOR Spawn (Yeah! We were still hoping we wouldn’t have to give him our surprise BEFORE his actual birthday). Then Ana text me telling me that Adi was sulking, it was then that we knew, we just HAD to tell Adi that night..

So that’s what we did. When they went back to the car after iftar, Ana told Adi, “Ni kak Yong suruh bagi awal!” Why my name only? Hahah..

Adi, still wanted to sulk, momentarily forgot he was supposed to make his hurt Bambi face and quickly proceeded to open the present..

Tada.. He couldn’t stop smiling and Ana kept snapping his pictures while sending them to me. She even caught him on video, my brother the kunun² malu² kucing guy saying thank you over and over.

He called me too, and more than ever, I was glad to note the excitedness (does this word even exist?) in his voice. At least it made me feel a bit better, not being able to be there myself to see his face when he opened his gift (What is it with carefully planned gifts, that you just wanna see the recipient’s face when they open your thoroughly-thought-through present?)

Hehe.. that’s my brother.. and I’m glad we forked out to buy that Spawn for him. The figure he had bought a few minutes before that iftar was even left aside for a few days after haha..

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