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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Iftar at abg Fadzil's

Seems like towards the end of Ramadhan, we're getting more yummy iftars everyday hehe..

This time it was at abg Fadzil's. Kak Nor had come yesterday asking us to come. When I asked her, "Kak Nor nak masak ape?"

She answered, "Apa yang hangpa nak makan?"

Woohooo.. heheh, we get to choose ke?

Hahah, but of course la, we told her we'd eat anything.. and anything it was!

She had cooked enough to feed the whole school hehe.. There was the compulsory rice (compulsory for typical male Malays haha..!) with, lets see, about 5 types of lauk dishes, including two types of large prawn dishes and a chicken dish she called.. aiyak! I've already forgotten the name but it was like curry with a lil' twist. Then there was fried mee and koay teow as well as her style of bolognese spaghetti (it was more like soup.. but yummy!).. I can't even remember what else she cooked but I took a bit of each.. penat dia masak, amik le ati makan sumer and luckily but not to my suprise, it was yummy!

Then, after Maghrib prayers (and being 'forced' outta the kitchen when we wanted to help with the washing up hehe..), we were served with pre-raya cookies and hot tea (though the yummier cookies were dominated by the guys who refused to share with us).

By the time it was Isya, the guys were ready to head to the mosque but me and Farah, having not freshened up before going to abg Fadzil's decided to help kak Nor with the clearing up before and perform our Isya and tarawikh prayers at home.

We went home VERY full.. with some food packed by kak Nor which she insisted we took home. Hmm, yummy!

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